Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy at the dbestcasinoBefore you start using, please read the information below to get acquainted with the privacy policy of We abide by the principle of protecting your privacy. To show how we do that, below we explain how we collect and use information via our website. Please check our privacy policy from each page of this site, using the link at the bottom.


1. The information collected

It is used by us solely for marketing and email purposes. We collect also information on all contacts we have made via email. Please note that as a subscriber to our newsletter, you can unsubscribe whenever you wish, following the link in the newsletter email.

On some of the pages at, you will be invited to register to access them. During the registration, the data you will need to supply will comprise your name, email address, location, country.

You will see another type of information collection, with the details mentioned in the preceding paragraph, when you wish to forward to friends news or articles by email. Then you will be invited to fill the data on the recipient: name, email address, etc.

If it is not specifically mentioned that you can opt for the receiving of marketing and promotion materials, the data you will submit will not be used for selling, distribution, or trading of your private information.


2. Information we gather via your IP address and how we use it

Your IP address will be automatically reported when you visit each website. Through your IP address, information will be revealed on the operating system and browser you use, the provider of your internet service, the connection type, your location: city, region, country. We will collect that information statistics use only, and also to improve your services, products, and marketing. We also use such information to prevent frauds on our website.


3. Cookies and how they help us to extend personalized services

We use cookies with our customers. These are tiny text files that our site stores on your hard drive. Thanks to the cookies stored, your personal preferences regarding the navigation on are also saved. We use our customers’ cookies to gather statistics and research the traffic to and from our site. Thanks to the personal preferences stored, we know what links and promotions meeting your interests we can offer.

You can disable the cookies storage, but please note that such action will prevent us from offering you the complete functionality you can get on your website and providing you with customized offers.


4. Procedures for security

We do our best to thwart attempts for unauthorized access to our website. We abide by thwarting data theft, and safeguard you against security breaches, by employing the relevant procedures.


5. Our policy regarding minimum age for registering

We have a minimum age requirement for registering at When you start creating an account, you will be requested to verify your age, and you should meet our requirement for minimum 18 years, to be able to use