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We have gathered information on online casinos and continue to update it regularly. But dbestcasino.com is not a casino operator. We operate solely for informational purposes, to facilitate your gaming experiences and make them more enjoyable. Whereas we provide information on online casinos, we are not a representative, direct or indirect, of any gambling website, so not at any time do we guarantee any of their services offered.

While we strive and do our best for the supplying of the most comprehensive information possible regarding online casinos and games on offer, we should duly emphasize that we do not warranty the currency and completeness, or the accuracy, of the dbestcasino.com website aspects, or their reliability. Please kindly note that we will not be deemed accountable for omissions on the website or errors therein.


The safety and security of information we collect when you and other customers register with dbestcasino.com are our prime duty. Rest assured that it will never be revealed by us to any external sources whatsoever, unless that becomes mandatory by dint of law. To achieve the encryption of your username and password information, including the encryption of any other sensitive information, we abide by the most innovative methods for encryption available nowadays. In that manner we secure your activities against attempts at manipulation by third parties. You are kindly requested not to bypass the security on the website, nor to make attempts at accessing or breaking into that security. In the event of suspicion regarding such attempts, your access to dbestcasino.com will be terminated instantly; your account will become blocked, and we will reserve the right to duly notify the applicable authorities.

While we strive and do our best to provide the fullest information possible regarding online casinos and games on offer, we do not warranty the currency, completeness, accuracy, or reliability of the dbestcasino.com website aspects. Please note that we will not be deemed accountable for omissions on the website or errors therein.


You are kindly asked to check the legality of online gambling in your place of residence, town, city, state, country. Another aspect that you should consider is the legal age for your place of residence at which it becomes legal to engage in gambling. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the legality of your online gambling activities, and the abidance by the local laws and by the local minimal legal age requirements.

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The terms regarding players registration and conduct at dbestcasino.com



When registering with dbestcasino.com, you will only have the right to one active account. For registering, the data you will need to submit will comprise: your email address, a username and a password, together with any other relevant details that may become required at the specific time at which you register. You will also be asked to supply other information when we revise the data collected from dbestcasino.com users.



By registering at dbestcasino.com, you will agree to the following conduct guidelines:

  • You will not annoy, provoke, insult, or threaten other members registered at dbestcasino.com.
  • You will not swear or use obscene language.
  • You will not abuse other members’ personal information, by posting their personal details either on dbestcasino.com or on any other websites.
  • You will not discriminate other members on the basis of gender, sex orientation, ethnicity, etc.
  • You will only post information in English; when you decide to post information in other languages, that will need to be explicitly within the list of languages authorized by dbestcasino.com.
  • You will not post or report information to your own benefit or irrelevant information: spamming, commercial advertising, etc.
  • You will not make any attempts in any form to damage the reputation of dbestcasino.com or the reputation of any of our partners.
  • You will not attempt to gain access to any unauthorized areas on dbestcasino.com.



As disclaimer of warranties and liabilities, dbestcasino.com would like to state that some of the information provided for our customers may be time sensitive. Such information may become invalid, or it may expire following a certain time period. dbestcasino.com does not guarantee the aspects of the website related to accuracy or completeness regarding the content or any parts thereof. We are continuously at work to diligently to provide our users with most current information at any moment; however, we will not be accountable for losses or damages that have occurred owing to information originating from dbestcasino.com.

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