How we Review Online Casinos

How Dbest Casino Reviews Online Casinos Reviews and Rating

The strong base of the website is founded on the reviews of online casinos. We strive to offer players at online casinos the best reviews of online casinos so that they will be well informed about online gambling and we are sure that selecting a suitable casino to play at is of great importance of each online casino player.

 We did our best to explain our casino review process in the best way so that players will be able to understand it in the right way and realize the reasons why some casinos have different ratings.

We are starting with a short summary and after that we are continuing with comprehensive description of the process of our casinos review.

Short summary of online casino review process

This part of the article contains our review of online casinos without any details so that players are able to get a brief overview without reading the detailed explanations.

You can understand why our reviews differ from the others.  They stand out from the other online casino's reviews because our ratings are focused on the casino's image and popularity.

Our rating of online casinos generally includes information on how casinos behave towards players and we also focus our attention on how players can withdraw their winnings without facing any problems. As we have witnessed, there are online casinos that do not treat their players honestly. Online casinos which are popular for treating their players honestly have a higher reputation compared to the casinos, which are proven to cheat and are rated low on our list.

Another crucial feature of casinos is the order in which they are shown in our list of online casinos. It is focused on the reputation rating but it also includes some other issues such as language support, payment methods and some other factors which seem important for players in  different countries. Online casinos which we think are the most suitable for players from a given country will be likely to appear at the top of the list for visitors from the specific country.

Unfortunately, there are some casinos that do not regard loyalty as their important characteristic. has focused on these features in our reviews and that is the reason why we have created a codex of fair gambling. Our goal is to offer online casino players safe gambling and also to help them select an honest and trustworthy casino.

Features included in our review - review includes a great variety of information about each casino. This information may be divided into five categories:

  1. The online casino size
  2. How many player's complaints are there
  3. Dishonest practices towards players
  4. Points accumulated for being honest and loyal towards players
  5. Related casinos

The online size casino is an important factor for honest play because small casinos may have problems with their cash flow when they have to pay out really large winnings. Since small casinos do not have substantial revenues, they might find it difficult to pay out a large amount of money.

On the other hand, a large online casino visited by thousands of players can depend on their statistical advantage and paying out large winnings will not be a problem for it owing to other players’ losses. One can realize now why the size of an online casino is of great importance and influences the rating.

What is more, smaller casinos are usually new ones so it is too early for them to prove their abilities. That’s why dbestcasino. com team has found it reasonable and convenient to offer them a lower reputation until they get established and their qualities get obvious.

The other aspect of our reputation rating are players’ complaints. They provide us with information about how each casino behaves towards its players. If there are a lot of complaints about a casino, it means that there are some issues that do not appeal to players.

Some complaints, on the other hand, may not be justified and it does not always mean that the casino is not worthy. Therefore, we consider each complaint very carefully and decide how it can influence our rating.

Last but not least if an online casino is a part of a group of related casinos, the other casinos also influence the rating.

The members of our reliable review team enter the information they have collected into the system. Their task is only to do research about online casinos but some of them also assist players in solving their complaints quickly in our complaint system.

Before opening the complaint center, our members used to know some of the common players’ complaints because they had worked with them in the process of online casino reviews where players ’complaints are an important issue. They can manage quite well issues such as evaluating the complaint and stating which side behaved appropriately and which did not. The team also deals with the T&Cs of casinos and how they treat players. The members of the review team are the employees who help players solve their issues with casinos.

These are their only tasks because they have to focus their energy on collecting reliable information about online casinos and helping players resolving their problems.

Focusing on the size of an online casino and its players’ complaints, we establish the base of our reputation rating. These issues are considered relatively for specific casinos because large casinos are expected to have more complaints compared to smaller ones. Therefore, a large casino may have a better rating than a smaller one even if there are more complaints about it.

After taking into consideration the reputation rating, we deduct or add points for different issues. Most of them are negative and provide lower ratings. However, there are some positive issues which will increase the reputation rating.

1. The online casino size

It is one of the most important characteristics defining our rating and we judge the size of the casino by its revenues. The hidden idea of this factor is that large and popular casinos are said to be safer for players because their significant revenues let them pay out even large winnings without any difficulties.

What players should also take into account is the fact that there are also many small casinos on the internet which may seem the most suitable option for every player, especially for players who wager a lot of money. Although there are small casinos, with lower revenues but with loyal treatment towards players, sometimes they might find it difficult to pay out larger profit generated by a player. They generally have a lower reputation rating because of their low cash flow.

