Best Online Casinos Ireland

In Ireland, players are fortunately located in a place where online gambling is not illegal. Any regulated or licensed offshore casino that accepts Irish players provides completely fair gameplay! With the many options available for all your favorite casino games, you can check out the reviews and top lists has prepared for Irish players. Irish casinos will allow players to play slots or card games, live table games and any other casino classic.  In Ireland, the largest websites partner with the largest software providers to provide the best experience for all users. Nowadays, the software is cutting-edge and players can enjoy a fast-paced, action-packed experience. However, there is one big problem; the huge amount of options to choose from.

Fortunately, we have compiled a guide to Irish online casinos, so confusion can be left out. This guide will contain useful information you will ever want and need for playing in an Irish online casino. In addition, we can help with frequently asked questions and tips to keep your experience enjoyable.

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Finding the Best Irish Online Casino

In fact, this question is quite difficult because there are so many on offer. However, we will provide some tips for choosing the best option and it starts with choosing a game. When researching the various online casinos, you need to see exactly what games are there on offer. This will decide the fun you have after registering. In addition to traditional games, you should also look for a site that is constantly investing in new games and new ideas.

Then you need to think about the welcome bonus. Often people choose the website only through the welcome bonus, but you have to remember that this is only a one-time offer. What is the use of getting a really great welcome bonus when you hardly have any of the classic casino games? If you find a website that offers both games and bonuses, you can look at the features and judge them according to your own preferences. For example, you will need to look into the mobile options, the payment methods, and the quality of its customer support services.

It is extremely important that the casino of your choice, on which you have decided to spend a certain amount of your money, is licensed and properly regulated. When playing in an online casino, security is essential. Starting by entering your information on the website, most online casinos will keep this information protected by third parties. In addition, there is encryption for financial transactions to prevent virtual theft, which is one of the biggest concerns of all. Then there are various other precautions designed to keep all players safe.

As long as you are careful with this decision and consider all the factors, it is not really as scary as it seems at first.

Is Online Gambling in Ireland Legal?

Online gambling in Ireland is completely legal in this country and includes online casinos, sports betting, daily fantasy, lotteries and online poker. As early as 1931, the "Betting Act" was issued in Ireland and this began to regulate legalized gambling that took place in the country. Of course, the introduction of the Internet and various gambling platforms meant that this had to be updated and revised in 2015, but the same premise remains. The law has various details about taxation, as well as licensing for all casinos and betting websites. In order for an online casino to be legal in Ireland, they must obtain one of the three main licenses from the Irish government. As long as this is there, they can work and you can be sure that you are legitimate.

Unlike most countries, Ireland has introduced a gambling regulation that allows Irish citizens to participate in online gambling through legally licensed local and offshore sites.If you are an Irish citizen or visitor to the country, the key to ensuring that your online gambling remains legal is to visit online gambling destinations that ensure that the casinos shown are legally licensed, regulated and certified. You can do it at  Our team updates and adds new casinos to our directory regularly, so be sure to keep visiting this page to find an online casino in Ireland that is right for you, whether you are a beginner or a professional player.

Authorities that Regulate Online Gambling in Ireland

Ireland does not currently have a regulatory body for licensing and regulating online casinos. In order for an online casino to offer its services to Irish players, they will need to be registered with the Revenue Commission as an online operator that accepts bets from Irish nationals. Local casino operations also have restrictions on winnings and bets for Irish players in Irish casinos.

Although Ireland has certain gambling regulations, laws and amendments, Irish players can gamble at any regulated and licensed offshore online casino that has a European license (usually granted by the MGA or the UK Gambling Commission) and accepts Irish players. While the online operator pays tax in Ireland, the online casino is entitled to offer its services to Irish players. There are many different and reputable gaming regulators across Europe. As long as the operator has one of the three distinctive licenses, he may operate in Ireland.

There are three different types of licenses valid in Ireland:

  • for retail bookmakers
  • for operators offering a remote betting service to Irish players, and
  • for operators that make it easier for players in Ireland to place bets

Ultimately, however, the Irish Commissioners of Revenue are actively monitoring the market to ensure that the exact amount of tax is paid. And as for bookmakers, they check to see if they have the right licenses.
Gambling products are also often provided to Irish players by operators who hold other reputable licenses, such as that of the UK Gambling Commission or the Maltese Gambling Authority. Bets, which include sports and horse racing, are regulated by the revenue commissioners.

