Online Casinos Denmark

Like other Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden or Finland, casinos are very popular in Denmark. This is one of the leading nations in gambling in Europe. Although there was a time when gambling in Denmark was a gray area and was not clearly defined by law, the 2010 Gambling Act made online and offline gambling legal and set up the Danish Gambling Authority as the country's main licensing body for gambling operators in Denmark. Danish casino players are now welcome to play games at dozens of live and online casinos licensed by the DGA. 

In addition, many international casino sites accept Danish players. If you are a Danish casino player looking for a safe online casino to play in, just select one of the sites from the list prepared especially for you. Our list of the best Danish online casinos consists of licensed Danish sites, as well as online casinos with international casino licenses that allow Danish players to register. These casinos are perfectly legal to join and deposit real money to play casino games on them.

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Playing at Online Casinos Sites in Denmark

Denmark is one of the few European countries that not only keeps online gambling activities legal, but also allows players to place their bets at international casinos that have been licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority. While many countries in Europe have a state monopoly on online gambling and allow betting only on state casinos, online gambling in Denmark is much more flexible, as the best online casinos for players in Denmark are only available with a few clicks.

Playing online casinos in Denmark for real money still requires some knowledge to find the best Danish online casino with the largest number of games and advantageous betting requirements. That's why we've created this guide for Danish gambling and we're happy to offer you our list with favorite Danish casino sites. On this page we have reviewed the best online casinos for gaming in Denmark based on several main criteria - security and license bonuses provided, welcome and loyalty, game selection, deposit/withdrawal methods and customer support.

Here you will find the best online casino in Denmark to make real money bets, as well as the history of online casinos in Denmark and current legislation on online and land-based casinos.

Online Casino Sites in Denmark

There are two types of online casinos in Denmark today. The first group consists of online casinos approved in Denmark, which have received the relevant licenses and pay taxes to the country's treasury. Playing casino games in Denmark online is completely legal. As all Danish online casinos are thoroughly inspected before the license is issued, you can be sure that you are playing in a reliable and trustful Danish online casino and there is no chance that you will be deceived.

The second group of Danish online casinos is made up of online casinos that are not licensed by the Danish government but still accept players from Denmark. Playing in such Danish online casinos is considered illegal. Such unlicensed casinos can be fined heavily, but, on the other hand, the players are not prosecuted and can basically play in any Denmark casino online. No need even to check whether the casino is licensed or not. But here come the safety issues.

While playing at an online casino in Denmark that has not been legally licensed, you are not protected by the government and will probably not receive assistance if something happens to your money or personal information. We therefore recommend that you play in the best online casinos in Denmark that have been licensed by the Danish gambling authority, or at least carefully check the casino where you will play online casino games in Denmark. Another good option is to place your bets at the best Danish online casinos that we have listed on this page.

Enjoy Danish Online Platforms from your Home or on the Go

The best Danish online casinos offer the most modern online gaming experience with an incredible variety of casino games, massive bonus offers and highly qualified customer support staff. Casino players should be aware that they can play not only from the comfort of their home, but also on the go, as Danish online casinos also provide extensive mobile gaming platforms.

If you don't have enough time for full gambling, you can now place bets during your coffee breaks and access the best paid online casino in Denmark directly from your iPhone. With mobile casino options at the best online casinos in Denmark, you will have the chance to play the full range of casino games while you are out, with only the mobile phone or tablet needed to join the action.

Online Gambling Law and Regulations in Denmark

If you want to get involved in safe online gambling in Denmark, you will need to learn the online gambling legislation in Denmark to comply with the online gambling laws approved by Denmark and play in casinos that have an online gambling license in Denmark. Although Danish online gambling laws are much more liberal than those in some other European countries such as Sweden or Finland, Denmark's online gambling industry is not uncontrolled and unrestricted.

However, the Danish gambling market has not always been as liberal as it is today. Until 2010, all Danish-based online casinos operated under the state monopoly, as the only company entitled to provide gambling to the public was the state-owned Danske Spil. The operator was founded in 1948 and is thus the only company to operate Danish casinos for more than 60 years. But such a monopolized and limited market has drawn much criticism from players and the European Commission. Fortunately, in 2010 Denmark decided to liberalize its market. The Gambling Act was approved and the best online casinos for Danish players were eligible to apply for online casino licenses.

The law came into force in 2012, marking a very important point for the entire gambling industry in Denmark. 2012 was also the year when unlicensed online casinos were blacklisted and blocked from accepting bets by Danish players. Although the Gambling Authority is trying to push unlicensed casinos out of the market and keep only online casinos approved in Denmark, many of them are still available to players and happy to take their deposits.

So in 2012 the Danish state monopoly on gambling ended. This means that from then on Danske Spil lost the sole right to offer casino games both online and in land-based casinos. (Today, Danske Spil still maintains its monopoly on the state lottery and horse betting). This has enabled international brands to enter the Danish casino market legally. Many of them already had visibility and players. The monopoly was broken so that the Danish government could better license and regulate the market. As a result, many international casino brands already have a .dk version.

The Gambling Act also regulates land-based casinos and distinguishes land-based casinos from slot machine halls, allowing the latter to offer slot machine games, while full-fledged casinos and online casinos accepting players from Denmark can provide the full range of games. To play these games, you can choose one of the best online casinos for Danes from the list you can see above and place your bets safely.

