SOFORT Casinos

Sofort is a popular banking method that can be used at virtual shops and online casinos too. It is a German interpretation of the modern vision of online payment options. Sofort synthesizes the German engineering at its finest: it is reliable and not difficult to use. Following the instruction from their website, you can set up an account with Sofort in just a few easy steps. With this user-friendly banking method you can enjoy playing the casino games you like best with no delay due to the fact that deposits can be made instantly.

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Sofort acts as a middle man between your bank and the casino you have chosen to play at. You can be completely sure that all your personal data will stay safe and well protected. Sofort is a secure real-time payment platform for making instant deposits by online casino players based in many EU countries. Exploring this option of payment is definitely worth it. Here you can find our list with top rated Sofort online casinos. They all have been vetted and tested.

It was in Germany, in 2005, when the Sofort Banking company was founded. The original name was Payment Network. In 2012 the name was changed to Sofort AD. From the very beginning the business showed a tremendous success. Now Sofort has working relations with more than 25 000 online merchants. Its monthly transactions are around 2 million payments. The potential of the company was noticed by investors based in the USA and now Sofort offers its services beyond the European borders.

How does Sofort Banking work? 

Sofort works in a relationship with popular banks in most European countries. It offers affordable instant payment services to more than 35 000 merchants internationally, as well as a big number of Sofort online casinos. Money transfers via Sofort are performed in real-time giving you the chance to start playing as soon as the transaction is verified. As a casino player you won't be required to make an account or profile with them. You simply select the payment method, fill in your banking details on a secure form (separate from the casino page) and initiate the once-off payment via their services.

There are several simple steps that you need to follow:

  • Go to the cashier page of the Sofort casino;
  • Click on the Sofort option to make your deposit;
  • On the screen you will see a secure Sofort banking form (separate from the casino software). You must enter your banking information there;
  • Determine the sum you would like to deposit immediately and click on “Pay”;
  • The payment will be confirmed soon, your casino profile will be credited and your adventure rush is guaranteed.

Advantages for paying via Sofort

Choose Sofort method of payment and you will discover an exceptional experience. The advantages of this payment solution include:

  • Speedy depositing: Exploring this payment method gives you the chance to make your deposits instantly and start enjoying your favourite video slot machines with no delay. Sofort guarantees instant payments and then recoups the funds from the bank.
  • Extra security: All your bank details are kept on a multi-encrypted Sofort banking form, completely apart from a casino form. It gives you a good feel when you know that your personal data is well protected. Once the transaction is completed, Sofort does not store any customer's banking information. 
  • Account is no needed: Sofort does not require its users to open any account. The clients' banking accounts are used as a point of reference. Choose this method of payment and stop worrying about usernames, passwords, fees etc.
  • Possible discounts: Vendors evaluate the high quality of Sofort services and the speedy payments they perform. Sofort users are often offered discounts for using this method of payment. The discounts can go to 20% of the value of the spend.

Disadvantages for paying via Sofort

  • No withdrawals: As a strict payment solution, Sofort does not allow cashouts from a casino. This means that you can make your deposits via this payment method, but you will have to choose another payment option to withdraw your wins from the casino. 
  • No rewards offered by Sofort: Many payment platforms offer rewards for regular use of their services. But not Sofort! Actually they do not require from their customers to have accounts or profiles and it is virtually impossible to offer rewards based on usage.
  • Limits - There are no limits for your spending when you pay with Sofort. If it happens to meet any limitations, be sure that they come from your bank account. 
  • Fees - It is unlikely that you will be charged fees from the Sofort itself. For potential fees from the Sofort online casino you have decided to play at, it is a good idea to read carefully its terms and conditions of using Sofort banking method. Some other potential charges may come from your banking institution too.
  • Availability - Only gamblers from several European countries can have access to the Sofort banking platform. Its 50 million customers can purchase online at 35,000 vendors.

Why choose an online Sofort casino?

There are several reasons for deciding to play at online casinos which offer Sofort e-payment: You can make trouble-free and speedy deposits for extremely low costs. Sofort Banking guarantees the safety and anonymity of your payment proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SOFORT for gambling at online casinos?

SOFORT offers e-payment services to many online casinos in Europe.

What are the advantages SOFORT method of payment offer?

The biggest advantage of using SOFORT casinos is that the company offers players the highest level of security. Due to the high quality encryption, all your transactions will be protected. Transactions are fast and the services provided by the customer support team are remarkable. SOFORT casinos are one of the best choices of all online gamblers due to the efficiency of the company.

Is SOFORT accepted by many casinos?

SOFORT is not available for casinos located outside Europe, which means that many players cannot use it as a payment option.

Are there any fees involved when you use SOFORT to play casino games?

You are not required to pay a fee for using Sofort for payments at online casinos.

Are there any special bonuses at SOFORT online casinos?

You can find bonuses for SOFORT Casino, as the company has chosen prizes to attract online gamblers. You can choose from a one-time registration, no deposit, a friend's recommendation and other special SOFORT bonuses while playing at an online casino.