Online Gambling Laws in Ireland

Casino-style games were long regulated by the Games and Lotteries Act of 1956 until Betting (amendment) 2015 was formed. The amendment focused largely on licensing laws and taxation. G&L laws also apply to gambling products and are therefore equally applicable to online gambling. Since the Betting Acts were updated in 2015, this now means that a license is required for all operators wishing to provide remote bookmakers or remote betting to customers in Ireland.

If a citizen is over the age of 18, he is allowed to bet on slot machines and other games of chance.

Players do not have to pay taxes on their profits, and online operators must share a 1% income tax if they are offshore providers. Online poker and sports betting solutions are also legal, which means that players will have the full range of gambling opportunities available to them. No local licensed casino offers online betting to Irish customers. This means that the casinos you need to watch out for are those with the aforementioned licenses and which are casinos that operate within the EU. All of them offer euros as a method of payment, which is great for Irish customers.

What is the situation with the land-based casinos in Ireland? Initially, the Games and Lotteries Act of 1956 prohibited all forms of gambling, with the exception of lotteries run by charities. However, thanks to various tricks, private clubs were allowed to operate as casinos. With the implementation of the Gambling Control Bill of 2013, the legal situation of land-based gambling in Ireland has changed significantly. Today, all casinos in Ireland require membership to enter and play. You can become a long-term member or pay a smaller "daily membership fee". Unfortunately, the Irish Gambling Control Bill of 2018 limits the number of land-based casinos to 40 licenses for the whole country at a time, with each casino limited to operating a maximum of 15 tables and 25 gaming machines.

Is Online Gambling allowed in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and would therefore fall within the scope of the UKGC with regard to the application of gambling legislation. As regards the regulations on gambling in Northern Ireland, they do not fall within the laws applicable in the Republic of Ireland or into the legislative policy of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The gambling laws laid down for the citizens of Northern Ireland came into practice from the Department of Social Development under the 1985 Betting, Games, Lotteries and Entertainment (NI) Act.

Because of the fact that this bill has not been updated since 1985, there are no clear regulations or restrictions for players based in Northern Ireland. It is up to the online operator to choose whether to accept players from Northern Ireland or not.

Important details when choosing an online casino in Ireland

The online casinos in Ireland listed on our website are all the best choices in Ireland! Some of the Irish casinos here will have an amazing portfolio of gambling; others will have fantastic bonuses, fast payout times or thousands of online slots - so you'll never feel like you don't have enough opportunities to play and enjoy.
However, it is essential to check the terms and conditions of the casino before choosing an Irish online casino, as understanding them can either make or disrupt your overall gaming experience.

Best Irish Casino Payment Methods

Payment methods are an important factor for you as a casino player, as you want to deposit first and receive your payouts quickly. A wide variety of methods will increase convenience and choice, which is something you should look for.
If you already know what your preferred payment method is, then it's easy to find online casinos in Ireland that provide this for you. Otherwise, be sure to choose an online casino that gives you many opportunities. Make sure you check to see if your chosen payment method has charged any fees for using their service or for payments.

There are multiple methods of payment available for Irish casino players. Here is a list of the best ones: PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, Monzo, Neteller, Bank transfers, Debit Cards Visa & Mastercard, Paysafe Card.

Depositing Limits

In Ireland and around the world, most betting sites and online casinos will have some sort of limit on the amount you can deposit. If you plan to play only a little every few weeks, the limit should not affect you, because it is more aimed at those who play every day. For example, some will limit 10,000 euros, while others go for 300 euros a day. You can also see a difference in limits depending on the method you choose. While E-wallet services are happy to see you deposit quite heavily throughout the day, something like Paysafecard is more likely to stop you at some point.

Casino Bonuses Irish players can claim

Almost all online casinos offer some kind of bonus, as it helps to attract players. But some of these bonuses are better than others. There are different types of bonuses that are usually offered as a low deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, match bonus, spin bonus or cashback bonus.

When it comes to casino bonuses in Ireland, whether you are a high or low player, having generous welcome bonuses is vital for every player. While most operators strive to compete in the market by offering special welcome promotions, they unfortunately cannot always provide players with the best conditions.

Although the amount of the bonus is essential, you should always check that the relevant betting conditions are convenient for you - especially if you plan to make a significant deposit.
Be careful and always read the bonus terms, as Irish online casinos are unlikely to offer generous bonuses linked to near-impossible betting requirements.

