Video Poker

Playing free Video Poker games will fill you with thrills. You will meet a challenge in this game, because you must know the strategy well in order to grab the highest winning chances. Another feature that will appeal to you is the high return for the game, among the highest payouts possible in online games.

The manner of playing

First, choose the number of credit for playing on the spin. Typically you will be offered one to five credits. On many machines, you will, too, decide the amount for playing for each credit. Please consult the pay table about the prizes that you may get for the amount that you choose to play on.

Second, you will be dealt the cards, the first one for the game. To get the cards, press the Deal button. Typically the machine will simulate a five cards draw. You will get these cards from a standard deck of 52 cards. Sometimes one or more Jokers will be added. Then you must choose which of these cards you want to keep and which ones you are going to throw.

The cards you have discarded will be replaced with new cars, chosen at random from the remainder of the cards in the deck. Now about the object of your game. You must strive to achieve the best hand of five cards possible. The better hand you make, the more rewarding your winnings. You will be paid the value of your hand according to the pay table. The Video Poker variations can offer you up to 100 hands.                                                    

Brief information on paytables and returns

The good thing that will help you in playing Video Poker is that you will know the edge for the casino before the start of your gaming. Another expression for the return for the casino is house edge. Typically, for this type of game, it is around 3%. That means that the remainder, that is around 97%, will be for the players. You must look for information on the return in the paytable. You can make a comparison to playing Slots, where the return for you, the payouts, are not known beforehand. You can use paytables to choose poker which has good returns.

The most popular Video Poker games

The knowledge of the various Video Poker games will enable you to find the game most suited to your level of skills achieved and your preferences. You can achieve that knowledge with gaming, choosing from free video poker no download games. Games like Deuces Wild are suited to you if you are still learning. Later, when you are already seasoned, 100 hand games will match your need for challenge.

  • In Deuces Wild, a 2 will serve as a wildcard. You will get four of a kind payout for one third of the payback percentage for the game.
  • In Joker’s Wild, the Joker will be the wild. That Joker ads another winning hand in the five of a kind.
  • In the Jacks or Better variant, which is a common game in the Video Poker section, the payouts will start with a pair of Jacks. Another name for the full pay game is 9/6 Jacks or Better, because the payout for a full house equals 9 times the bet, and the payout for a flush equals 6 times the bet amount.
  • Tens or Better is a variation of Jack or Better. In that game, the minimum paying hand will be a 10s pair, not a Jack pair. The full house and the flush payouts are different from those for Deuces Wild.
  • All American Poker, as you can find by playing it, is similar to Jacks or Better. In that variant, the payouts are higher for flushes, for straights, and for straight flushes. However, the payouts for full houses and for two pairs are smaller.
  • There, too, you will find multi play Poker, in which you will begin with a base hand, and for each subsequent hand you will draw from a different cards set with the base hand. In multi play games, you will find options like Triple, Five, Ten, Fifty, and One Hundred Play.
  • In the course of playing Video Poker variants without a wildcard, you will get the four of a kind hand at a frequency of once for each 500 hands. The highest payout comes with the royal flush, but it is rare, and typically you must play many thousands of hands before you get it.

Your advantage in Video Poker

Your advantage will include not only your payouts, but, too, cashback, free play, and other comp perks.

Essential advice:

  • To get the most payout, play the maximum coins. Thus you will have the chance of getting the highest hand.
  • Please remember that the cards are selected randomly. There is no factor which can aid to make the machine act in an unfair way. The outcome of free video poker Slots depends on chance's randomness.
  • Usually you will find a slot club card. Be sure to use it, as this is an opportunity for free money, and can increase your edge. After you put that card in, check that the game will be able to read it, and that the connection is not lost.
  • To get the most winnings, it is worth searching for the site with the most generous machines. Some sites offer auspicious subscriptions.
  • In some Video Poker games, you will have the double up feature, and the bet you can make then will be with no house edge. If you just wish to play long, you had better decline that feature. But if you are striving for high volatility, it is worth accepting it, and you can maximize your returns in that way. To sum up, you can opt for higher or lower risk.
  • You will be interested in the rule for tipping. Generally you can tip from 0.5% to 1%. The smaller the jackpot is, the larger percentage is suitable. In games in which you will often get hand pays, you can only tip on large wins, or when the end of the session comes.

What bonus values you can expect

Online casinos regularly offer bonuses for new players, so after playing enough free video poker games to playthe time comes for real play. When you start playing for money, you will have your first deposits matched with appealing bonuses. Do not be misled in thinking that finally you will lose that amount as you play on. You can turn bonuses into lucrative features, if you play in the proper way. In most times, you will bust out early, and will not have to match the play requirement. So the expected return you will get will be close to your initial bankroll. Sometimes, when you hit an early royal, you will be able to match the requirements.

There is another tip that can help you to gain an even greater advantage: you should start with aggressive playing. However, if you are a novice, the standard strategy for Video Poker is the best policy. On some machines, the bonuses are unique, including progressive jackpots. They will urge you to play using more coins, and to play as often as you can. With luck, you can match the winnings of the former San Diego mayor, M.O’Connor, who won in excess of one billion dollars.

Video Poker lessons

Lessons in Video Poker will be great for teaching you strategies. There is no uniform strategy, each of the Video Poker varieties needs a different strategy. But it would be too time consuming and would mean spreading your efforts too much, if you decide to master all the strategies for the different varieties. Just decide on a variety that appeals to you, and you can find ways to master the strategy that variety needs. You can find plenty of advice and free Video Poker trainer online to help you in that. We can recommend Jacks or Better as the original game, which is easily available, and has rewarding returns. The strategy for that variety is among the easiest ones, so it is the correct choice for beginners. With it, you will start from the easiest variety, and afterwards you can decide to go on with a more complicated variety of Video Poker.

Taking advice and lessons in the game is a must. If you rely on your intuition and on guessing, you can easily lose. When you play Video Poker free, you will have great experience, and you will add to your knowledge about the strategy that you need to follow. Practice games are essential before you start playing seriously. Lessons will also teach you to look for good games of Video Poker. You can compare the paytables, and when you have decided on which variety to play, you can already more easily find the games that will match your needs. Look for practice games, you can do your gaming in them without registration. You can play them whenever you can spare the time, and as often as you need and like.