Casino FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I play on online casino sites using a mobile device?

Nowadays many aficionados of online casinos play on the go. So most casinos offer games with compatibility with the OS of your mobile device. These mobile versions are usable on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows Phone devices, and you can even find online gambling casinos with mobile versions for Nokia devices. You can play games on smartphones and on tablets alike.

How can I be assured of the fairness of games on the online casinos you feature?

Our website strives to recommend online casinos that abide by the fair gaming policy. To establish that the games on them are fair, there are independent auditors that take care to regularly audit them. For gaming results, there are random number generators (RNGs), so the results are produced at random. These generators are the counterparts of integrated RNG chips used for slots in brick and mortar casinos.

How can I be assured of the high security for my personal data and, too, my credit card data?

Legal online casinos guarantee the security of your personal and payment method data at any time. Online casinos get their licenses by reputable jurisdictions, and they are also approved by eCOGRA. The payment methods used at these legal online casinos are the safest possible.

Who regulates the licensing and auditing of casino games?

The licensing of games for online casinos is implemented by special licensing bodies. The acquisition of a license is a very difficult matter. Licensing authorities award licenses only to legitimate casinos which are regularly audited. The most popular licenses are offshore gambling licenses. The most reputable jurisdictions for such licensing are based in Malta, Gibraltar, Antigua & Barbuda, Curacao, Alderney, Kahnawake. The regulation of games featured on online casinos is carried out by independent auditing firms which perform their auditing on a regular basis. They check for the installation of random number generators, which guarantee the fairness and randomness of all results.

What authority is eCogra?

eCogra, or eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, is a legitimate and non-profit authority. It establishes the standards for fair and safe online gaming. These standards also require the regular auditing of online casinos by independent auditors. Casinos that meet the eCogra standards get the company’s seal of certification. If you see their seal on the website, typically on the homepage, at the bottom, that means you should be certain the casino is trustworthy. On eCogra approved online casinos, you have protection on all levels. Your information is protected, your account funds are safe, the games are played on the randomness principle, and the casino operators are responsible. The eCogra seal is the highest certification ensuring safe and fair online gaming.

What is the basis on which online casinos make their profits?

Online gambling casinos operate like other businesses. There, the earnings are not based on the players’ deposits, but on their wagering and playing. The principles on which earnings are based include house edge, variance, and RTP (return to player).

What is house edge?

That is a term for the casino’s profit which is expressed as the percentage of the original bet made by a player. This is a predictable advantage for the “house” (the casino), but it is a long term one. In some games, such as Blackjack, the final bet may reach several times the original bet the player has made!

What is variance?

Variance means “risk”, or “volatility”. It describes a combination of factors, the chances of large winnings, the streaks in the game, and the possible effect of these factors on the player’s bankroll. There are three categories of variance: low, medium, and high. The variance helps online casinos to assess how much cash reserves they need.

What is RTP (return to player)?

RTP is short from Return to Player. It indicates what part of the winnings will be returned to the player over time. Let us give an instance: if you bet $100, and the RTP is 90%, you should expect to get a RTP of $90. Please note that the RTP is calculated for the long term, but it can be altered by developments in the short term. To avoid losing a lot, you should bet only the amount that will not make a serious dint on your finances. Keep to that principle even when the RTP is high.

Where do online casinos display information on their licensing and monthly payout reports?

Look for such information at the bottom of each online casino website page.

Is there a minimum legal age at which I can gamble online?

Typically, to be able to gamble on online casinos, you should be at least 18 years old. In different jurisdictions there can be some differences regarding the minimum age, so please check the requirement in your jurisdiction.

Can I play safely with real money?

When you play on certified and trustworthy online casinos, and if you follow the gambling guide we have provided, you will know how to proceed and not risk the safety of your money.

Do I need to use only one method to make payments?

Online casinos have a range of methods for depositing and withdrawing. But to prevent possible frauds, online casinos do not accept depositing by card and requests for withdrawing suing different methods (e.g. e-wallets).

Is the safety of my credit card or debit card guaranteed?

When you play on trustworthy online casinos, your card details are stored on secure servers. The firewalls that protect these servers are the latest developments. If you are still in doubt about the safety of using your card, your worries will be over if you opt for one of the other methods of payment offered.

What do wagering requirements apply to?

To accept a bonus, you often need to meet certain wagering requirements, and upon meeting them you can withdraw the winnings you have made. Wagering includes all bettings on the game. There, both your winnings and your losses are added to form the betting amount. In order to meeting the wagering requirements, you have to reach the betting amount needed for the bonus to clear, by betting on, until that amount is attained.

Do all games provide me with the same odds?

No, there are different odds coming with different games. For example, the popular slot machines do not provide the best odds. If you play table games, the odds of winning there are higher. For the best odds, play Blackjack – the house edge there is just 1%! The second position goes to craps, and Roulette comes third: there, your chances are almost 50/50. For comparison, slots have a house edge of just 10%. Finally, do not forget that all games favor the “house” (the casino), even the games where the odds you get are the best for you.

What does a tournament include?

A tournament is an event where you can either play for free and win big prizes, or play for small payments and compete for the first place. Tournaments are very popular events on online casinos.

What minimum amount must I deposit?

The minimum amount for deposits is typically between $5 and $10.

Will I have a limit on withdrawals?

There are no limits on withdrawals on most popular online casinos. Some of them can have some limits on weekly withdrawal amounts. These limits depend on the status of your account, and, too, on the payment method you use. You should check about withdrawal limits on each online casino.

What does ”Reverse a Withdrawal” mean?

When you get “Reverse a Withdrawal”, you have just a limited time for returning your whole withdrawal, or part of it, into your account, and then continue playing. You can do that instead of making a deposit. You should check on each online casino, because the casino you have selected may not offer that opportunity.

Will I get restrictions if I opt to play with a bonus?

To see if there are restrictions which do not allow you to wager on a game using a bonus, please check with the casino where you have decided to play. If you play a restricted game with a bonus, the casino will void your winnings. To learn the details about the restrictions regarding bonuses, you should first read the terms and conditions for the chosen casino.

What benefit does a bonus offer?

Bonuses are incentives which reward loyal players and attract more customers. Thanks to online casino bonuses you can boost your balance, stakes, and play time. They are free cash that comes as you wager. There are different bonuses which are described in short below. The best online casinos attract novices with lavish first time deposit bonuses.

What is a free play bonus?

With that bonus, the benefit is you can get to know the games before you start real playing, depositing and wagering real money. If you win with it, it can also bring you a chance for winning real cash, after you have deposited the minimum amount.

What is a free cash bonus?

A free cash bonus is offered as an opportunity for you to play: it is free because you do not have to deposit your own funds. To withdraw such a bonus, you must first meet the requirements for wagering. For nearly all free cash bonuses, there is a limit, a maximum withdrawal – it can be up to 20 times the amount of the bonus.

What is a free spins bonus?

That bonus is added to a specific slot game, and can bring you cash. After you play the game’s free spins, the amount accumulated will come to you as a cash bonus. Please note that such bonuses are connected with playthrough requirements.

When do I get a loyalty bonus?

As you play regularly at a specific online casino, you will progress to VIP levels, and there you will get loyalty bonuses, rewards for your loyalty.