Instadebit Casinos

Stable development, legal support and safe business - these are some of the guiding principles of modern online gambling industry. Using the latest technological innovations, online casino business meets the demand for fast and secure ways of payment. For Canadians, there is no more secure and efficient payment method than Instadebit. This is an e-wallet service solution. It competes mainly with PayPal and Neteller on the North American gambling market.

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Globally, Canada is a hot spot in the online casino market. A large number of land-based casinos plus online casinos are actively operating on the territory of the country and throughout the world. They provide their Canadian casino players with amazing casino games and great bonuses for fun and big wins.

More facts about Instadebit

Instadebit works as a middle man service solution, exclusively made available to those with a Canadian bank account. It performs money transfers between your Canadian bank account and online casinos supporting Instadebit. This e-wallet is connected to your credit card or to your bank account. More than 100 Instadebit casinos offer exciting iGaming experience to their Canadian online casino players. 

The way Instadebit works

Depositing and withdrawing with Instadebit is done in real-time. To make your payments you will need to top the wallet up. You won't meet any difficulties for doing this as it's a simple and easy procedure. Only holders of a valid Canadian bank account can apply for an Instadebit account. If you qualify in this category, you can visit their website to verify your ID. You will be asked to input the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number and your date of birth. Once your identification has been verified, you will be allowed to transfer money into your Instadebit account.

How to make a deposit via Instadebit?

  • Visit the cashier page of the chosen Instadebit casino;
  • Click on the icon “Make a deposit”; 
  • From the payment methods menu click on Instadebit Canada;
  • Determine the amount you would like to pay as a deposit and approve the payment;
  • The confirmation of the deposit will be sent immediately to the casino, your casino account will be loaded and you can start your iGaming without any delay.

How can I withdraw my winnings via Instadebit?

  • Visit the cashier page you have paid at and won;
  • Click on the icon “Make a withdrawal”;  
  • From the payment methods menu click on Instadebit Canada;
  • Determine the amount you would like to withdraw and approve the payment;

Transferring funds from the e-wallet to your bank account

When you transfer money for the first time from Instadebit to your bank account, you will need to make a small deposit into your bank account. Your bank statement will reflect this within 3 to 5 days. This procedure is necessary for your bank account verification. Once this has been done you will be able to withdraw money at any time. Please remember that even transfers into your bank account are released immediately it will take 3 to 5 days to reflect and become available to spend.

Instadebit Advantages

  • Depositing and withdrawing in real-time: The fact that players can make deposits instantly gives them the chance to start playing with no delay their favourite casino games at the chosen Instadebit casino. The only delay can be seen when you transfer money from your wallet to your bank account.
  • High level of security: Generally, making payments via a third-party e-wallet is much safer compared to making it directly from your bank account. This is due to the fact that Instadebit does not share any of your banking details with the casino site. Instadebit make use of high-end SSL multi-encryption to hold your data in their servers and keep it safe.
  • Little line of credit to make unplanned deposits: Has it happened to you that you feel you are near to win but have no time to fill up your wallet? Instadebit has the extra feature offering a small line of credit which can be paid back within a few days. Take advantage of this extraordinary offer in days you are in luck and you can pay back the money from your credit together with your next deposit. 
  • Two currencies supported: Instadebit can be very convenient as it works with both USD and Canadian dollars. The wallet will separate the cash you have available in the two currencies. It is very handy as you will be able to fund one currency with the other.

Instadebit disadvantages

The only negative side with Instadebit is the fact that it can be used only by Canadian residents.

  • Limits - If you meet any limits they must be set by your bank or the Instadebit casino you have chosen to play at. To avoid any hassle, get informed in advance about the limits your bank imposes when you need to top up your Instadebit account and what the withdrawal and deposit limits are at your chosen casino.
  • Fees - The fees this payment solution imposes are very affordable, namely: CAD 1.95 to make a deposit (no matter the amount) and CAD 2 to withdraw money (no matter the amount). You must be aware that casinos and banks may charge extra fees. Get informed in advance about the terms and conditions of depositing and withdrawing to avoid unpleasant fuss.
  • Availability - Instadebit payment platform used in many online casinos can offer its services only to Canadian residents, holders of bank accounts in local banks. 

As a successful product developed by Canadians to Canadians, Instadebit payment solution spoils its online customers providing them the possibility to make instant debits and fast withdrawals. If you want to take advantage of the services Instadebit offers you can choose a casino from our list with top rated Instadebit online casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the InstaDebit payment option work?

Basically, the only thing you have to do on your part is to redeem the funds in your InstaDebit account and spend them freely in one of the gambling casinos based in Canada.

Is it safe to play at InstaDebit casinos?

Absolutely. Remember that these gambling platforms, with the support of this method of payment, are certified in accordance with the law.

Can I withdraw money with InstaDebit payment method?

Yes! This feature is one of the most popular among ordinary casino players. You are free to withdraw any winnings from your gambling balance directly to your balance.

Do all casinos accept InstaDebit?

Most modern and reputable gambling platforms in Canada accept this method of payment.

Who can open an InstaDebit account?

Canadians over the age of 18 can open an InstaDebit account. The bank account that the player will link to an InstaDebit account must also be Canadian.