The Latest Changes in the Law

On 1 January 2020, the laws on online casinos in Denmark became a little stricter for casino operators. Most changes to the law are related to casino bonuses. The size of the casino bonus was limited and gambling advertising was limited.

However, there was some great news for players: the Danish government decided that the requirements for betting on casino bonuses should be limited to 10x or less than the original deposit amount. The same rules apply to free spins or cash bonuses. This means that the bonuses are a little smaller than before, but playing through them is much easier.


Spillemyndigheden is the Danish gambling authority. Like the British gambling authority in the United Kingdom, Spillemyndigheden controls the rules of gambling in Denmark. They provide a fair and regulated market that protects players from illegal gambling sites. They monitor the online casino, which hosts Danish players, as well as lotteries, betting, slot machines, gambling arcades, poker tournaments, bingo and land-based casinos.

Any casino operator wishing to legally offer casino games in Denmark must obtain a license from Spillemyndigheden. There are currently 30 companies licensed for online casino in Denmark, although there are many more casino sites, as some companies, such as Skillonnet, have over 30 licensed DK sites.

Gambling Minimum Age in Denmark

The age of gambling in Denmark, including playing games and betting in online casinos, land-based casinos, lotteries, bingo and sports betting, is 18 and at least 21 years old to apply for a gambling license.

Danish Players Casino Tax Laws

Players in Denmark can enjoy their winnings without taxes, as long as they play on licensed casino sites in Denmark. Profits from unlicensed gambling are considered personal income and are subject to tax rates of up to 62 percent. Therefore, we recommend that you adhere to the licensed sites you will find on this page. Of course, the Danish government does benefit from gambling. Casino operators now have to pay 28% income tax.

Online Casino Payment Methods for Danish Players

The most common payment methods for Danish players are PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Moneybookers, Click and Buy, Click2Pay, Entropay, bank wire transfer, and Intercash.
Casinos operating in Denmark must accept the Danish currency DKK, so Danish players avoid currency conversion fees. Sometimes deposits and withdrawals are subject to a small fee, but in most cases the fee is imposed not by the casino itself, but by the bank.

Customer Support in Online Casinos Denmark

In fact, you shouldn't expect something serious to go wrong when you gamble at one of the best casinos in Denmark, but it's certainly reassuring to know that there will be people on hand to help you if something goes wrong. It is even better to know that there are sites that offer support in Danish and a number of other languages. There are usually a number of ways to contact the team, but we've found that generally the easiest method is to use live chat features.

Game Selection

There is no one perfect game for all players. That is why there are thousands of products on the market. Therefore, you should not be satisfied with an operator that does not give you a decent range, instead you should be treated with unlimited access to video slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker games. In addition to representing different developers, there must be titles that accept different minimum and maximum bet amounts. The good news is that in Danish online casinos you can get all this and more.

Slots absolutely dominate the world of online casinos. In the Danish online casinos you'll find classic slot games that return to old fruit machines and modern, 3D-animated features with complex and compelling backgrounds. There really is something for everyone. To find your perfect games, think about what you want from it, as there are countless themes, styles and experiences.

There are many great opportunities, and Danish players can enjoy a wide range of quality games, along with as much convenience, security and ease as almost anyone in the world. Thanks to the strict rules in the jurisdiction, the games are also quite safe, with a high degree of protection for the players.

Danish casinos offer some of the best bonus terms, as bonuses cannot have more than 10x the betting requirements. As such, you can enjoy the best games with the best bonuses, maybe all over the world!

Denmark is one of the best countries in the world for online casinos. Finding the right site is not easy, as there are dozens of high quality operators who have valid licenses. That's why we are dedicated to helping the players and so we have made our way through many of them. All these casinos meet our demanding requirements. They are all licensed by international gambling authorities, have many games on their lists, their customer support is always ready to answer your questions about the payment process, betting options or anything else you may have problems with and each of them can be called the best Danish online casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online gambling allowed in Denmark?

Yes. Online gambling in Denmark is legal along with land-based casinos. All legal online casinos in Denmark must be a holder of a license to provide online gambling in Danish online casinos. Each license is issued for 5 years only when it can be renewed if all requirements are met.

What is the main online gambling authority in Denmark?

All online and offline gambling activities in Denmark are regulated by the Danish Gambling Authority, which is also responsible for licensing and controlling unlicensed online gambling in Denmark. The DGA ensures that you play in a safe online casino in Denmark.

Which Denmark online casino is the best?

There is no one best online casino for every player in Denmark. However, there are many great options like in our top 10, so finding the best one for you is just a case of thinking about what you want from a site. Make sure its license is valid, that it brings games you like, and that it offers a generous bonus, and you can have a good start.

Do Danish online casinos offer bonuses?

Yes! Danish casinos offer a welcome bonus, as well as other promotions such as free spins, cashback, VIP recharge bonuses and more. A typical bonus can be 100% up to 1000kr, plus up to 100 free spins. The wagering is usually only 10x.

Do I need to pay tax on my online casino winnings?

No! Winnings at the Danish casino are 100% tax-free, as long as you play on a licensed site.