Privacy Policy

At (the “Site”) your privacy is highly appreciated. We have created this Privacy Policy to make you feel calm and secure. The Privacy Policy, together with the General Terms and Condition represent the solid basis of our Site. We will process any personal data collected from you or provided to us. Regarding your personal data we have our views and practices. Please read the following carefully to understand how we treat it. The practices described in this Privacy Policy will be accepted by you as soon as you visit our Site. 



a. Personal data/information is the specific information about a person which can identify that person (“Personal Data”). It does not include any anonymous data (where personal details have been removed).

b. For any questions regarding the way we will use your Personal Data, please contact the data controller at



The data about you that will be collected and processed depends on which of the following category/ies you belong:

a. Browsing through the Site

Every time you visit our Site, whether you are a holder of a User Account (as defined below)or not,  we can automatically get the following type of information: 

  • Technical information, which includes the Internet protocol address (IP address is used to connect your computer to Internet); your login information; browser type and version; your location and time zone setting; browser plug-in types and versions; your Internet service provider  (ISP), your device, operating system and platform. Even this information is not personal we protect it with the same level of security as your Personal Data. We use it for internal analysis of user trends for better optimization of the Site.
  • When you visit our Site on a mobile device, we can have your mobile carrier information and the device ID number.
  • Information about the full Uniform Resource Locators (URL) and page interaction information.
  • Information coming from cookies.
  • Information from analytic platforms, such as information on the Operating System (OS) on the device you use, Internet Protocol (IP) address (used to receive your location), access time, browser type, language and the website you visited before visiting the Site. Please read carefully Clause 6 (Cookies) in this Privacy Policy for more details on analytic providers we use.

b. Opting to receive our Newsletter. Opting into any promotion.

When you opt to receive our e-mail Newsletter or opt into any promotion, we will contact you through e-mail, as we will know your name and your e-mail address. We will send you instructions how to opt to receive newsletter and promotional e-mails. We can also send you non-promotional e-mails, for example about your Account.

c. Creating a User Account.

  1. For creating a free online user account on the Site (“User Account”), additionally to the information given in Clause 2(a.) above, we will also receive some personal details about you, including name, date of birth, e-mail address, username, country and IP address, favourite game.
  2. When you make your registration through Facebook, we will also get all the registration information available in your Facebook profile (e-mail address, status updates, list of contacts).

d. Contacting us.

For asking some assistance you can contact our support team. We might record all the information you provide to us on the Site.



a. Your personal information will be used by the Site for:

  1. Marketing Communication – you will be provided with new information, announcements and different events which might be important for you. This will become possible if you opt to receive such information when you sign up or you modify your settings in your User Account to allow the receipt of such information. Similar information will be received via e-mail or other forms of electronic communications.  
  2. Administration of competitions, giveaways or sweep which you have decided to take part in.
  3. Personalization and interest-based advertising. The Site will provide you with attractive advertisements based on your interests recorded through your interactions with the Site or other information collected by analytic platforms or cookies. Please see Clause 6(d) of this Privacy Policy if you decide to opt out of these targeted advertisements.

b. Additionally to this your personal information will be used to verify your account status.



There are several categories of personal data we collect from you and after that we process:

  • Identity Data: first name, maiden name, surname, username, marital status, date if birth, gender, occupation and employment status.
  • Contact data: residential address, e-mail address, telephone numbers.
  • Technical Data: technology details on the device you use to access the Site, such as IP address, login data, browser type and version, location and time zone setting, operating system and platform, browser plug-in types and versions.
  • Profile Data: username, password, times for login and logout.
  • Usage Data: information on the way you use the Site.
  • Marketing and Communication Data: information on your preferences for receiving marketing and way of communication you prefer.



The ways we usually use our customers' personal data are given in a table below. You can read also the description of the legal bases we rely on to do this. You can have some ideas what our legitimate interests are.


Aim / Activity

Type of Data

Lawful basis for processing/ basis of legitimate interest

Register as a new customer

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Profile Data

a. Keep our records updated

Build up good customers relationship, including:
(a) Announcements about changes in our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy

(b) Have a User Account with us

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Profile

(d)Marketing and  Communications

(a) Type of agreement with our users.

