Blackjack Online

The convenience of playing Blackjack online is doubtless, and immensely rewarding if you are an aficionado of it. Play on your desktop computer, on a mobile device, or live on a Live Casino. You will be attracted to the speed and thrills coming with this game. With the very low house edge, under one percent, which is the lowest for table games, there are appealing chances for wins, especially after you polish your gaming and develop skills.

On each casino, you will find blackjack games with diverse audio and visuals, so you can search and choose to find gaming environments which will appeal to you. Live casinos are especially attractive with the opportunities to immerse in a reality like gaming environment. Another feature to look for is special bonuses extended by diverse casinos.

Before you start playing, here are some essential rules to stick to:

There are a couple of rules of thumb that you should comply with, especially in the beginning. You can start to observe them even at the stage of playing blackjack free online:

  • You must control the length of your playing period, and not overdo it.
  • When you see that you are going to win, you must up your bets by a little.
  • Set a goal for your win amounts, and don't continue playing when you have reached it.

What kind of game is Blackjack

In that game, you do not rely on chance, but on skills. If you control your playing efficiently, you can soar your winning chances. The rules are simple, so you can learn easily by playing online blackjack free. Strive to get a hand in which the value is 21 in total, without exceeding it. The player who has succeeded in getting the nearest to the goal, the number 21, is the winner.

But then mastering takes a long period. You must learn to keep good track of the cards dealt, to be aware of the extent to which the remainder of the cards, the undealt cards, are useful. First play the game for free online, and then play for real cash.

To secure winning, you must check the house edge on each casino where you want to play.It can be different, depending on where and according to what rules you play. When the house edge is high, your winning chances are small, and vice versa.

Types of Blackjack played on online casinos

Because of the large interest on part of gamers and Blackjack fans, you can find a plethora of variants of it. There are staples in the bunch of Blackjack variants gamut: Classic, European, Spanish, Vegas, Atlantic City and other variants.

  • Classic Blackjack - In the classic variant, which you can practise in free blackjack online play, there are four decks. The payout is 3:2. The dealer stands on all 17s. You will have no insurance. You will not be allowed to double after splitting, and not have the possibility to do resplitting. You have the capability to double on 9, 10, 11.
  • European Blackjack - This is among the most popular variants. The decks used in it are two, standard ones. The Blackjack will beat any combination totaling 21. The values of all face cards amount to 10. For Aces, the value is either 1 or 11. Should you want additional cards, you can get up to nine, when you ask to be “hit”. Now some details on the dealer. He will stand on 17. If the dealer goes over 21 (which is called “bust”), it is a win for the player. You lose a bet in ties or so called “pushes”, if you have not bought insurance. You will get an offer of insurance when the first card for the dealer is an Ace, and the payout for all wins is 3 to 2. When the dealer has a Blackjack, the original and the doubled bets are lost.
  • Spanish Blackjack - The difference from European Blackjack is in how many decks are used: eight, with 48 cards, not 52 cards, in each deck. You will not find any 10 cards here. Please note that because there are no 10s, the house will have an overwhelming advantage if you are unaware of the details of the game rules. Here, the player’s Blackjack and 21 will beat the dealer’s Blackjack and 21. You can have Late Surrender, double down on any card number, including after a split. But you are allowed to re-double down just once. After doubling down you are allowed to Surrender. You can split three times. You can resplit Aces.
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack - Like in the classic one, which can practise in free online blackjack games, you here the decks are two. The dealer hits on 17. You can double on your first two cards, or after splitting. You can resplit into 3 hands. This variant is offered in single hand and in multi hand options. In these options, your strategy is different, but the general rules apply. Here the dealer hits on soft 17, and peeks for a Blackjack. What is specific for this variant, Vegas Downtown, the fact that when you split an Ace, then get a 10, the overall will be 21, not Blackjack.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack - This is a variant attracting with low house edge. It is the best variant of Blackjack to choose when you intend to play for cash. Vegas Strip uses four decks. You must remember that your odds will be higher if you play single hand. The dealer here stands on 17. The difference from the classic variant is that a split Ace plus 10 do not make a Blackjack.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack - It is found on most casinos, in single and multi hand options. It will come with a low house edge. There are eight decks used. The dealer initially has two cards and checks for Blackjack. If he has Blackjack, the game ends, before you can risk and lose money via doubling. In that variant, the dealer stands on soft 17. You can double on any of your first two cards, or after splitting. Then you are allowed resplitting into 3 hands, also Late Surrender.
  • Bonus Blackjack - In that option, you can win bonuses and more rewarding payouts. So the payout here will be much more compared to what you will get in the other games. The decks used in that variant are two. You can bet on the bonus option. Should you get a Blackjack, and with it a Jack and Ace of spades, the payout is great, 50:1. The payout for a Jack and Ace, of any suit, is 25:1.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack - In that option, you have eight decks. When the dealer gets his two cards, they are turned over, you can see them. This is an advantage for the player. But you cannot expect big winnings, because the dealer will win all ties, with the exception of Blackjack: for it, the payout will be even. 1:1. Please remember that here the house edge is about 0.69%. It is among the highest for the Blackjack variants. You can double on hard 9, 10, 11, and double after spinning.

Blackjack Games on Slot Machines

These games are different from Classic Blackjack, and the winning chances are very low. But if you prefer Slots to card tables, they are great for you. There are some chances for large jackpot winning here, after you make minimum bets.

Blackjack tournaments

Online tournaments in blackjack are exciting, because you play with other players there. They can be smaller events or even international tournaments with many players. Tournaments are held frequently, on a monthly or on a weekly basis. Some events are free online blackjack events, and others come with small buyins.

You will strive to get the most chips of all the players at the table. The tournament game is comprised of several rounds, short ones. They are typically 3 to 5. In each of the rounds, where there are a set number of hands, the players compete and the weaker ones are eliminated. Those eliminated will drop out, and only one or two players from a table will continue in the subsequent round.

The pool is formed by the entry fees of the players. That is why proficient players will have the advantage compared to less experienced one. Prizes at bigger tournaments are worth striving for. You can earn pretty hefty amounts at such events. For the largest poker tournaments, the prize pools can exceed even one million dollars. The fascination of the experience, when you can see all the other players at the table, how they make their bets and how they play, is infecting. That is comparable to real play of the game. When you factor in the wins you can reap, it becomes even more fascinating.

How you can enter online tournaments in blackjack

When you have registered on an online casino, you can choose Tournaments from the Cashier in the casino lobby. Then you will see the information about the daily tournament scheduled, and what prizes come for each of the events. Just select a tournament and click on it. Now you are in the tournament.