Lucky Red Casino


Lucky Red Casino is a large gambling website that is characteristic of its well-developed bonus system, ease of use, wide selection of games and transparent rules. The headquarters of the site is in Manchester, UK, but its main customer contacts are US-based. The design of Lucky Red Casino is fairly simple, the site loads quickly and does not block due to unnecessary heavy flash plugins. You do not wait long between the rounds of different games. A minor issue is that you do not have a search button and you need to go through the menu if you look for something specific.



You have a wide variety of games from which you can choose, including standard games such as roulette, real series, 3-reel, slot machines, different card games including Texas Hold ‘em, Blackjack, Baccarat, as well as many less typical games such as video poker and progressive games. Lucky Red Casino can entertain you with more than 120 games and you can use your credit for any of them. The largest group of games is real series where you need to get a combination of objects in order to win. Be sure that you collect the items that bring money and that you collect them in the right dimension, i.e. horizontally or vertically. There are more than 30 real series games so it is easy to get confused. Real series and slot machine games are almost entirely based on luck and do not involve much strategy. They are a way to check your luck. Other games such as Blackjack and Texas Hold ‘em involve more strategy and require better understanding of the rules.


Bonus system

Lucky Red Casino’s best feature is unanimously its bonus system. The welcome bonus is very tempting because you can choose between two options depending on the bonus % that you would like to receive, the games you like to play and the initial sum that you deposit. There are daily promotions so check the difference between your time zone and the website time so that you know what promotions you can use. And be sure to know their rules well so that you can cash out if you win.

Even if you use the site for a long time, be sure to check the section because, often, there are new promotions. Another option is to get subscribed to the promotion newsletter of Lucky Red Casino so that you are sure that you will not miss a bonus which might interest you and which you could easily take.



You can play with real money. In fact, that is why online casinos exist in the first place. The options of free gaming are more limited and the real entertaining value of online casinos is the fact that you can win, respectively – lose real money. Lucky Red Casino has enough options to deposit money. You can use credit card, ECO card, Click2Pay, NETeller and Skrill (Moneybookers) to deposit and withdraw money and you can withdraw money through wire transfer, courier cheque and credit card payouts. They have different minimum and maximum amounts and processing time. The conditions for depositing and withdrawing money can be found at the casino's web-site. It is also possible to deposit using one source and withdraw using another. However, you cannot withdraw more than $5001 a week.



The team of Lucky Red Casino has 24/7 support. If you have any trouble or question, you can always call the customer service line at 1-866-513-0857. It is toll-free so if you can call the USA for free, you will not incur any additional costs. If you are outside the USA, do not get frustrated – you can contact the online live chat which connects you with an operator in real time and where you can have your questions answered. There is also a problem that language support is offered in English only while other competitors have support in more languages.



One disadvantage of the website is that, unlike other competitors, it is offered only in English. That is surely not a big disadvantage when you play your favorite games but it is a clear disadvantage when you need to understand the bonus system and to choose the one that best fits you, to try new games and to ask questions. That is especially true for the bonus system which has great promotions targeted to different types of customers but you need to have at least some moderate level of English so that you can compare them.


Play for fun option

Like many other online casinos, Lucky Red Casino offers you the option to play a game for free  so that you can explore new games and to see whether they fit your taste or not. This is a great option not to get frustrated because you can decide not to continue with a game that you do not like.


Responsible gambling

As we all know, gambling is considered a way to get entertained and to pump your adrenalin and it is not an activity that is meant to increase your personal wealth. Lucky Red Casino has a whole section about responsible gambling which can save you a lot of trouble, bring you a lot of fun and even make you significantly richer. The website cites several very popular and yet, often neglected rules. A good option is that you can set a limit on the sum which you want to bet for a certain amount of time – be it a day, a week or a month.



Shortly, Lucky Red Casino is a good option for people who like gambling and who have at least mediocre level of English. The variety of games is good, the rules – easy to understand and the bonus system is great. If used wisely, it could be a great pastime. 

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