Merkur Gaming Casinos

Merkur Gaming is an essential part of the world famous colossus of casino gaming industry, ‘Gauselmann Group' located in Germany. The business of the company is related with the international gambling markets of the German group. They are specialized mainly in the development of amusement machines and casino operators, with a multifaceted gaming profile. With the right management Merkur Gaming can all take pride in their achievements to providing leisure-time  entertainment and gaming fun. Three general principles are the leading lines in their work: tradition, innovation and passion. The company has released more than 150 casino products by always keeping their own motto: “More than a game.” They are especially proud of the high quality of their creations.

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As a part of the German giant Gauselmann Group, Merkur Gaming has developed as a branch for all the gambling markets of the group that are outside of Germany. The guiding formula for the innovative success of the group as a leading gambling industry enterprise is locked in the phrase 'From real life experience'. Otherwise said the Gauselmann Group have always been interested in the consumers' needs and demands for the selection of products they produce and offer on the market.  

About Gauselmann Group

Lovers and connoisseurs of casino gaming know very well the products of Gauselmann Group. The company has been in business since 1957. The founder of the company, Paul Gauselmann started a company to provide casino games for customers from all over the world. Now more than 12 000 employees from 40 different countries work for this empire in the casino gaming industry. During the 60 years of their existence Gauselmann Group have grown vastly and expanded their business to massive proportions.

Three subsidiary companies participate in the Gauselmann Group. They were opened during the first few years in the group's existence. The name of the first company is Elisabeth Gauselmann, The second company was launched a year later, in 1958 and called Gebruder Gauselmann GbR. The third company, Gebruder Gauselmann GmbH, was registered in 1962. All these companies concentrated their business on stake and prize machines, as well as food and drink machines.

Excellent Quality

As a German company Merkur Gaming knows that the best way to run a successful business is to earn a reputation for making only a high quality products. All the creations of the company have the label “Made in Germany”. In general, German people are famous for the perfect quality in what they produce. They have the international reputation to deliver the very best of everything they produce.  

Online Gaming

Merkur Gaming originally started their business as developers and producers of  gambling games for land-based casinos. They provide the casinos all around the globe with entertainment machines of perfect quality. 

The company have very recently started to develop games for online casinos. This project is quite new for them and that is why they are still not very famous as online game developers. They do exist on the market with a small selection in both “Free to Play” formats, as well as “real money” betting platforms.

Their products are mainly non-downloadable video slot games. Merkur Gaming have also games like: Classic Poker, Roulette They have also released some games from the type Keno Games which represent combination matching games in Lotto style. 

Online Slot Machines

Although Merkur Gaming online slots do not pretend having pieces of art in their graphical design, they are still attractive with their traditional vintage looking and are definitely worth playing. The themes vary a lot, but you will definitely appreciate their fruit themed games. They usually present a very simple game play which cannot confuse any newcomer. As classical offerings, probably some of the best ones from this type, they will reward you with hours of entertainment and satisfaction. 

You will be probably surprised with the diversity of titles you will need to choose from. They all come with their unique plots and a big variation of features.  Merkur Gaming online slot games are definitely very attractive to the wallet/purse and exclusively reputable for their generosity as good payers. 

All these factors open up a specter of interesting possibilities to be able to find, among the Merkur Gaming video slot portfolio of around 1100 games, the right game which will meet your interest and needs for a real gaming entertainment.  

Free to Play Mode

Most of  Merkur Gaming game titles possess the option to be played for free as well as for real money. This method to play for free first allows the player to get familiar with games which he tries for the first time. When playing games with free of charge mode you will be exposed to the same conditions as when playing for real money. 

Use a session with 'free to play' mode just for warming up with no need to pay for the credits necessary to play the game. You definitely won't be able to claim the wins, but the pleasure from the improved gaming experience will be guaranteed. Now you will feel much surer to continue playing for real money.

Never avoid the opportunity to test first a game that you haven't played before. Be patient, play it for free to find out whether the game is for you or not before placing your hard earned cash on the line. Keep the fun and increase your wins by playing slowly but surely. Look for another game if you find out that a slot is not for you. You won't meet any risk when you first play the game for free.  

When it is time to choose a game start with going first to our slot reviews. They contain summaries with theme, general features and methods of payment of the games. All this concentrated information will help you make the decision in choosing a game that suits.

Slot Casino Reviews

Merkur Gaming portfolio with slot games are offered by a number of popular casinos. If you want to find a game to play it on 'free play' mode first and then start the real thrill on real money online version, you can read our casino reviews. 

There is a vast range of casinos offering attractive welcome bonuses, others will grant users for visits. They may become your favourite ones. You will want to use them regularly and build up your credit in loyalties. 

The following list with tested and reliable online casinos support Merkur Gaming and can make your gaming experience as enjoyable as possible. LeoVegas Casino, Casino, Slots Magic Casino, Casino. The first two casinos can be attractive with the features to pay rewards for visiting them.  

Mobile Gaming Platform

Modern technologies in casino industry give players the unique chance to take the casino with them wherever they go. This is realized with the mobile gaming platform in slots with HTML5 format. Online casino games can be played on different mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. 

On the LeoVegas Casino players can find Merkur Gaming online slots with a mobile platform. These games can be played for free and for real money too. Merkur Gaming are planning to release very soon more products in the HTML5 format.

Apart from video slots machines, Merkur Gaming providers have released other online casino based games, such as Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Scratch Cards, Keno Games, and Roulette. Some of their games are also upgraded on the Mobile platform too.  The simplicity in the design makes them super user friendly. They are especially loved by new comers. The veteran players enjoy them as well because these games offer great game play and will keep them entertained for hours.  

Merkur Gaming developers have proven themselves mainly as world famous industry leaders in land based casinos. Following the interests and needs of modern consumers the company put on the market stage new titles for online platform. Based on the strict German quality standards, using the most modern technologies in the business Merkur Gaming producers of different casino based products are among the leading companies in the industry. Sign up for a casino and try the titles brought to us by Merkur Gaming. For minimum fuss you will get maximum fun and probably some good wins!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Merkur Gaming?

Merkur Gaming is an internationally acclaimed software provider from Germany and part of the renowned Gauselmann Group, which operates in more than 40 countries around the world. Merkur Gaming attaches great importance to German-made quality standards, which place them high on the list of the best software manufacturers.

What do they offer?

Merkur Gaming offers over 200 games, most of which are slots, but there are other variations such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and jackpots, all of which are available in HD.

Are Merkur Gaming games compatible with mobile devices?

Mercure Gaming games are created in full HD, which means that users of mobile casinos can enjoy a beautiful interface on their phones, which is easily compatible with any device with Android or Apple.

Do they offer good customer support services?

Merkur Gaming have a 24-hour customer support center that allows customers to connect with them quickly. First, they have a contact form available on their website. They have also provided an email address. Merkur Gaming also have a phone number and a Facebook and LinkedIn page through which you can contact their customer service representatives.

What are the registration requirements for Merkur casinos?

It is usually enough if you are 18 years old. And you do not need to have an account in the respective casino, because registration is possible only once.