Apple Pay Online Casinos

With the current increase of e-commerce, the variety of payment methods also increases. The relation between the online casino industry and modern high technologies is very productive. Online gambling is constantly adopting new payment methods. Online casino players from all around the earth require faster and safer online payment methods. In the last half of the decade many online casinos are accepting Apple Pay which is one of the newest and most secure methods in the payment technology. Providing an extremely efficient payment service for casino gamblers on the go, Apple Pay has changed radically and fundamentally the mobile payment sector of gambling industry. With the increasing number of players that use Apple products, many casinos are now offering Apple Pay for making deposits. 

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It is a secure, easy and convenient way to deposit and is mostly used by players who play on their mobile. Apple Pay can be mostly popular amongst mobile users, but this payment method isn't restricted to them only. Players who use other devices are welcome to sign up at one of the casinos on our best Apple Pay Casino list. But you will need to verify Apple Pay transactions will have to be authorized using an Apple device.

A little history above all else

Apple Pay with its payment services was created by Apple developers and appeared on the market  in September 2014. It was first announced as a service providing players with an easy, secure and anonymous way to pay. Apple Pay was launched in the USA from where it has rapidly expanded to countries all over the globe. It has been around for only six years and according to the latest figures more than 500 million people worldwide use Apple Pay to make payments. This fact shows that this is one of the most successful and  user-friendly payment methods available today.

Some more about Apple Pay and the way it works

As a mobile application payment solution, Apple Pay allows users to make payments via their mobile devices. Payments can be made in real-time for various products and services. You can pay for purchases at online web stores, at land-based retailers, in applications. Using the message service on your iOS device you can also make payments to friends and family members. 

Actually Apple Pay acts as a mobile e-wallet. You can load several debit or credit cards to the wallet for spending. All your private information is kept in a secure place. At the same time it can be accessed easily and instantly. For online casino gambling, payments with Apple Pay can be made on the mobile play platform, directly from the browser or in-app.  The only tool you will need to make payment with this method, is to have the Apple mobile device. Payments can be performed while messaging someone, or use the credit/debit card with a simple touch of the screen. No need to insert usernames or passwords. Everything with this device is done automatically.

Advantages to pay with Apple Pay

Some of the most attractive benefits to make payments via Apple Pay include:

  • Easy to set up: Players who own an Apple device (Apple watches, tablets, iPhones, and Mac devices) can make the setting up quickly and easily. The transactions can be completed in real-time. This reduces to minimum the delay time between plug and play. The method is rather convenient when it's time to make deposits because there is no need to insert any numbers for usernames besides the value of the deposit.
  • Safe and secure: When using Apple Pay players do not share their cards details with the online casinos. This minimizes the risk of information leak. The card data is not stored on the phone. Apple Pay works by storing an encrypted, unique account number in a secure part of the apple device. In this way if your phone is stolen, the thieves will not have access to your details. Players gamble anonymously with Apple Pay. As a measure of prevention the device should be linked to an iCloud account. If the device is stolen, payments can be suspended immediately from this device and transferred to a new device.
  • 100% free: Possibly one of the best things about Apple Pay is the fact that the transactions are completely free. There are no fees for Apple device owners. Online casinos are not charged when they accept Apple Pay in their mobile apps or websites.

Disadvantages to pay with Apple Pay

  • Only for deposits: Unfortunately this method cannot be used for withdrawals. It allows users to pay when depositing only. This means that players will have to choose another payment method to withdraw their winnings.
  • Limited devices: The Apple Pay payment solution is only available for Apple Operating Systems. As not all Apple devices are compatible with the latest version, users must have version iOS 8 or above installed on their device. This excludes many Apple users from making use of this method. Apple Play cannot be used by Android and Windows users if they do not have a registered Apple ID and own an Apple device such as an iPadOS, macOS, mobile iOS or watchOS.
  • Supported by few casinos: As it is considered relatively new, Apple Pay is not supported by that  many casinos. But this is changing quickly and many casinos have started investing in this platform. Because of the fact that the payment method is not used in all regions, Apple Pay casinos are currently limited to certain countries. The countries that support the Apple Pay payment method are: The USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why choose an Apple Pay Online Casino

With such a reputable company like Apple, most players will feel comfortable choosing to play at Apple Pay online casinos. With the acceptance of  Apple Pay platform any online casino has made serious investments of their resources. This could be an important sign that the casino is trustworthy. From the other hand, Apple Pay online casinos do not have access to players' personal and banking information. Apple Pay is one of the safest and reliable payment methods available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast the Apple Pay transactions are?

Apple Pay processes payments almost instantly. Therefore, you will have to wait less than a few minutes from the time you deposit until you can use your funds. This is one of the main reasons why Apple Pay is so popular and successful.

Are there any fees involved with Apple Pay?

Many payment methods, including credit cards and bank transfers, are available at a fee. They are usually low, but it is always best to avoid them. Apple Pay stands out as it offers 100% free player transactions. The only fees you may encounter are those charged by service providers.

Is my personal data safe?

Many players are skeptical of casino sites because of the personal and financial details they want to provide. Fortunately, Apple Pay offers their service without the use of such information. It simply asks you to select the method and then you need to authenticate with Touch ID. Therefore, no bank account number or credit card information will be required.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

Apple Pay's feature is that of depositing money, not that of cashing in. You need to find an alternative to withdrawals. Many casino sites will only allow you to withdraw money by bank transfer or credit card if you deposit via Apple Pay. Therefore, you must use another payment method.

Is it accepted by many online casinos sites?

Apple Pay is an option on only a few reputable casino sites. While the number of Apple Pay casinos has increased, this can be seen as a second payment gaming opportunity.