Paypal Casinos

Convenience, speed, fun and as big winnings as possible - these are the main factors that determine the satisfaction of modern gambling. Payment methods that provide quick payouts and top security are preferred by more players. PayPal is one such category which offers a world-class quality of service hardly matched by any. Due to security issues and time constraints, less online gamblers prefer to use normal banking methods. Nowadays e-wallets are extremely popular as forms of payments as they are made securely and efficiently online. The global financial giant PayPal is among the names in this sector. It is offered by multiple well-regulated and reliable casinos you can find in our list of PayPal Casinos.

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PayPal is an American company launched in 1998. The main subject of activity of the company is to perform online money transfers across the world. PayPal offers a safe and easy way to receive and send funds online. Users are allowed to do these operations without any requirements to share their personal banking data. PayPal services are available in 202 countries and accept 25 currencies all over the world. PayPal has become a global leader in the online payment solutions. More than 260 million customers use the services of PayPal. The company received multiple awards, including for the “Best Financial Services Site”, 2006.

PayPal has been well known and preferred as a transparent and safe payment solution. This payment option occupies one of the top positions of the list with online casino payment methods

PayPal Casinos Advantages

When using PayPal as a payment method in online casinos you will find there a lot of benefits. You can read about the top favourites:

  • Safety: Thanks to the encryption services PayPal uses, customer details are protected at any time. Customer's financial and identity information is stored on an SSL multi-encrypted server and kept safe from malicious fraudsters. When transacting funds to a casino, PayPal does not provide the casino with your personal data. The only information needed is your username and password.
  • Speedy and convenient: What makes PayPal such a great payment method is the fact that it is quick and convenient offering speedy payouts. Deposit and withdrawal times are cut considerably. Deposits are usually completed instantly and withdrawals take not longer than 24 hours. Another great benefit of PayPal payment method is that it can be used directly from the phone and tablet device. The option to be used on the go makes it very convenient. 
  • Privacy and Anonymity: Many PayPal casino users enjoy the privacy and anonymity offered here. Players don't have to share their personal details with other individuals. They can be tracked only through the email address attached to their PayPal account. PayPal holds the rest of their information securely.
  • Special Features: PayPal offers extra special features to satisfy its customers. For each transfer a client makes, he will be awarded with points which will accumulate on his profile. These points can be exchanged for gifts, voucher, cashback bonuses and more. There is also a PayPal Mastercard available. This card comes with full consumer protection. 

PayPal Casinos Disadvantages

Nothing is perfect and there are a few disadvantages of PayPal as well:

  • Not widely available: PayPal casinos are not available in all areas. It is extremely difficult to find a PayPal casino UDA players can use. This falls in accordance with US regulation against online gambling in most states.
  • Dealing with a middle part: When using PayPal as a payment option there will always be a middle part.  It will never be a one-off process when wanting to transfer money to and from your bank and the casino. You will have to transfer your funds from your bank to PayPal and this can take a couple of working days. Only then you can make your deposit to the casino. With withdrawals you will have to repeat the procedure vice versa. All your details are verified on the system and this is not known to be a quick process. But be patient as good things come to those that wait.
  • Bonus restriction: There are several online casinos that will stop their bonuses and promotions to be used by players who choose to deposit and withdrawal their funds via PayPal. This is a precaution from bonus abusers, as it is difficult to track players who use e-wallets. 

Signing up at PayPal casino sites

When you wish to be able to receive funds and make regular deposits, it is better to register a free PayPal account. The registration of a PayPal account is a very simple and easy job. The registration can be done at PayPal official website. You will be required to give some personal information, and link your account to either your bank account or a debit/credit card. The account can be used instantly but there are some limits imposed upon spending, until complete verification is done on your account. The verification usually takes a few business days and then it can be used without any limits and restriction.

Then you choose an online casino that offers PayPal as a payment method. You go to its payment page, select PayPal as a chosen method of payment, write your username and password. At the end you enter the amount you would like to deposit. Then log in to your PayPal account to authorize the payment and complete the payment process. The funds will be deposited directly into your casino account. PayPal payment method is known for its convenience and speed when it comes to casino deposits. 

Withdrawing via PayPal

PayPal withdrawals are some of the fastest payouts available online. The casino needs some processing period for verifying your identity which generally takes not more than 24 hours. After that the payment will be sent to your account. From there the funds will be withdrawn by your bank. The process can take from a few hours to up to 3 days.

Why choose a PayPal Casino

As a reputable and trustworthy payment method PayPal is a test of casino safety and security. It only offers its services to casinos using the strictest and most secure security protocols. Any online casino that offers PayPal as one of its payment solutions is guaranteed to be licensed and fully regulated, offering instant pay-outs and a secure safe gambling experience to all its clients. The safety measures include fraud protection and advanced data protection. When using PayPal your bank card data will be never exposed or shared. PayPal casino customers will be protected on both sides – the casino has been tested as secure and your details will be protected in a very secure way. With PayPal Casinos your account and player information is secure at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use PayPal at online casinos?

This payment option is particularly attractive because it offers an extra layer of protection between your credit card / bank details and any online casino you use. This really offers you some effective damage control if something goes wrong. In general, the best casinos that accept PayPal will always be highly recommended by us.

Which countries accept PayPal?

PayPal is compatible with gambling transactions in a number of countries, mainly the EU. Unfortunately, Australian and American players cannot use PayPal.

What alternatives are there to PayPal?

If you are not happy with the use of your credit card or bank transfer for online gambling, there are various other e-wallets out there.

Are there any fees involved?

Yes, however, they will be minimal. Fees apply when currency conversion is required, so if you don't need to convert your funds, you can avoid these fees altogether.

Is PayPal a safe payment option?

Privacy is a huge part of what makes PayPal successful and all personal information is kept completely protected in the system. This is definitely the most secure web portfolio on the market today and the company always puts its customers first.