Zimpler Casinos

We already live in the future, and it belongs to the Internet. The modern rise of the gambling business is closely dependent on high technologies. We can't feel the hot rhythm of casino games without the modern means of playing and betting, without the fast and safe ways of payment. Zimpler is a modern Swedish online payment method service provider. It was developed to meet the specific needs of online gamers and gamblers in several countries in Europe. Modern, speedy and safe, Zimpler payment method is supported by many online casinos. Mainly available to Scandinavian players, Zimpler is the mobile option to deposit funds in a fast and easy way.

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The financial platform was founded in 2012, in Sweden, by Smart Payment Nordic, under the name of Puggleplay. It was designed to perform speedy deposits to casinos. In 2016 the company renamed the product to 'Zimpler' name. Today Zimpler has got offices in Malta, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. This payment method is available for all residents of Sweden and Finland on numerous websites. 

Deposits made by Zimpler can be completed in a matter of seconds with only a small fee attached. When players want to withdraw their winnings, they will have to choose another payment method. Equivalents to Zimpler are Skrill and Neteller. Below you can find a list with top rated online casinos where you can play your favourite casino games and use Zimpler as a deposit method.

The way Zimpler works

A great number of online casinos have accepted the services of Zimpler. The excellence of this method of payment comes from the ability to perform speedy and secure deposits. With the help of Zimpler solution, casinos can provide an easy online gambling experience to all their players.

In order to get access to the services of Zimpler, you won't be required to fill in long registration forms for signing up an account. Getting up an account is pretty easy. You can do this within minutes through their mobile application. The only thing you will need to do is download the app from the PlayStore of Apple store and fill in your phone number. Now you have a Zimpler account which is fast and easy to use. With the application on your phone you have always access to your account. This is the best way to enjoy the experience of online casinos as you can make all your payments by just using your phone.

There are some simple steps to be followed:

  • 1 - Choose a casino from the Zimpler online casino list. Go to the cashier page of the chosen casino. Select Zimpler as a method of payment. You will be asked to input your telephone number.
  • 2 - As soon as you have done it, you will be sent an SMS with a secure verification code.
  • 3 - Enter this code in the Zimpler form. You will get a form where you will have to enter your VISA or Mastercard details. 
  • 4 - Your deposit to the casino will be supported by Zimpler within several minutes.
  • 5 - Soon after that you will receive a bill for the transaction charges. They can be paid either from your credit card or by bank transfer within 14 days.

Benefits from using Zimpler casinos

The advantages you can take when using Zimpler banking solution are quite a few. 

  • Higher security: It is important to underline that Zimpler company prioritizes its customers' safety. Knowing you are protected gives a good feel which is a good reason to choose this method of payment. When you pay a casino Zimpler adds an extra layer of protection and the casino will not receive any of your banking details. Zimpler is continuously under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Services Authority (FSA), which also regulates all the banks in Sweden. 
  • Higher speed: Similar to e-wallet transactions, Zimpler offers instant deposit services. Nowadays this is a demand of every player. By making a fast depositing you won't miss the opportunity to enjoy playing your favourite casino games without any delay.
  • Easy and cheap to be used: To be honest it's pretty easy to open an account with Zimpler and manage it. When transaction with Zimpler the fees are minimal, which makes the payment solution very affordable.
  • Spending limit as a special feature: Zimpler has been developed mainly for the online gambling industry. Being aware of the temptations to spend too much at online casinos, the developers have created the spending limit as a special feature. This is a kind of tool to protect yourself from yourself.

The negative sides of Zimpler

  • Limited availability: A big disadvantage of Zimpler is that the service is only available in the regions of Finland and Sweden. Only Euros and Krona currencies can be used. The rest of the gambling worlds are left out from this amazing payment method.
  • SMS can be unreliable: The reliability of the text messages can be sometimes dubious. Often the verification codes are not sent in time, which can lead to some frustration. 
  • Limits - Factors including your income, age and payment history may determine the deposit credit limits set by Zimpler. From the other hand, limits can grow as you establish a good reputation with Zimpler platform.
  • Fees - Two main factors determine the fees charged by Zimpler:
  • The casino you have chosen to play at;
  • The amount you have decided to deposit.

Besides the regular fees, there are penalties if you do not pay your bills within the terms and conditions set by Zimpler.

Availability of Zimpler

As we have written above, only residents of Sweden and Finland can have access to the financial services Zimpler offers. Payments can be done in Euros and krona only. More than 200 online casinos support Zimpler as a payment method. You can find our selection of top-rated Zimpler casinos listed on this page.

By choosing the option to make your payments by Zimpler, you get the unique chance to enjoy the entertainment with online casinos by just using your phone. This is what Zimpler payment solution offers, and it is what has made it so popular with casino players. Choose a casino from the list with Zimpler online casinos, make a deposit with this efficient and user-friendly payment method and get the chance to change your life for better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zimpler?

Zimpler is a Swedish company FinTech, focused on creating the best payment method for instant deposit and withdrawal. The solution is easy to use, does not require application and is available on hundreds of sites in both Sweden and Finland.

Do I need to make a registration to start using Zimpler?

The Zimpler account is created automatically the first time you use it to pay online. You will log in via your mobile device and provide the number that Zimpler will use to send you a text message with the verification code. Enter the code and your Zimpler account will be activated. The next step is to choose your preferred payment method. You can pay directly through your bank (in this case the bills will be sent via SMS or email) or by card. The latter requires entering card details, but you will only need to do so once, as Zimpler retains all information for subsequent payments.

Is it safe to use Zimpler method of payment?

The payment service provider makes sure that each transaction is performed by encrypting and wants each payment to be approved with a one-time SMS code. Zimpler is regulated by the Financial Services Authority, so you don't have to worry about fraud and / or identity theft.

Does Zimpler impose any fees?

There may be a fee for paying Zimpler bills depending on how you choose to do so. Credit card payments will not cost anything, but for payments made through a bank, a percentage fee applies.

How can I make a deposit by Zimpler method of payment?

You must select Zimpler as your deposit option and specify the amount. As a player you will be then asked to enter the phone number and confirm the transfer with a 4-digit confirmation code sent to your phone.