EnterCash Online Casinos

Having the opportunity to choose the casino payment solution, players get the chance to discover what else casino gambling has to offer. For an exceptional entertainment, it is very important to pay the deposit quickly and start playing the amazing casino games without any delay. The deposit services of EnterCash payment solution perfectly meet these requirements. It is definitely worth trying this method of depositing. Many online casinos around the world that target European players support the smooth and sound deposit services provided by EnterCash payment platform. 

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Some more facts about EnterCash

If you are looking for a solution to make a super secure, super fast transfer of funds from your bank to the casino of your choice, choose the EnterCash payment method. This is an European payment platform where all transactions are made directly from your bank to the online casino site, with no obstacle from a third-party usage.

EnterCash is a Financial company with a head office based in Malta. This Banking Institution started its activity in 2011. This payment method guarantees a real marathon in the casino gambling adventure. The success of the platform has ensured the spread of the business throughout Europe. Many gamblers choose to play at online casinos that support EnterCash payment platform which synthesizes instant deposits which avoid delays between money transfers and playtime. With EnterCash deposits  can be made without the need of registering accounts or profiles which actually attract needless limitations and fees for membership.

How does this method work?

To be honest, it's pretty easy to use EnterCash banking. You won't be required to make a pre-registration. You will need to be over 18 and hold a valid bank account in one of 3.500 supported banks. Choose EnterCash payment solution and discover it for yourself. The following easy steps must be followed to process a deposit:

  • Visit the cashier page of the EnterCash casino you have chosen to play at;
  • Click on the EnterCash method for depositing;
  • Determine the amount of money that you want to pay;
  • Go to the dropping down menu and click on your bank;
  • Follow the re-direction to the page with your personal online banking data from which you will make the payment;
  • The confirmation of the payment will be received by the casino within seconds;
  • You can start enjoying your gameplay.

Positives from using EnterCash

  • Real-time Deposits: Depositing with EnterCash is performed instantly. The money is transferred into the casino bank account in real-time which allows no delay between payment and the pleasure with gameplay.
  • No need of an account: Due to the fact that EnterCash is not a third-party payment platform, you won't need to register an account which will avoid unwanted fees.
  • Anonymous and secure transactions: When you use EnterCash payment solution, the transactions are implemented by your bank. Your banking information is fully protected from the online casino. This means that most of your personal details stay anonymous. 
  • Refunds are allowed: When there is some need, or whatever reason appears, EnterCash makes allowance for Casinos to refund customers. This can't be confused with a withdrawal – this is a pure corrective measure for online merchants. 

Disadvantages from using EnterCash

  • Only for depositing: EnterCash banking platform does not service withdrawals from online casinos. It is a payment method only for making deposits. This means that gamblers with winnings will have to find another payment solution that offers a withdrawal mechanism.
  • Limited coverage: Only a certain number of European banks from not many of countries support EnterCash method of payment. If your bank is not among the supporting banks, you will have to look for another payment option to make your deposit and start playing your favourite casino games.
  • Limits - EnterCash itself does not impose limitations. Limits on the amount that can be transferred may come either from the bank or the casino's deposit limits on your account.
  • Fees - Consumers will be not charged for using the EnterCash payment method. Only the casino will be charged for transactions made with this solution. Most supported banks do not impose extra charges to their clients for using EnterCash. 
  • Availability - EnterCash is available in 18 countries. It works in a partnership with more than 4 300 European banks and supports about 100 million merchants including quite a big number of online casinos.

For a fast and efficient deposit to the online casino you have chosen to play at, our suggestion is to make it via EnterCash payment method. This is a reliable banking method that provides payment services for depositing in a safe and anonymous way. In our list with EnterCash online casinos you can find vetted and tested casinos for exceptional gambling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Entercash casinos safe to play?

Yes, Entercash online casinos, especially those tested and reviewed by the Dbestcasino team, are absolutely safe to play.

Do all casinos support Entercash?

No. Not all online casinos accept Entercash transactions. Before joining an online casino website, be sure to find out if this payment method is allowed to be used.

Are there any fees imposed by this method of payment?

No, there are no fees charged by the online deposit service through this system. The only fees you might possibly pay are those that your own bank imposes. However, most banks also do not charge customers for this service. For the latest information on Entercash fees, please visit the company's website or contact their online customer service.

How rapid are Entercash deposits?

Entercash deposits are instant, which means that your money will be credited to your online gambling account the moment the transaction is completed.

Can I use Entercash at mobile casinos?

Sure. You can use Entercash in mobile casinos when you want to bet online on the go.