Game Selection in Irish Online Casinos

With the official implementation of the Betting Act, online gambling has been officially legalized in Ireland, making almost all forms of online gambling in Ireland accessible and legal to play. Today, Irish players can enjoy everything from online slots and online poker to sports betting, bingo and everyday fantasy.

  • Online Slots: These are are among the most popular online games in Ireland, with players having access to all Irish online casinos. The slots that players can find on their gambling platforms are usually signed by Ireland's favorite software vendors, which are visually and visually pleasing; they offer quality, fairness and keep players interested.
  • Table and Card Games: Regular table games like video poker and online roulette and then live casino games. Most casinos have live roulette, various types of live poker, premium blackjack, dice, keno and baccarat. Poker has a long tradition of being one of the most popular card games in Ireland, especially in land-based casinos. With the entry into force of the online gambling legislation in 2015, many online casinos were launched and online poker gained popularity.
    There are many licensed Irish gambling sites, offering poker rooms for locals. To have the best gaming experience, look for operators that offer a wide range of poker games and rooms, high security standards and generous promotions.
  •  Lottery and Bingo: Along with bingo, the lottery in Ireland is one of the most affordable and beloved games of chance on the Isle. The lottery has also been available for online play since the National Lottery released its fully functional online version. As players have expressed interest in trying their luck in international lotteries over the years, Ireland has launched legal alternative licensed lottery sites in the country. Many of them offer participation in EuroJackpot and MegaMillions, which are some of the most popular lottery games in the world.
  • Sports Betting: Sports betting is quite popular in Ireland, with over 1000 betting shops currently available across the country. With a long list of online Irish and international bookmakers operating in the country, players have many opportunities to choose from and have fun. Although most sports betting operators offer similar betting options and leagues, some sites rely on lucrative offers for welcome and more effective gambling platforms.

Popular Casino Software in Ireland

For a gambling site to establish trust with players, it is essential to offer secure, stable providers and provide great bonuses. Most online casinos in Ireland and online casinos generally provide explicit information about the software at the bottom of their homepage or under the terms. 
We have listed the best gambling software currently used in Ireland:

  • OpenBet, BetConstruct (Sports Betting)
  • Microgaming, Playtech (Online Casino)
  • Netset, GAN Software (Daily Fantasy)
  • iPoker, Playtech (Online Poker)
  • Kootac, Playtech (Online Lotto)

Future Trends in Online Gambling in Ireland

As the online casino market becomes more technologically advanced, the online casino and gambling industry in Ireland needs modern rules. The expected provisions include a regulatory body for the supervision and licensing of the industry - the gambling, betting and the lottery industry with the same supply services against health-related gambling problems.

The goal is to enable better entertainment for players with bigger sign-up bonuses, more payment solution providers, a faster response from player complaints operators, a better user experience in many online gambling sites and a reduction in betting requirements for no-deposit bonuses. Recent government statements say that the "Provisional Law on Gambling and Lotteries" has been adopted, which creates the framework for wholesale reforms of the Law on Gambling in the country in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are Irish online casinos?

Online casinos are very safe to use if you do good research. Good online casinos will only offer secure payment options, as well as the availability of additional encryption protocols. This is to prevent third parties from receiving both your money and your personal data.

What is the best online casino for Irish players?

That's a good question and it's not the easiest to answer. It depends on what you prefer and what is important to you when you need to choose a gambling site. We recommend that you look at the top list on this page. It is always updated with the best casinos by! Then go and choose which suits to you the most. Good luck!

Are there fees for online casino deposits?

There are no online casino deposit fees when you sign up for the best casino sites in Ireland. If a site charges you for deposits at an online casino, you should probably take your business elsewhere. The best Irish casino sites also provide free withdrawals.

Can I get benefits from my loyalty at Irish online casinos?

Most Irish casino sites have a loyalty scheme in which you earn points while playing. These points can later be exchanged for free bets or other prizes. You should also be given free spins and invited to participate in races and prize draws throughout the year, while many casinos offer a reload bonus.

Do I have to pay tax for my winnings at Irish online casinos?

Your winnings are not subject to tax deduction if you win at Irish casino sites. Some countries may decide to impose a profit tax, but this is not the case in Ireland. If a site tries to claim that you have to pay tax on your profits, it means that you should find another one.