(b) Keep our records updated

Send newsletters and promotional information to every customer

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Profile

(d) Usage

(e)Marketing and Communications

a. Consent (as we contact using the direct marketing).

For administration and protection of our business and the Site, including: troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, maintenance, support, reporting and hosting of data.


(a) For running our business, provision of administration and IT services, security network, reorganization or group restructuring exercise

Deliver appropriate website content and advertisements and assess the effectiveness of the advertising information sent to every user.

(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Profile

(d) Usage

(e)Marketing and Communications

(f) Technical

Organize the users in different types;

keep the Site updated;

develop our business.

Use data analytic for: improving our website, products, marketing, customers relationship, experience.

(a) Technical  

(b) Usage

a. To grow pour business (if suggestions are provided by the Site)  

b. Consent (if we contact you by direct marketing to make suggestions and recommendations about products that may be interseting for you).




Cookies are the small letters and numbers which we install on your computer. We use them to distinguish you from the other users of the Site. In this way we are able to provide you with better experience for browsing our website, and from the other hand we can improve our Site.

To get more information concerning Cookies, please refer to Cookie Notice.


The Analytics we use are Google Analytics or Matomo Analytics depending on whether you have a User Account or not. We also use other Analytics providers for advertising on the Site and/or on third-party sites after you visit our Site.

i. Google Analytics

The web analytics service provided by Google is called Google Analytics. It is used to track and report the website traffic. The data collected by Google is used to track and monitor the use of our Site. The data is shared with other Google services. The collected data can be used for the organization and personalization of the ads of the advertising network.

The Google Analytics third-party data, such as age, gender, interests of the consumers is used by us to know better our customers. We also work with other companies which collect information about your online activities. This helps us to offer you ads that suit your interests and preferences. All our advertisements are based on the data we or the other companies have collected, including the data collected through cookies. These companies can also collect information when you click on ads given on the Site. All this helps us to track and control the effectiveness of all our marketing activities.

To optimize Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize the Google Display Network ads you can visit the Google Ads Setting page.

According to Google it is good to install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on for your browser.  ( It provides users with the ability to prevent their data from being collected and used by Google Analytics.



a. Your personal information is not shared, transferred, disclosed nor traded by our Site. The only exception is as it is provided in this Privacy Policy or required by and in accordance with the applicable law.

b. We evaluate the partnership with companies that provide services, solutions and promotions which might be valuable for our customers. In this way we will be able to offer you such services, solutions and promotional packages too. 

c. The Site keeps the right to provide statistical information about your use of the Site, sales, traffic and any other statistical information related to the Site to third parties without giving any details about your identity.

d. The Site has the right to provide your personal data to its affiliates or related companies for legitimate business purposes.

e. In case of a merger, reorganization or sale of the Site we keep the right to transfer all recorded personal and no-personal data to relevant third parties. The Site will definitely inform customers before their personal information becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

f. The Site will release your personal information if this is required by the law in order to serve any legal process.

g. We do not provide any warranty against the use of your information by third party sites linked to and from the Site.



According to data protection laws you are entitled with the following rights regarding your personal data:

a. Request access to your personal data. You are entitled to have access to your information held by us. We shall provide any reasonable access, only if the request involves a massive amount of work, we keep the right, under the applicable law, to charge some fee covering the work done.

b. Request change or correction of your personal data. If there are some incomplete or inaccurate details concerning your data, we can make the necessary additions or corrections. We only may need to verify the accuracy of the new data provided to us.

c Request erasure of your personal data. You are entitled to ask from us to delete or remove any details we hold about you that are not connected with the main purpose we collect and process personal data. When you decide to close your account you may request from us to delete all your personal data. In some cases legal obligations may appear prohibiting us to delete immediately all or part of the information about you (for example, under Anti-Money Laundering Law). When any applicable data retention period expires we will process your request to delete or remove your personal information.

