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The development of casino gaming industry needs instant payment solutions that cater to rapid deposits and withdrawals. It is of paramount importance, the way in which funds are transferred between players and casinos. It must synthesize in itself speed and security. Citadel Instant Banking is a popular payment platform supported by Citadel online casinos. This is an electronic money transfer service offered by the Canadian financial institution, Citadel Commerce. Citadel, generally works as a middle-man between the client's bank and the casino site, organizing payments in both directions.

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Some more facts about Citadel Instant Banking

Citadel Instant banking connects clients' bank accounts to merchants, service providers and online casinos all around the globe. Citadel processes transactions for their customers when depositing funds. For example, when a player makes a deposit to an online Citadel casino, he will use his own bank account to perform the payment. No credit or debit cards are used with this payment method. This digital payment system allows players to transfer and receive payments from merchants and online casinos directly from and to their bank accounts. There is no need to register any accounts. 

Historical details about Citadel Instant Banking

Citadel Banking is a successful creation by “The Citadel Commerce Corporation”. The banking platform was founded in 2000, in Vancouver, Canada. Very soon the company established itself on the market with its high-quality services. The company moved its business to Europe, setting its head office in London. Now Citadel offers its instant banking services as a fully registered payment institution. Since its establishment, Citadel has been building a reputation of one of the most popular financial platforms in e-commerce and online money transfers.

The way Citadel Instant Banking works - Deposits

For making a deposit with Citadel Instant Banking, the following steps must be followed:

  • Open an account with the chosen virtual Citadel casino;
  • Visit the Cashier Page;
  • Go to “Make Deposit” and click on Citadel Instant Banking;
  • Determine the amount for the deposit and click on “Proceed”;
  • Find your bank on the menu that will drop-down. Sign in to your bank account; 
  • Give your approval for the payment.

The transaction will be complete by Citadel in real-time. You will be allowed to start playing with no delay.

E-checks for depositing at Canadian online casinos: For depositing via Citadel to online casinos in Canada, there is an additional option. You can use e-checks. They are similar to paper checks but can be filled in online. They authorize your bank to transfer funds to the casino. Citadel will clear them for you instantly cutting down the processing time from 3-5 days to a few seconds. But unfortunately, this service comes with a fee of 6.9% the amount being transferred.


Not all the Citadel casinos allow withdrawals with this platform. But if you find one that does, you will be able to withdraw your winning without any delay. The next simple steps must be followed:

  • Visit the casino Cashier Page;
  • Click on “Withdrawal”;
  • Choose Citadel payment method;
  • Find your bank from the menu dropping down and fill in your banking information;
  • Approve the payment procession.

Users of Citadel online casinos can take advantage for using this payment method. Some virtual casinos that support Citadel banking offer special bonuses to their customers. There are also other advantages and disadvantages that are associated with this payment method which are covered in detail below:

Advantages when using Citadel Instant Casinos

  • Highly secure: Citadel banking provides its clients with high security regarding their privacy and banking details. When using this banking platform your confidential information is not exposed to any third-party sites. This means that Citadel online casinos will be unable to access their players' bank login details.
  • Highly rapid: Payments with Citadel banking are quickly finalized. Deposits are processed rapidly and in real-time to avoid any delays.
  • Highly supported: Citadel Instant banking is supported by a lot of financial institutions. Their services are available in more than 200 financial institutions working in 30 countries around the earth.
  • Highly flexible: Citadel banking allows clients to use it for instant payments and withdrawals as well. Users are provided with a great deal of flexibility as they are not required to open a Citadel account in order to use its services.

Disadvantages of Citadel Instant Banking

  • Allowed in a limited number of countries: This wonderful method of payment is supported by  selected countries and so is not accessible for all online gamblers around the earth. Even though the services of this banking platform are free, some countries will charge you with fee for every deposit you make.
  • Supported by a limited number of online casinos: Citadel is allowed in few casinos, which means that not all users will have the access to this amazing method of payment.
  • Limits - At times, Citadel banking sets certain upper limits on the deposit transactions which can be rather inconvenient for users. The limits are set at 3 deposits a day up to $10,000 or 10 deposits a month up to $40,000. The other limits the Citadel banking imposes depend on the country you reside and the bank your account belongs to.  
  • Fees - In general, Citadel Instant Banking offers its services for free. But there are some exceptions. Before making a deposit via Citadel, read all the terms and conditions your casino imposes for using this payment method.
  • Availability - Around 200 banks based in 30 countries worldwide provide access to Citadel Instant Banking.

The reasons that gamblers choose to use Citadel Instant banking as a means to fund their online casino accounts can be several: instant cash-outs, efficient banking, fairly cheap services, as well as privacy of all personal information from third parties. All these advantages make Citadel Instant a great online payment method. For easy access to the best Citadel Instant casinos, simply click on one of the top rated online casinos from our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I make payments with Citadel?

The citadel is accepted by many online retailers and online casinos.

Why to use Citadel?

Instant payments via Citadel are a great way to send and receive money in general, but also really great for gamblers because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Will I get a bonus if I deposit with Citadel?

Yes. Citadel Instant Banking transfers are eligible for any bonuses or promotions.

Are there any limitations to use Citadel?

You must be 18 years of age or older to use Citadel Instant Payments. And make sure your bank is one of the 300 banks that support Citadel payments.

How safe are instant payment by Citadel?

Instant payments from transactions via Citadel are completely secure, as they are protected from two-layer SSL encryption and you do not need to disclose your confidential data such as your bank account to the operator.