Live Dealer Online Casinos

When writing about a live casino, we do not mean the land-based halls that you physically visit, but the online versions in which the game is controlled by real dealers. Recently, this type of game has gained great popularity on the Internet and this is not accidental, but is the result of facts that allow you to experience the same emotion from your bets as is present in standard casinos. All you need to join a live casino game is a computer, laptop or mobile device and a stable internet connection. Just imagine - you can earn huge sums while traveling on public transport, during your lunch break or while resting in bed. Sounds great, right?

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Top Live Dealer Casinos Online

There are various live casino games that will give you the same excitement and fun that you would get in a physical casino. In the following paragraphs we will explain more about the various casino games with live croupiers, the offered bonuses and all the advantages of live casino bets. Here, at you can discover Live Casino reviews of exclusively selected brands which we  have listed for you on this page. We aim to update our lists rapidly, so you can expect only the best experience in finding the perfect casino with live dealers.


What do I need for live casino betting?

First of all, you need to find a suitable site that offers this type of game. In most licensed gambling sites, you will find the so-called. a live casino that you can activate with one click. There are several types of games waiting for you, as well as the opportunity to choose a dealer to play with. Different tables require different betting amounts.

If you have already targeted a site where you can bet, you can proceed to the next step, namely the installation of Flash Player. The latter is free software that you will find on the Internet. This program is needed to drive the video connection with the croupiers so that you can play safely on each of the suggested titles.

Last but not least, you need fast internet. However, these are real-time games, and they require good speed of your access to the network. If you meet this condition, then there is certainly nothing to stop you from activating one of the coolest casino titles.


Main differences between live casino and real casino

There are several major differences between live casino rooms and real casinos. The first difference is that anyone can join a live online casino at any time. To bet in a real hall, you must first travel to it. There are many betting sites that offer a wide variety of casino games with live dealers. The main advantage of the virtual casino is that there are many rooms in which the same games are played. This allows a large number of players to join the action at any time. In physical casinos, the tables are not so many and because the seats are limited, players often have to wait their turn.

In addition, with all online live casino games, you will be able to contact the croupier directly through the chat feature. Communication with other players is also possible and completely allowed.


What live dealer games are available?

You will usually find the standard ones on the bookmakers' websites: Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Hold'em poker. Some sites offer the opportunity to bet on varieties of roulette, Caribbean poker, three-card poker and more. You have the opportunity to review the proposals and choose the most interesting for you and your skills. In some cases, we are not just talking about casino games, but about popular entertainment, such as war, lottery, wheel of fortune and the like. They are also present live on the sites, so there will certainly be something to play on. We remind you that this is entertainment suitable for adults over 18 years of age, to whom we wish success in betting!


Main differences between live casino games and online casino games

In fact, the two types of casino games are extremely different. First of all, in online casino games the drawing, spinning, shuffling and rewarding are due to the so-called. Random Number Generator. In live croupier casino games, however, dealers perform all such actions.

In addition, most online games do not allow players to communicate with each other. This can be taken as a plus by some and as a minus by others. Another difference between the two types of games is the variety they offer. There is no denying that online games are usually much more than live casino games. Unfortunately, some online betting sites do not offer live casino games.


Availability of live casino bonuses

One of our favorite things about live casino games is the availability of various bonus offers offered by online betting platforms. A good casino will constantly have some sort of special promotion on offer to benefit its customers. For example, good welcome bonuses will give the player some extra cash to try out various games at the casino for free, or for a low deposit payment.

With their loyalty programs casinos reward players for their frequent deposits and wagers. Good loyalty programs will keep loyal players for a longer period in a specific casino.

VIP clients are especially rewarded with VIP bonuses. A good casino always has a good VIP program.

Usually, most bonuses have a unique code that you must enter in the appropriate field. The process is extremely easy and does not take more than a few seconds. And to get access to such a bonus code, you just have to follow closely the offers on our site!


Smaller bets

Another key advantage of most live dealer casino games is the ability to place smaller bets. Many land-based casinos require each player to bet a significant amount before joining the game. Not every gambler can afford to bet huge sums of money from the beginning. This makes live casino games a great alternative, because, with most of them, you can join the game with a minimum bet.

In general, a range of table limits and bet ranges should be provided. These should include: 

  • Low Limit Games: For beginners and the less adventurous risk-takers.
  • Standard Games: For the majority of gamblers.
  • High Limit Games: For high rollers and VIP players who enjoy taking the big risk.


Live dealer casino games via your mobile

In addition to enjoying a variety of live online casino games from your computer or laptop, you can try your luck directly from your mobile phone. Just go to your favorite online betting site and find the live dealer casino games section. The sites provide instant access to various live casino games, so everything will happen in a fast and dynamic way. In just a few seconds you will become one of the players at the tables for poker or live blackjack.
Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you will be able to bet on your favorite games from the comfort of a soft armchair or while basking in the sun in the garden.


Our recommendations for a live dealer online casino:

Before joining any betting website, you should first check a few things that prove its security and safety. First of all, the site must be licensed and have a rich collection of different games, including live dealer casino games. The second thing you need to pay attention to are the promotional offers provided to customers. Each reliable casino offers different casino offers to its players. These include a casino registration bonus and a loyalty bonus. Many people ignore the section on payment methods. This is a big mistake, as in some online casinos users have to pay large fees for each transaction. In addition, the time required to complete the process sometimes exceeds ten days, and this is not pleasant at all.

That is why it is important to choose a casino that guarantees you safe and fast transactions, non-stop fun and many opportunities for winnings.
Once you've chosen a reliable live casino from our list of recommendations, it's time to open the live dealer casino games section. Choose a game, sit at the virtual table and believe in your luck. And if you want to increase your profits, just take advantage of some of the bonuses available on our site now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live dealer casino?

This is a virtual casino where players are serviced by real dealers. The game takes place in real time. Special technique takes into account every action of the table.

How many live tables are there in an ordinary licensed online casino?

The number of live tables is different for each online gambling platform. For example, Winbet-88, PokerStars-6, Palms Bet-7, EfBet-38 etc.

Can I play live dealer casino games via my telephone?

You definitely can play your favourite live dealer casino games through your phone. You need a stable internet connection to avoid potential problems while playing at a live dealer online casino.

What are the most popular live dealer casino games?

The most popular live dealer casino games are Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Baccarat. Each game comes with several variations, and most of them are available in most online casino halls.

What language do the dealers speak?

Generally, in most leave dealer casinos the common language is English. Our recommendation is first to get familiar with the main vocabulary of the game and then enter the live dealer room.