Visa & Mastercard Casinos

Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard) are one of the leading banking methods at online casinos. Almost every legal casino has this banking method available. The option that a casino has to withdraw and deposit using a credit or debit card, specifically Visa and Mastercard can be a sign not only of convenience, but also a sign of legitimacy that this online casino can be trusted. Nowadays many people possess one or two credit cards. Increasingly, everyday payments are made by card instead of cash. For this reason, this payment method, with the two prominent card brands of Visa and Mastercard dominate the online casino sector too.

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Using Credit Card in Online Casinos

Anyone over 21, with a clear credit background can become a holder of a credit card. Applying for a Visa or Mastercard can be done by filling out a credit application through any bank or some finance houses. To get a credit card you will have to provide a proof of residence and have a clear credit score. You will be able to spend your credit anywhere you see the VISA and Mastercard signs, including most online casinos. 

This is one of the surest and most secure payment methods for online transactions. Credit cards are used by online gamblers to deposit and withdraw money. VISA and Mastercard are accepted by most countries in the world, and they are commonly accepted by hundreds of online casinos, globally. 

However, players in the UK are not permitted anymore to use credit cards while gambling online. In January 2020 the UKGC introduced the restriction as part of the policy to protect vulnerable gamblers. Since April 2020 the credit card ban has come into force. In the USA, most states ban credit card payments to online gambling facilities. Players are allowed to use other payment methods including debit cards to make deposits and withdrawals for gambling online.


Advantages of making Visa & Mastercard transactions in Online Gambling

Due to various reasons, credit cards are admitted to be the best way for any online casino transactions.  
*Fast and Instant: Using your credit card is an easy and simple process. There is no extra hassle of having to register and work through a third-party body. Depositing at a credit card casino is usually a speedy affair. Select the payment method, enter in your credit card data and you will be able to conduct all your online casino transactions instantaneously. 

  • Minimal Fees: Credit card holders pay a monthly fee for administrative maintenance. In addition, a minimum amount is withheld at each draw. 
  • Security: Banks provide credits cards transactions with full security. You won't need to worry about your money getting stolen if you provide only basic information of your card and your billing details. On the other hand most top online casinos have multi-layer security to protect your information on their side. You will need to ensure that you have a good malware and firewall protection on your PC or mobile device of choice, in order to protect your data and your money.
  • Pay Later: You can have plenty of fun playing at an online casino accepting Visa and Mastercard at any time, even if you don't have money in your bank account, currently. It will not be a problem to use your credit card, but to pay the amount to the banking institution later. 
  • Rewards: You both spend money on the card and you get paid for it. This is thanks to the various reward packages offered by banking institutions. For each spending made, Visa and MasterCard offer points as part of various reward plans. These points can be used as cash back.  


Disadvantages of making Visa & Mastercard transactions at Online Gambling

  • Extra charges: Certain banks consider gambling to be a cash advance transaction, and this can be expensive. When you get a big credit, you will have to pay a big amount later. You can be charged some interest until you pay off the outstanding balance.
  • Overspending: The risk of overspending and debt accumulation is always valid with the permanent use of credit cards for money transfer at online gambling.
  • Withdrawals: As we said before depositing via credit cards is easy and speedy affair. But withdrawals using Visa and MasterCard might take some time due to clearance issues. In general, withdrawing funds through a credit card is not always tolerated by online casinos. We recommend that you rather use the service of e-wallet, bank wire transfer or cheque for your withdrawals.
  • Limits: Credits cards are always set with a maximum spend limit. The limit is determined either by your bank or by your credit record.


If you have a Visa or Mastercard and want to start gambling now, you can select an approved credit card online casino from our list provided and we can guarantee plenty of fun and amazing gambling experience. Casinos that offer the use of credit cards as payment methods are completely safe and secure. For all your online gambling you will have an extensive credit limit and perfect fund protection. This is something that you will appreciate while you play your favourite games at an online casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why to use Visa at online casinos?

Visa is one of the most popular solutions both online and offline. It offers high security and excellent customer service, along with refunds and the ability to use it as a withdrawal method in online casinos. All the best online casinos accept Visa deposits and support fast withdrawals.

Do I have to pay fees?

Any fees or provisions you normally have to pay when using your Visa card online will continue to apply, in accordance with your agreement with the bank. However, the casinos we recommend will never charge you extra just for using your credit card.

Does MasterCard allow online gambling?

Yes, MasterCard supports regulated online gambling. The cards can be used for deposits and withdrawals in licensed online casinos in various markets, without added fees and with all security measures.

Are there any similarities between Visa and MasterCard?

Visa and MasterCard are very similar, both are accepted worldwide with excellent security and offer generous reward schemes. This is because they are big competitors to each other, so when one offers an advantage, the other quickly compares it. However, the benefits vary from company to company, for example, credit limits may vary.

Is my personal data safe with Visa and MasterCard?

Your data is safe with Visa and MasterCard. The companies offer extensive protection against fraud. When using any of these cards to make payments at online casinos, you need to make sure that the casino you are using is reliable. Do this by playing only on recommended sites, as other casinos may try to trick you.