Introduction to Online Casinos

Introduction to Online Casinos

The goal of is to present useful and important information to folks that want to play online casino.

This guide section will assist you to find the answers to the frequently asked questions. This includes information on the way to choose the most suitable online casino, what are the available bonuses and promotions and how to play in a safe way without getting passionate about gambling.

How can players choose the most suitable online casino for them?

One can find a wide variety of online casinos on the net. What is more, new sites for online casino are coming up every month so it may turn out a difficult task to choose from the various options.

What is important to know is that not all of the casinos are available in all countries but players will have a great variety of online casinos they can choose from in the country they live in.

To choose the most suitable casino is an important step that will contribute to your whole online casino experience. Casinos differ in terms of characteristics, bonuses, promotions, payment methods, etc. but the most crucial aspect is if their attitude to players is honest and fair.

As we have witnessed when presenting different casinos and assisting players with their complaints, a lot of online casinos tend to be disloyal to their players. Some of the practices we have witnessed are refusing withdrawals without reasonable reasons and they accumulate greater profits injuring the players’ interests.

We are sure that our list of the top choice online casinos accompanied with our comprehensive and loyal review of each casino will assist you in choosing the most suitable option for you.

We have also included some troublesome aspects that tend to cause problems between players and online casinos. Players can see our opinion on what we think online casinos and players should to provide players with honest and problem-free experience.

Bonuses of online casinos

What has proved to be the most important reason for attracting new players is definitely bonuses. They are very attractive to the player, that’s why the casinos have chosen them as a tool to invite newcomers. No deposit bonuses offer players an opportunity to play and even to win something which is free. On the other hand, deposit bonuses provide the players with extra funds to play together with your deposit. There are some other types of casino bonuses but the above mentioned are most common.

Bonus can be appealing to players but they have to bear in mind that they are always connected with some restrictions. Every casino has its terms and conditions section. The latter says what you can and cannot perform when playing with an active bonus and it can even inform players how much they can win from it. One has to be aware of these restrictions otherwise, he/she can lose the bonus or some other funds.

Some of the most widespread bonus rules:

  • Countries: Payers can receive their bonuses if only their country is not restricted. One has to check from the beginning in the casino website if they welcome players from the definite country.
  • Games which are restricted: When players make use of bonus funds, they are not able to select all games. If players choose restricted games, their bonus winnings can be lost.
  • The max bet- Players, playing with bonus funds should know that the maximum bet they are able to place is usually restricted.
  • The maximum win-The amount of money you can expect to win from your bonus is also limited. It happens more often with no-deposit bonuses. Some deposit bonuses have also maximum-win limits.
  • Wagering requirements: One may expect that winning your bonus means he can withdraw it on the spot. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The first step is to play with your bonus and then wager a definite amount in total so that you are can transform your bonus into real money you can withdraw.

Online casino people can find further details about casino bonuses, terms and conditions in our guide to casino bonus. Players are strongly advised to check it out before making use of your first bonus.

New players are advised to play without a bonus. All the rules stated in the terms and conditions make playing with bonuses restrictive and not as appealing as it may seem at first glance.

Gambling Mathematics

Casino games are designed to have a built-in advantage which works for the casino profit. This advantage is also known as “house edge”. It is the product of the games and it is not defined by casinos. If you place a bet on casino games, you cannot avoid the house edge. It plays an important role in casinos because the gambling business needs to accumulate profits to be able to exist long-term.

Different casino games provide different return to player (RTP). RTP is an important feature of online gambling. It is used to describe the percentage of wagered funds that players may expect to take back from  the casino. In theory the RTP is often lower than 100 % and what is left forms the house edge.

For example, if a game offers an RTP of 97,3 %, it means that its house edge is of 2,7 %. When you wager $ 100, the RTP you may expect to receive is $ 97.30 and the casino may expect to take $2.70 from your bets for long-term.  Depending on the bet you place and the result of the game round, your winnings for a one-off $100 may vary from $0 to $3.6000.

In theory RTP is defined as a-long term statistical value. The outcome of individual game rounds may differ drastically but the general results will be closer to the RTP that is expected as the number of games increases.

That leads to two important consequences:

  • Players can win very quickly in spite of the odds being stacked against them. What is more, if they continue playing, the statistics is likely to catch up on them and they are expected to have negative numbers sooner or later.
  • Online casinos can rely on statistics to make profit in the long run. Some players can be lucky and they may win, however, one cannot expect to be profitable all the time. All casino companies have a statistical  “house edge” which is the profit anticipated to be made by the company from players’ wager.
  • Volatility is the most important mathematical aspect of gambling. It is also popular as variance is used to define how big individual wins are and how often they happen.

Different types of casino games

Online casinos offer the payers the opportunity to play various casino games which may be found in a great variety of configurations. The games differ in the level of difficulty and it means that some of the games are not suitable for beginners.

For example, in slots one simply presses a button and waits to see if he won or lost. On the other hand, in games like blackjack and video poker you have to make decisions. These two games usually have a very high RTP but to receive it, you have to make the right decision. If you have not made the right decisions, the RTP of your play can fall to small numbers.

To find information on the basics of the most popular types of casino games, we have written articles on these games:

How to play online casino safely

There is a term known as gambling addiction which is a serious problem that can affect negatively not only the financial stability of players but also it can ruin their lives. Players should be aware of this fact.

First, online gambling has to be seen as a form of entertainment and relaxation not as a way of making a profit or solving your personal financial problems.

Players can find information on gambling addiction, including:

  • Symptoms of problem gambling
  • Factors leading to gambling addiction
  • How to overcome the problem of gambling addiction
  • What shall I do if a close friend or family member gets addicted
  • Who can help me

The easiest solution is not to start gambling. However, if you decide to play online casino games, you have to be aware of the potential dangers. Whatever decision you have made, do not forget to stay safe and search for help when it is needed.

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