Danish Gambling Authority

Denmark is a small country in northern Europe with completely regulated online gambling industry. The Danish Gambling Authority is a reliable gambling regulatory body with a policy of balance between revenue collection by gaining but fair fees and comprehensive care for players by providing legal and secure conditions for satisfying entertainment.

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Danish Gambling Authority Gambling Regulation 

In 2000 the Ministry of Taxation in Denmark founded the Danish Gambling Authority, The main obligations of the authority is to regulate the local land-based casinos and to supervise the state lottery and betting company -  Danske Spil. For a long time Danke Spil was the monopolist over lottery, bingo and horse-racing games in Denmark. Things changed in 2017 when Danish Parliament allowed new lottery operators to apply and start working after licensing in the country. The applicants -  Francaises des Jeux, Norsk Tipping and Veikkaus, together with Spil were expected to create significant variety and innovation in the lottery entertainment market.


Additionally to this, operators are allowed to apply for licenses for all other types of online betting, including casino, poker and sports betting. All these amendments were approved by the government with the purpose of providing Danish residents with more comprehensive and satisfactory experiences.

The Danish Gambling Authority has different criteria when licensing the online casino operators. These types of licenses refer to online and mobile access to roulette, blackjack, baccarat. Poker, punto banco and gaming machines. The process also includes games with elements of luck and skill (combination games). These are: backgammon, whist, guessing competitions and more.

The licenses the Danish Gambling Authority offer are based on a number of requirements. The parameters of what gambling is are clearly defined. Under some terms and conditions the DGA allow for non-licensed gambling activities to be also enjoyed. In general, a game needs to be licensed if it contains a financial stake, pays out a prize that has financial value and is a game of luck. 


The rules are very strict and the tax rates for online gambling in Denmark can be admitted as high. Land-based casinos and gambling establishments are subject to rates that are much higher than the ones that refer to poker and other games. In general here the operator takes a commission on the play and the fee is a 20% of the commission charged. It is calculated per calendar month. As a result, not many operators try to get into the action in Denmark, unless the business is a part of a larger project.

With a fair balance between profit and protected betting entertainment the Danish Gambling Authority regulates the market and provides the state budget with revenue from real gambling activities. Casual and fun play events are not placed under pressure or tough restrictions. They are used by non-profit organizations to raise funds or supporting of a cause.

Advantages for Operators

The biggest advantage for any potential online casino operator is the legal access to a market which is developing rapidly and successfully. According to analysis 61% from the revenue this thriving business makes comes from slots. Over the past few years, the online sports betting in Denmark has also seen incredible growth and development. Now this is the second most profitable gambling sector in the area. By obtaining DGA licenses operators are allowed to make legally online and offline advertisements. 

Advantages for Players

Gambling in Denmark is only allowed on sites that are locally licensed. On one hand, this works in favor of the tax system in the country, and on the other hand, it is in favor of the players. Players are protected from possible troubles and problems that could arise when playing with illegal casinos. In case of any disputes, consumers will have access to legal mediators in their own country. The Danish GA would resolve any financial problems through local financial instruments. Any currency conversations or hidden fees would be avoided. 

Mobile operators that have all the necessary licenses are required to advertise their bonuses and promotions in clear and lucid forms, without any hidden clauses. Users will be able to get what they see in the offer. Licensees also require from online casinos to be equipped with all the necessary tools for responsible gambling. These include player self-exclusion, professional helpline, fund limitations and more.

The Danish Gambling Authority is a gaming regulator which has elaborated the best balance between fees relatively high for the operators, (meaning a good revenue stream for the state budget) and entire protection for gamblers. The care is ensured through initiatives like ROFUS and legislation and shows that casinos are transparent and fair in their daily services for the players. 

With their wide-open policy about how they license and regulate operators in this country, Danish GA managed to increase the interest towards the gambling business. There is no surprise that currently the Danish market is showing an extraordinary booming.  With a gambling regulator that could find the right balance between monetizing online gambling and the entire protection of the consumers' interests, Denmark has become one of the key gambling markets where many companies are trying to get into. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to play at online casinos in Denmark?

Yes. Anyone over the age of 18 can play in licensed online casinos in Denmark. The Danish casino industry is fully regulated.

Is it safe to play at online casinos in Denmark?

Yes! It is completely safe to play in online casinos in Denmark, provided they have a Danish gambling license.

Is my personal data safe if I play at online casinos in Denmark?

All licensed Danish online casinos use SSL encryption technology to protect your personal and financial data.

Which is the best Danish online casino?

The online gambling market in Denmark is incredibly active, with many licensed and reputable operators to choose from. You can browse our list of recommended Danish casinos to find what offers you the best bonuses, payment methods and games for your taste and budget.

Can I claim bonus offers at a Danish online casino?

Danish online casinos are known for generous welcome bonuses, which usually include a deposit bonus and bonus spins for certain slots. They also offer cashback and recharge bonuses, as well as many other ways to increase your bankroll. Be sure to read the betting requirements before accepting the bonus offer, as well as the minimum deposit requirements and any winnings limits.