EcoPayz Online Casinos

Nowadays spending internationally has become exceptionally easy. This is due to the rapid advancements of high technologies implemented in internet platforms. E-commerce trading has been working as a breeze with digital banking available in a variety of different forms. E-wallets (electronic wallets) are perhaps among the most efficient and most widely used digital service solutions. An e-wallet is a virtual wallet that acts as a middle man bridging between your banking account and traders. E-wallets are known for the speed at which they transact. EcoPayz is a typical example of an efficient and widely spread e-wallet which is accepted by multiple online casinos around the world.

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Ecopayz is the perfect payment method for players who wish to remain anonymous and don't like the idea of sending over their private bank details over the internet. This payment platform ensures that transactions are made speedily and efficiently. Since 2000, EcoPayz has been preferred by a huge number of online casino gamblers mostly residing in Canada. The online casinos offered in our list of top rated EcoPayz casinos work under the management of PSI-Pay and under the regulation of the UK Financial Services Authority.


How does EcoPayz work?

To become a member of EcoPayz community and create a wallet you will have to visit their website. Then click on “Join us” tab to register. Signing up with EcoPayz is completely free and done within several minutes. Ecopayz can be connected to your digital and fully encrypted e-wallet, like Neteller or PayPal. The funding of your online casino account will be completely anonymously. 

Players have also the option to create their virtual debit card through the EcoPayz and use it the same way as you use Visa or Mastercard. Getting money out of your account, spending your funds will be much easier with EcoPayz Mastercard.

To start using EcoPayz in online casinos you will need to follow the next steps:

  • Choose an online casino from our list with EcoPayz casinos;
  • Create an account with your real details;
  • Select EcoPayz as a payment method;
  • Start playing after following the instructions.


Get rewarded for using EcoPayz method

The greatest perk of an e-wallet such as EcoPayz is that you are allowed to do all your online payments safely and with low costs. Additionally, the regular usage of EcoPayz leads to higher limits on all transactions. This amazing e-wallet is also the host of rewards coming with it. You will get an access to a range of attractive offers and promotions for opening an Eco Account. All promotions come with the chance to cash on great prizes and will be sent directly to your email address so you never have to worry about missing out on anything. As part of their strategy, EcoPayz work in a close partnership with the supporting casinos. You can combine the rewards of this e-wallet with the rewards offered by your online casino for great treats! 


Advantages for EcoPayz payments

There are some advantages to using this popular payment method in online casinos:

  • Speedy transactions: Choose this method of payment and you will be able to discover how speedy they transact. Once the casinos gives the authorization, depositing and withdrawing funds is virtually instant. Transacting from an e-wallet back to your bank account may take several days. 
  • Best protection: It gives a good feel when you are ensured that your information is protected by SSL multilayer encryption. When you perform payments to/from EcoPayz casinos none of your data is shared online. Knowing this you stay much more secure than if you were using your credit/debit card.
  • Multiple ways to load you EcoPayz account: There is a variety of banking methods to load an EcoPayz account, but the most common one is via credit card. If you stay in Canada, you can also use EFT – it is very convenient and much cheaper.
  • Special features: EcoPayz looks after their regular and loyal customers. For each transfer your make, you will be rewarded by 0.6% and 1% in the form of cash back. This can be accumulated and spent later. The e-wallet also offers a virtual or physical Mastercard. You can use it to spend your accumulated funds in online or land-based stores that support Mastercards.


EcoPayz disadvantages

Because of the fact that EcoPayz is not available in every country, not every player in the world can use its services.
There are cases where it is a bit more expensive to transact with this service provider. You should be also aware that EcoPays may charge you a certain amount when you start making a withdrawal from the casino account to your bank account.
When an e-wallet is used to deposit and withdraw funds, many online casinos stop the access to their sign-up bonuses and other promotions. This is a sign of security from player bonus abuse.

  • Limits  - With EcoPayz as with most third-party payment platforms, there are high levels of limits to spend. Your daily or monthly limit depends on the status of your individual account – classic, gold, platinum or VIP. The daily spending limit can range from €250 to €2500 per day and the annual amount varies from €2500 to €600,000 per year. 
  • Fees - There are some fees payable with EcoPayz payment method. The general card fee for processing is 2.9% of the value transferred, while forex charge tariffs are 2.99% extra.
  • Availability - The EcoPayz services are available to be used in around 150 countries in all continents. To be sure you qualify, you must visit the website of the platform for a detailed list of countries supported by this payment method.



If speedy pay-outs are what you wish then EcoPayz is the ideal solution for you. When using an e-wallet such as EcoPayz most transactions are done instantly. No one wants to waste time waiting for funds to show in their account.
EcoPayz are mainly focused on providing users with the safest and most secure experience. A range of rewards can prove it. In 2014 they were shortlisted for two Anti-Fraud/Security Solution of the Year Awards by the Payment Awards 2014 and the FStech Awards. In 2015 they received the Best Prepaid Card Design award at the Prepaid365 Awards.

You can select an online casino from our list with top online casinos accepting EcoPayz payment method. Select it today and you will be able to enjoy exceptional gambling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use ecoPayz with online casinos?

Registering is quick and easy, and linking your ecoPayz account to your bank account is easy too. ecoPayz is accepted by most of the best online casinos and always offers fast withdrawals and a high level of security. ecoPayz can work great as a standalone e-wallet, but also allows users to attach up to 3 ecoCards to their ecoAccount. This is really useful for players who want to keep a close eye on their gambling expenses.

How can ecoPayz be compared with other e-wallets?

ecoPayz is an e-wallet service similar to PayPal and Neteller. One notable difference here, however, is that ecoPayz is available in many online gambling locations, while it is more difficult to find online casinos at PayPal in many areas.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals with ecoPayz?

As with most e-wallets, deposits and withdrawals made at ecoPayz Casino are extremely fast. In some cases, deposits will be transferred immediately! Most casinos take a little time to process withdrawals, so if you have any delays, this is probably the reason.

Are there any fees involved with ecoPayz payment method?

Although most online casinos will not charge you a fee when using ecoPayz, there may be fees associated with transferring money from ecoAccount to your bank account. Details can be found on the ecoPayz website.

Will my ecoPayz transactions be safe?

ecoPayz comes with all kinds of security measures, including such as SSL and PCI & DSS, to protect your funds and personal information. In addition, using the service means that there is always an additional buffer between your bank account and each site you choose to play with.