Trustly Online Casinos

Much of the iGaming business involves the transfer of money by the player to the casino (for deposits) and vice versa (for winnings withdrawals). For many players transferring funds is a rather complicated procedure. With the variety of payment methods, the gambling industry is doing everything possible to facilitate this process. Read our detailed review about Trustly method of money transfer and decide if Trustly Casinos are right for you!

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More facts about Trustly 

Trustly is one of the fastest-growing payment solutions in online gambling sector. This is a modern independent institution that stimulates money transfers from your bank to the casino by injecting them with doses of security and speed. Gamblers are not obliged to register accounts and are not charged with transaction fees. All these factors make Trustly one of the most popular alternative method for payment which is already available in more than 29 countries. 


Some historical details

Trustly method for online payment was created in Sweden, in 2008. The headquarters of the company, previously known under the name of InstantBank, is currently based in Stockholm. The mission is to supply online casino players with safety, speedy and additional option to fund their casino accounts. The company works on the TransferWise and PayPal platforms. Trustly makes online banking payments convenient for all online casino players. 

For its successful business operation this payment provider was awarded multiple times. In 2011 and 2012 this fast-growing Swedish technological company got the award of a Rising Star by Deloitte.  In 2014 Trustly was awarded with the CIT Golden Card for “Most Innovative Payment Method”. Trustly enables you to make payments directly from your own bank account to online casinos. They offer their free services to gamblers in most European countries. Trustly is not restricted to online casino only. Their services can be also used with online merchants worldwide.


How does Trustly work?

The first condition for those who would like to use Trustly for transacting funds at online betting is to have an account in a bank in one of the 29 European countries supported by Trustly. To make use of this service, there are some very easy steps to be followed:

  1. Visit the Cashier page of the casino site;
  2. Press the button for a deposit or a withdrawal you wish to make;
  3. Select Trustly as a chosen method of payment;
  4. Choose the bank where you own an account;
  5. You will need to visit the site of your bank and complete the transaction;
  6. In case of a deposit the payment to the casino will be made instantly and if it is a withdrawal – not more than a few hours.

The payment is made from your bank account to Trustly. Then Trustly credits the casino with funds. You can start gambling within a few minutes. No need to wait, nor fees and processes of verification. Trustly offers all the convenience of an e-wallet to online casino gamblers.


Advantages of Trustly payment method

As a payment solution Trustly is extremely convenient to use and available in multiple reputable online casinos. It offers more advantages than disadvantages to online casino gamblers.

  • Real-time speedy transfers: Transactions are performed through your bank account, then money is paid to Trustly who credits the casino. All the procedures for both deposits or withdrawals are done instantly.
  • Superb Protection - When you decide to use Trustly as a method of payment, you will not be obliged to supply the casino site with your bank details. Your bank will be responsible for your entire protection and security. Trustly do not store their customers' private details, this means you will stay anonymous and your personal data is not going to float in internet space.
  • No Fees - With Trustly you won't be required to register an account. Each transaction is separate and independent. You won't need to pay any fees for administration or membership. 


Trustly Disadvantages

It is very difficult to find any disadvantages with this innovative method of payment. The only negative side that can be found is the fact that there is no rewards program offered. But with the many advantages Trustly has, it is extremely attractive for multiple online gamblers in Europe.

Limits - You won't meet any limits when using Trustly as a money payment solution. You can be only limited by rules imposed by your personal bank.

Fees - Transactions performed by using Trustly are absolutely free of charge for the players. Only casinos will be charged a small fee for every transaction procedure. Casinos may charge you a small fee to recover their loss. But actually, this will not be coming from Trustly.



Trustly is an innovative payment solution offering services of an instant payment provider. With all the advantages of an e-wallet, this method of payment can be used for free. Look at our list of reputable online casinos that accept Trustly payment method. They are all licensed and regulated and offer the best online games you can select from. You won't be required to create an account nor use your credit card. This means your personal information will be fully protected and you will enjoy your satisfying entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Trustly at online casinos?

Trustly offers casino players a safe and secure way to deposit and withdraw money from online casinos. Deposits are instant and you don't have to share any of your bank details with the casino, which is a huge benefit if you try a new casino. Withdrawals may come with a little fee, but they are so fast that it's worth it.

Which countries can Trustly be used in?

Trustly is currently available in around 30 different European countries. Unfortunately, it is not available for players in the United States.

Is Trustly a safe payment method?

Yes! We only recommend payment options that we have checked and verified and are very sure, including Trustly in this list.

How does Trustly compare to other E-wallets?

Trustly is similar to other e-wallets in that it simplifies the payment process. However, it is faster than some other similar services and connects directly to your bank account in a way that is slightly different from how most comparable services work.

Do many casinos accept Trustly payment method?

On this page we have listed some of the best casinos that accept Trustly, so you don't have to look for them yourself! However, you will notice that many other online casinos that are not listed here also accept Trustly.