Playtech Online Casinos

The Playtech company has been a gaming software provider since the year 2000, committed to the development not only of casino software, but also to creating gaming systems of kiosk type, and also poker and bingo. 

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Playtech Online Casinos

The year 2005 – Playtech went public to be able to grow further. When in 2005 Playtech went out on the London Stock Exchange, it planned to raise more money and expand the company, and to acquire other companies. Naturally, also the goal was to gain credibility with gaming industry experts and with players.

Playtech after the UIGEA was passed in 2006 - UIGEA, passed in 2006, made Playtech announce publicly they would not be accepting US residing players: they wanted to mitigate any likely liability issues if they continued their US presence.

Award for Playtech as a Company of the Year 2010. The development of the software and the variety of games and applications have brought Playtech a lot of awards. These awards include the award for the Company of the Year title, a prestigious AIM International award which the company received in 2010.

The strategy of Playtech

The characteristic feature of Playtech is their strategy to get into all aspects of online gaming. So they engage in all online game types, starting for example from poker and going on right to their land based operations for gaming via the kiosks they open. On the one hand, that strategy makes Playtech good in all products that they undertake to develop. On the other hand, they are not too brilliant in these products.

The Playtech software has grown a lot in the period of functioning of the company. The platform it provides is solid, so it is chosen by some of the most prominent and legitimate casinos active online.

Together with the software, Playtech develops an array of applications. These applications include popular bingo, live gaming, and, too, TV gaming, also mobile gaming to provide fans with opportunities to play everywhere, at every time. Fans of skill based games, kiosk games, iPoker also find the necessary applications developed by Playtech. Poker fans are especially favored, with the offering of one of the largest network for poker playing available worldwide. One more type of applications, for sports betting, is also offered for online gaming fans who are keen sports fans too.

The Playtech user interface and capabilities

Legitimate casinos based on Playtech meet players with an interface which is absolutely user friendly. Added to this are new features which continuously optimize the playing and the entertainment for players. So online visitors and regular players who come to look for experiences like the ones they can get in brick and mortar casinos are pleased to find online gaming on Playtech based casinos is very close to real casino experiences. They get one more benefit by playing in online casinos, they sit comfortably at home or in a recreation spot and play with all the comforts possible.

When playing, everyone can have access at any time to their game history. There is the in-game chat feature for those who like chatting while playing. Enjoying bonuses and promotions which bring lucrative amounts is a matter of course. For those who reach VIP status, the VIP rewards are really outstanding.

Playing can be done for fun, and there is also a real money mode. So everyone can choose what mode to play in, to experience the pleasure of online casino gaming, or to add the opportunities for winning to it. Realistic gaming is surprisingly near, at players’ fingertips, as they choose instant play, or if they wish they can opt for the full download. With the mobile access they have yet another option to play in comfort.

Thanks to the integrated features in Playtech, players can customize their playing according to preferences. They can do that by choosing among screen modes, or choose the configurable game speed. The types of gaming also provide variety, to help everyone choose which experience would suit them the most. Players can opt for single hand playing, or multi hand one, or they can choose the multi window playing. There is also the capability of simultaneous game playing. With these features playing games on Playtech based casinos is a truly personal experience.

Playtech provided games

The variety of games is among the most liked features for those who play on Playtech based casinos. The games are many, and they are all quality games, to provide memorable experiences for both dedicated and novice players. Playtech is known mostly thanks to the variety in its collection of games, because everyone can find favorites and new games to become interested in.

The games that Playtech based casinos offer are in excess of 500. Table games and card games are a matter of course in the assortment, and they come in a large variety. The list of games continues with many players’ favorite video poker. But there are many more types of games which players can find and start playing with delight: they can opt for scratch cards, or choose games with fixed odds. Fans of classic 3 reel slots will be pleased to find them in Playtech based gaming too. Video slots of multi line type are another range of games found, and exclusive casino games are there to please their fans. Aficionados of progressive jackpots will, too, be pleased to find them with Playtech.

Security of Playtech software

The security that players look for when playing on online casinos can rest assured that they will get the most stringent security during their playing and also during their banking activities. They can be sure of easy access, whenever they need, to real time transactions.

Playtech – a continuously improving software supporting online casinos in a number of countries. Thanks to its customized gaming experiences, and new and new innovative solutions, Playtech is an established software for a number of reputable casinos, including the most reputed UK casino worldwide, as well as trusted Canadian, Australian, South African casinos, though they do not accept US players. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Playtech?

Playtech are a well-known provider of entertainment software. They are pioneers in developing exciting new technologies for your online gaming experience - providing a wide variety of games and services to players around the world.

What games are they responsible for?

Playtech games include poker, in particular their iPoker system, sports betting options, live games, and a number of other casino games. They have a number of entertainment brands, so they offer a wide range of themed casino games.

Where can I play their games online?

You can play their games at a registered and licensed Playtech casino. Always make sure you play Playtech games using only casinos that legally operate their casino games.

Are Playtech games safe?

Definitely! Playtech games are safe and secure, as well as great to play.

How can I win?

It's all about the luck of the draw, as they say. However, there are a few small steps you can take to help you win more often than you lose. For example, you can be sure that you will never gamble only when you are cold sober. You can set a bank limit and follow good bank management practices. But the biggest thing you can do is make sure you play in a safe and legal online casino.