UK Gambling Commission

The history of gambling in the United Kingdom dates back hundreds of years. Nowadays, this relatively small island nation boasts gambling figures that are far above expectations. This risk-taking form of entertainment is evident in their current society and culture. You can read here to know more about the UK Gambling Commission as the strictest regulatory body internationally recognized. 

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The United Kingdom includes the following countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. This relatively small island nation occupies only 2.4% of the entire territory of the continent of Europe.  Its population makes not more than 8.6% of the European population. But the number of online gamblers is twice as large as all on the continent. More than 20 million online players are currently registered and active on the lottery and casino networks.

UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) appeared in this risky area and stands there as a strict regulator, which has been already recognized all around the globe. 

UK Gambling Commission - Gambling Legislation

It was in 2007 when the UKGC began its existence. The Gambling Act, 2005 formed the Commission, giving it the right to regulate gambling throughout the United Kingdom. 

The obligations of the regulator include the following prime activities:

  • Curb all forms of Crime in Gambling;
  • Ensure fair accessible play in the UK;
  • Ensure complete safety for vulnerable parties, such as children and problem gambler.


Any operator that manufactures, supplies or installs gambling software that is in connection to remote gambling but does not include gaming machines needs to obtain a gambling license. A valid UKGC license is required from supplying operators in Great Britain even their head office is located abroad. The license must be appropriate for the type of gaming entertainment the operator offers. The various gambling sectors the UKGC covers include: Bingo, Casino Games, Gaming Machines, Gaming Software, Lotteries and Sports Betting. ‘Personal Management Licenses’ (PML) are also required from gambling operators. These will serve every individual member of their senior staff involved in making operational decisions for the casino. Gambling fees depend on different sector and type of gambling license. 

The UKGC License as benefits provider for Operators

Any operator that used the opportunity to become a UKGC license holder, can take advantage of many benefits. These include:

  • Mark of prestige: Given the fact that obtaining a certificate is a difficult verification process and high fees, the UKGC license is a symbol of trust and excellent quality among the consumers.
  • Market share: The UKGC licensed operators acquire wide access to new online gambling markets worldwide. The investment opportunity for licensed operators is enormous. The current 1 000 operators can share an annual revenue of around 4.5 billion GBP. Not insignificant is the fact that the Pound Sterling currency is globally among the strongest.
  • Double protection: The UKGC licensed casinos acquire security and entire protection from consumer mistreatment and various abuses.

The UKGC License as benefits provider for Public 

With their rules The UKGC tries to provide the best responsible gambling environment for  the. Consumers. Every player who uses a licensed casino must feel save and secure. Consumers have their interests protected and can settle eventual problems with vendors. 

  • Care for parties in risk: The UKGC imposes restrictions to licensed operators for providing gambling advertising in Great Britain. The latest advertising restriction rules were introduced in 2017. They appeared as work of collaboration with the Advertising Standards Agency to combat ads designed in a way that might appeal to children aged under 17. Operators licensed under UKGC are urged not to use freely accessible advertisements with images of comic books, cartoon-like characters with vivid colours, animals or any other children  oriented images. 
  • The Commission does not tolerate misleading marketing. No misleading information must be contained in advertisements of bonuses and promotions. For example, terms as “free” is not longer allowed; instead must be used “extra spins”. No flash or pizzas can be seen in UKGC licensed gambling sites.  
  • Care for the group of under-aged: The UKGC pays special attention elaborating rules to ensure that minors are not able to gamble on vendors' platforms. The responsibility to ensure that the children are safeguarded is shared between vendors and parents. All online casinos have now strict processes for age verification. Parents should secure the devices their children use even for free games.
  • Care for the problem gamblers: As a measure the Commission takes for responsible betting is the ban on credit cards. The ban came into force on 14 April 2020. According to this rule all UKGC licensed casinos cannot accept deposits via credit cards. These kind of cards can be used only for withdrawals. Online betting operators are required to apply various measures of control to identify and protect players prone to addiction.
  • Measures for trouble-free gaming: Continuous control is provided over casino platforms and software. Operators should maintain their programs and devices for constant and friendly customer service. UKGC licensed casinos offer the most secure and efficient banking methods in order to protect consumers' money when it must be transferred to and the platform.

Following the Standards

The standards and requirements set up by the UK Gambling Commission must be followed by the licensing holders. Gambling software and operators must meet technical standards that refer to: personal customer data, displaying transactions, product design, time critical events, auto-play. The standards aimed at protecting players include rules and game descriptions, probability and opportunity to win. UKGC regulations are aimed at limiting and prevention of cheating and fraudulent activity. For honest and fair results games must generate random outcomes. Requirements of security are obligatory for operators. These include safe transmission of users' personal information, banking transactions and limiting any unauthorized users.  

UKGC elaborates quality testing standards to ensure that online gambling software and operation are in complete and strict compliance. An accredited independent auditor conducts and verifies this process of compliance.  

The UK Gambling Commission represent the strictest regulator authority body for safe and secure online gambling that is internationally recognized. For safe and secure entertainment online casino players can use among the casinos and betting vendors that carry UKGC licenses and certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UK Gambling Commission tasked with?

As a public body, the UK Gambling Commission has the main objective of being the state regulator of all online sites offering gambling services to players in the UK. All gambling sites accepting British players must be registered with the UKGC. Any site that is not registered with the commission should be avoided, as it obviously does not work within the law.

Should I play at an online casino that is not UKGC licensed?

You should avoid playing in an online casino that is not licensed by the UKGC. The main reason for this is that there is no guarantee that you will receive your money when you win.

Can I set my own limits?

Yes. According to the requirements of the UK Gambling Commission, each online gambling operator who is their licensee must have a system that allows players to set their own limits on how much and for how long they want to gamble.

What about any age restrictions?

Only persons over the age of 18 have the legal right to participate in legal online gambling. All UKGC-licensed online casinos are expected to conduct checks to ensure that all gaming customers are 18 years of age or older. Anyone found to be under the age of 18 (a minor) will be blocked from the site and their account will be closed.

Can the gambling site bonuses be admitted as regulated?

Absolutely! Any gambling site that is licensed by the UKGC and offers bonuses to players must have easy-to-understand fair terms and conditions attached to all bonus offers.