Perhaps, you would wonder how receives the information about the revenues of each casino. It is an easy task for some of them because they make their financial status public. On the other hand, this information is unavailable for some online casinos. In this case, we use our internet formula to estimate the casino revenue using the number of visitors and the places from which they play (because players from specific countries tend to have specific spending and wagering intentions. This gives us the opportunity to estimate each casino’s revenues, which is approximate but it is enough to offer us a pretty good illustration of the casino's financial status.

For every casino team calculates the revenues estimated for the last four years, We also define the advantages of the established casinos over the new ones. We structured it in this way because we consider that the established and popular casinos are a safer option for players than the ones that are starting their business now. We give new casinos a “Fresh” rating because it is too early to say how they will behave toward players.

What players should know is that there are some online sports betting sites which also provide online casinos. These can be reached on site too but we estimate their revenues in different ways. Most of these sites are mainly interested in bookmaking and casino games present only an additional product. Thus, we consider only a specific part of the total revenues in our rating.

2. Casino players' complaints

We do our best to present reliable information on how each online casino behaves towards players and if casinos are likely to pay out their winning without any conflicts. That’s why players’ complaints is another important issue we take into consideration when calculating our reputation rating.

The members of the casino review team research the internet to collect all players’ justified complaints which offers us a clear idea of how casinos regard the players. The complaints are entered into our system and we classify them according to how we estimate the complaint (our opinion on how the online casino behaved towards the player). We also take into consideration some other issues if the player used real money or bonus to play with, etc. Finally, we get a number of black points for every complaint which we use to calculate the reputation rating.

Some of the other issues which also determine the total number of black points are the following:

Casino’s license. The casino license or regulator defines how we are going to regard the different complaints. If there is an unclear complaint, a casino with a reliable license will receive fewer black points for it. A reliable regulator has proved to do its best to resolve disputes successfully.

How fresh and justified is the complaint? team believes that casinos develop and evolve over the course of time so our goal is not to be so severe concerning complaints that appeared a long time ago. A new and justified complaint will make us think that the specific online casino does not treat its players appropriately. For example, a complaint that appeared several years ago may indicate that the casino was ruled by another company.

Each casino's revenues and a number of black points are the two factors defining the “base reputation rating”. We take into account revenues and a complaint in relation to each other because large casinos are expected to have more complaints since they are visited by more players.

However, the rating we receive from revenues and complaints is not final. The final one is calculated by adding and deducting pointс for certain issues that influence players’ safety, satisfaction, fair gambling, etc.

3. Dishonest casino practices lead to deducting points

Since there are online casinos that are disloyal to their players, we pay attention to every casino's practices and decrease its rating for issues that can turn out to be harmful to players: These practices may include:

  • Low limits for withdrawals - There are casinos that offer low limits for withdrawals and this fact will make players wait for months in order to be able to receive the complete amount of money will decrease the rating of this specific online casino if it offers limits lower than what we regard as fair.
  • Restrictive winning limits - Offering winning limits is disloyal towards players but we tend to tolerate them if they do not seem so restrictive to players. If they are so low and are not demanded by the regulator, decrease the casino's reputation rating.
  • If a specific casino is found on a blacklist, we research how relevant it is. If the blacklist is relevant enough, it will determine if we have to deduct some points from the rating and how many points should be deducted. How old is each blacklist also influence how much we should decrease our rating. If the blacklist is old, we will deduct fewer points.
  • Dishonest rules - Every rule stated in the Terms and Conditions of every online casino should comply with fair play. If it happens that we find some dishonest behavior, we make it public and the visitors will understand and it will lead to a lower reputation rating.
  • Rules that are not mentioned in the T&Cs or Bonus T&Cs of each bonus - If an online casino uses rules that are not stated in the T&C, it means that it behaves dishonestly towards players and com will decrease its reputation rating.
  • Bad support - Offering good quality customer support is of great importance for players’ satisfaction. We are going to decrease its rating, if the support has proved to be pretty bad.
  • Fake copies of original games - Fair casinos operate original games from certain game providers. Some online casinos dare to offer fake copies of games. It may mean that they will pay out less than the original ones. This is a serious violation of the rules and we will decrease the reputation rating of such casinos.
  • Casinos using fake licenses or not owning a license at all - Licenses present an important part of the online gambling business. They make players trust online casinos. If a casino does not own a license or it has a fake one, it is not trustworthy and we are going to offer it a lower reputation rating.

These are the most popular reasons for offering a lower reputation rating but there are still more. Sometimes we find some dishonest practices that may be different for different casinos. We pay attention to every online casino because they tend to be creative in cheating players.

What is more, the fact that we consider every case separately should be known. It may turn out that a casino may have reasonable grounds for doing something we find dishonest (winning limits, functioning without a license, etc.). In such cases, we reach the casino to check if we are loyal not only to players but to casinos as well.