d Object to processing your personal data. You are entitled to object to the way we process your personal information relying on a legitimate interest (or of a third party) if you feel this impacts on your fundamental rights and freedom. You have the right to object if we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes. In this case you will be asked to untick the relevant tick-box for direct marketing when you create your User Account, or just to modify the settings of your User Account. In some cases we may provide you the legitimate grounds to process your information without damaging your rights and freedom.

e. Request restriction of processing your personal data. You have the right to request the suspension of your personal data processing in the following cases:(i.) When you want from us to establish the data accuracy; (ii.) In the cases where we use the data in a unlawful way and you still do not want us to delete it; (iii.) When you need your data to be kept even if we no longer require this as you have to establish, exercise or defend legal claims; or (iiii.) When you have objected to the way we use your personal data but we need to verify whether we have legitimate grounds to use it.    

f. Request transfer of your personal data (data portability request). We will provide you with your personal data in an organized, commonly used, machine-readable form. Additionally to this, this right applies to automated information initially provided by you to us to use it or where we used to make a contact with you. 

g. Right to withdraw consent for direct marketing. You can exercise your right to stop receiving direct marketing by accessing your account and unticking the relevant boxes for direct marketing, or simply by contacting the customer support team. Any withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data for marketing purposes will apply for the Site only.

h. Copies of any communications you send to us (including e-mails) will be kept in order to maintain accurate records of the information that we have received from you. 

i. You can exercise your rights at any time by contacting us at  



a. As an online gambling information portal the Site's marketing content, products, services or promotions are not appropriate for or targeted at children and users under the age of 18, or equivalent minimum age under the relevant jurisdiction.

b. The Site does not collect personal data from children under the age of 18. As soon as the Site discovers any accidentally collected personal data from children under the age of 18, it will remove it from its records. 

c The Site does not bear any responsibility for the actions taken by children or visitors under the age of 18, or equivalent minimum age under the relevant jurisdiction, based on the content found on the Site, or any of its sub-domains and pages, nor our marketing campaigns, including but not limited to our e-mail newsletter.

d. For more information, please visit our Terms of Use page at



a. Any visitor can create a free account with our Site. From the other hand, this is not obligatory to do it in order to continue using the Site and take part in the promotional packages on offer, unless stated otherwise. 
b. Children and visitors under the age of 18, or equivalent minimum age under the relevant jurisdiction, are not allowed to register an account at the Site. According to the Privacy policy the Site does not record, store or disclose any personal information related to children under the age of 18, or equivalent minimum age under the relevant jurisdiction.
c. An account that has been already registered can be deactivated or deleted. But note that the registered information will be retained in our archive for statistical and analysis purposes. For more information read Section 11 (Data Retention).



a. By closing your User Account you can ask us to delete or remove your personal data. We can immediately delete all information but keep that we may be required to retain by law.

b. For statistical or research purposes your personal data may become anonymous so that it cannot be associated with

you anymore. In this cases we may use this information without noticing you. 



a. Your personal data will be only seen by the staff members of the Site who need access to certain data in order to perform the functions associated with their position in the company.

b. Any personal data is protected in a secure digital encryption environment.

c. We obey any regulations for the protection of personal information.



The Site has implemented all the necessary digital and infrastructure security measures at the IT and data storage facilities to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of your information.



a. During the process of maintenance of the Site and other digital content we cannot guarantee that all content will stay accurate at all times.

b. For this and other reasons the Site reserves the rights to adjust and produce amendments to the information in the content of the Site without any notice.
c. Some services and promotions are subject to regulatory and jurisdictional restrictions and are not available in all markets.

It is your responsibility to provide us true and valid information.



Any changes we make to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page and, if appropriate, notified to you by e-mail. Our recommendation is to check regularly for any updates or changes in our privacy policy. If it happens that you do not agree with any changes, please contact our customer support team or close your account.



When you leave the Site or are redirected to a different site (“Third Party Site”), for example by clicking on an advertisement or a banner of third party brands advertised on the Site, the terms and conditions, private policies and data processing practices of the Third Part Site will apply and we do not have any control on them. The terms and conditions of the Site and this Privacy Policy will no longer apply to you and to any use you make on any Third Party Site.