Slot machine settings at NetEnt casinos

Settings of slot machines at NetEnt casinos

As a leader among the software developers in online casino industry, Net Entertainment creations  are preferred by many operators.


Find a detailed description of the settings of NetEnt video slot machines, including auto-play, sound, graphics, or spins settings.


In the section below you are going to read about the standard interface of the slots by NetEnt.  You will learn the general technical parameters of NetEnt slots.

Settings of slots at NetEnt casino

The list below includes all the possible functions of slot settings:

To get access to the main settings of the slot, you will need a simple clicking on the particular icon. The following Net Entertainment casino settings will be open:

  1. Screensaver. It activates or deactivates the screen saver (if any).
  2. Fast spin. It activates or deactivates the fast spin.
  3. Sound effects. It activates, or deactivates the sounds.
  4. Background sounds. It activates or deactivates the background soundtrack.
  5. Intro. It activates or deactivates the intro video.
  6. Launch by SPACEBAR. It activates or deactivates the start of spin by pressing SPACEBAR.
  7. Game history. It gives access to view the history of the last slot game.
  8. Quality of graphics. Settings of graphic quality degrees: low, medium or high.

Auto-play mode advanced settings

With the ambition to provide the most comfortable atmosphere for each player, the NetEnt casino has the option for auto-play mode. The auto-play settings can be used in the cases when, for some reason, you don't want to click on the button that launches the spin. You can simply specify the settings of auto-play to start and stop it.

Settings for auto-spin mode

The following conditions of the auto-spin stop can be found in the auto-play settings:

  1. On any winnings - as soon as you win you can stop the auto-play setting.
  2. When the winning is from Free spins. Stop auto-play when you win with free spins.
  3. When the single win exceeds X. Stop the auto-play in the case when the amount of the winnings is bigger than or equal to the specified value
  4. When the balance is smaller than X. Stop the auto-play, when the cash is smaller than the specified value.
  5. When the balance is reduced by X. Stop the auto-play when the cash decreases by the specified value.

If during a round you decide and change the settings of the auto-play, the new settings will take effect only after the completion of the spin or the activated function. But if the change is beyond you, for example, the connection stops while playing, all the auto-play settings will be reset to their default values.

More useful facts

 There are NetEnt slot machine settings which are applied by other operators that use the company software:

  • Setting for the case when a game round is not finished. The timeout after which the inactive sessions automatically end.
  • Setting for the case of software malfunction. All bets and payments will be canceled, and the total bet amount will be refunded to the player.
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