Realtime Gaming Casinos

Realtime Gaming has already earned a large following, not only with players. It is popular with industry top heads, too. This is a solid reputation going from better to better since its establishment in 1999. It is the result of the large array of games everyone can choose from. Among the massively popular games offered by Realtime Gaming are the Real Series slots. They have been offered since 2014, but are already a strong hit with numerous players.

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RTG Online Casinos

The company maintaining the software is a privately held one, based outside of Atlanta and Costa Rica. It has been privately owned, from the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act onwards. Its high online presence with operators stems from the fact that it is among the leading companies which enable operators to take bets from players from the USA.

Recent Realtime Gaming software expansion

The development of the RTG software in the past fifteen years has been strong. It has been both growing and expanding. As a result, the number of casino sites which operate on its basis has soared by large numbers. Behind the successful development lie the quality of the software and, also, the efforts and dedication of the team responsible for the growth and expansion of Realtime Gaming.

Games offered from Realtime Gaming

Casinos which operate on the basis of Realtime gaming are also found by searching for RTG casinos. Each client is offered a customized solution. So despite the fact that the number of RTG casinos is growing continuously, by visiting each of them players find out that they can enjoy unique experiences as they start selecting games and playing.

The formats of Realtime Gaming software are two. One is downloadable software, and the other is of the standalone type, with Flash utilization. Included are not only a plethora of video slots, but also favorites like roulette, blackjack, video poker, etc. Players can play them on desktop computers, and also on any mobile device based on iOS or on Android. The fact that it welcomes US players to enjoy online gaming in RTG casinos makes these casinos and games offered in them massively popular the world over, the USA included.

The games which are on offer in RTG based online casinos are fast and smooth, and also very responsive. They are also full of diversity. Among the array of most popular games, online casino gaming fans can find video poker galore. Included are also table games – favorites like roulette, blackjack, craps. Not least of all, players can enjoy the availability of multi line, and, also, they can indulge in 3 reel and 5 reel video slots.

Slot games with appealing jackpots and random progressive jackpots

The variety of jackpot games at RTG based online casinos is large. The fact that some jackpots start at the attractive amount of $1 million is enough to excite fans at the opportunities for winning. With Realtime Gaming, players can also find a lot of slot games where random progressive jackpots are on offer. This is a feature which adds to the attractiveness of RTG gaming.

  • Features of Realtime Gaming based games for online playing - The appeal of graphics which impress the eye is a major advantage for players. Yet another advantage is the availability of game controls. Players can control how fast their games can go. They can also control the additional effects, the sound and the music. In this way they can enjoy customized gaming for the greatest delight.
  • New capabilities with Auto Play added to slot games - The adding of Auto Play has brought new opportunities for players who are aficionados of Realtime Gaming based games. With the Auto Play feature, they do not need to worry if they have something additional to attend to, related to themselves or to their near people. They can take some breaks from playing if they have something else to do at their desktops. They can also leave the system playing automatically instead of them and leave the game completely. In this way they can use the opportunities for playing and hitting pleasing jackpots even when they have to leave for a while.
  • More software freedom for operators - Another feature that is characteristic for Realtime Gaming is that operators are given much more freedom to use it. Examples of freedom for operators include opportunities to choose the payout percentages, how high the percentage will be, on a per game basis. This can make it difficult for players to decide how generous an operator will be.

How to find Realtime Gaming based casinos which offer the best playing features

While searching for the best Realtime Gaming based casinos, dedicated players of online casino games should remember that some RTG casinos are rogue operators. The rule of thumb should be to rely on selections provided by the experts. The list of best RTG based casinos drawn up by the experts in the field can save time and help choose quickly.

The list drawn up of the best RTG based casinos which can be surely trusted is a relief for players who know the advantages of Realtime Gaming games. They can rely on the selection to play for real money, without fearing that they may not be playing for real money. They can pick out and play their favorite games and trust that the environment in which they are going to spend pleasant time will be safe and secure, guaranteeing hassle free experiences.

Great security with Realtime Gaming based games

It goes without saying that security is among the top criteria with players, and it is among the first things that regular and frequent players are interested in when they look for their favorite games. With Realtime Gaming, the casinos based on this software and included in the top favorites guarantee the highest security. The system for depositing and for cashout is based on 128-bit encryption, which is the precondition for secure depositing and playing.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Real Time Gaming?

Real Time Gaming is one of the top three casino software providers, working with some of the major casino sites on the Internet. Real-time games, or RTG for short, always launch new slots and variations of the table game, making it a favorite among regular online casino players.

What makes RTG casinos so popular?

Playing at RTG online casino gives the player a wide range of different benefits, from a wide range of different games to fast payouts, a guarantee of excellent quality and some of the weakest graphics in the business. RTG casinos are known for offering great features to fans, whether they are brand new game releases, big bonuses or promotions.

Which RTG games are the most popular?

RTG are popular with their slots. They offer 88 paylines and have themes ranging from sports to spaceships - to everyone's delight.

Can I play RTG games for real money?

Yes, Real-Time Gaming games can be played for real money, and there are some great jackpots you can take! You will love the thrill of real money gambling.

How do they compare to other software vendors?

RTG are comparable in size to Microgaming, Playtech and other huge online gambling software giants. They offer popular, beloved games and easy-to-use casino software.