4. Adding points for loyal practices towards players

We also add points to online casinos which are loyal to their players. Unfortunately, this is not so common but it happens sometimes.

We are presenting two examples of cases in which we tend to add some points:

  • Liberal casinos - Dealing with players’ complaints sometimes we witness a case in which an online casino is willing to pay out the player although it does not have to. For example, when a player does something that contradicts the rules of the game, the casino has to confiscate the player’s winnings (if the rule complies with fair play). If the casino wants to pay out the winnings, it is obvious that the intention of the casino is not to rob players and’s team increases its reputation rating a little.
  • The presence of land-based offices. If a casino is a part of a popular brand that rules a chain of land-based offices, we are willing to increase its rating. The availability of local offices is an advantage to players which is a sign that local brands can receive a better rating from However, this only refers to casinos that have bad reputation ratings offered by us and these added points are only intended to help local casinos which find it hard to work without them.

However, the addition of points is not a common thing but we want to inform users to receive a clear idea of our casino reputation ratings.

5. Related casinos

While there are casinos that function independently, some other online gambling websites are related to each other in different ways. For example, they can have one and the same owner, the same management, and the same affiliate program. For online casinos that function as a part of a larger group, our rating includes not only the qualities of a separate casino but also the casino it is related to. The most important issues related casinos share are the following:

  • Revenues - pays serious attention to revenues because high revenues are expected to pay out large winnings. Casinos having one and the same owner can use revenues from one casino in order to pay out a large amount of money in another one. A small casino which is a part of a larger group may receive a higher rating.
  • Complaints - Related casinos also share their complaints. Complaints decrease the casino's rating. If we find that an online casino behaves dishonestly to players, we also consider that another casino having the same owner or management will work in a similar way although it has not demonstrated its dishonest practices so far.

Two casinos that have the same owner are expected to influence each other’s ratings more than two casinos that share only the affiliate program.

An example:

Let’s take casinos-casino Alpha and Casino Beta which have the same management, which is the strongest connection in our system. We accept that these casinos share 40% of their revenues and black points. The real percentage can be different.

This means that if casino Alpha has revenue per year of $ 10 M and also 1000 back points and casino Beta has revenue per year of $ 5 M and 3000 black points, we calculate the rating of casino Alpha as if it had revenues of $12 M ($ 10 M adding 40 % of $ 5M) and 2200 black points (1000 plus  40 % of 3000. Casino Beta is rated in a similar way as if it had revenues of $9 M and 3400 black points.

The results of related casinos can be positive and negative. Casinos popular with their loyalty towards players can increase the reputation rating of casinos connected with them. However, dishonest casinos that have received a lot of complaints will make the other casinos in the group obtain a lower reputation rating.

How does Dbest Casino research casinos and how do we update our information?

The process of casino review is focused especially on data. The review team of collects information about different online casinos and puts it down in our database. Then we use a fine-tuned algorithm to calculate the casino reputation rating. We organize the process in a way that will guarantee that the reviews are not biased. What information is included?

We collect information about revenues which is provided by the casinos themselves. It is taken from their annual report or it is approximated using the number of visitors to their site.

The information about complaints is taken from complaint resolution websites, forums, and the resolution centre of where players complain directly to us.

We gain the information about blacklists from distinguished blacklists of online casinos.

The information about the following: winnings limit, withdrawal limit, licenses, if the games are original, loyal T&Cs, the quality of customer support, and some other issues is obtained directly from the casino’s website and by reaching the customer support centre.

What is of great importance is the fact that our testers from different countries assist us in checking if the information we show is trustworthy and relevant for players from different countries, placing them at the top countries which casinos are shown in high positions in our list of online casinos.

Regular updating of casino reviews

When we obtain information about an online casino, we know that it will not be relevant all the time. We should regularly go back to reviewed casinos and we repeat the whole process all over again to be sure that our information is relevant.

Players should know that it is difficult to keep information about thousands of online casinos updated. It is impossible for us to check each casino every day. Fortunately, not all casinos are equally important:

One part of the casinos is good and is shown in the top positions of our list of the best online casinos. Since we recommend them to our visitors, we should update regularly the data.

Some other casinos are notorious and have very low ratings on In this case, we do not have to update the data so regularly. They are not present in our list of casinos we recommend because we never recommend disloyal casino sites.

If a casino is not the best one, it can be a good option for some players, that’s why we want to keep its review updated. However, it is not necessary for them to be updated as frequently as the best online casinos.

The above-mentioned refers to the frequent updates we do based on the casino ratings. However, this is not a single form of update. Fortunately, casinos also need information on the website to be relevant. For this purpose, they inform us whenever some important facts change and we include these changes in our reviews as soon we understand about them (but before that we check if they are real, of course.

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