Mobile Casinos

The pleasure of playing your favorite casino games wherever you are is unique. This is provided through the available mobile versions of online casino sites and special betting applications. A mobile casino can be called such an online casino, which provides its services in a convenient version for phones. The purpose of online casinos is to make all their games, bonus offers and features in full site versions fully accessible on their mobile services. In this way, they enable their users to access them no matter where they are at the moment. All they have to do is have an internet connection to access their account and start the games.

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The high developing mobile technology made it possible for mobile casinos to come into existence. Over the past few years, the mobile casino industry has blossomed, and more and more mobile casinos have made their appearance. With a hand-sized computer in your hand, faster internet browsing speed and superb graphics, mobile phones can do almost everything a computer can. 



There are two main ways in which mobile casinos are accessible to customers. These are:

*via a mobile version of the casino, and
*via mobile casino application.

When an online casino is accessible via a mobile site version, it means that it is loaded via a mobile browser. You just need to enter the site address through your mobile device and load the casino. You will automatically load its mobile version, which is adapted for use via smartphones and tablets. Everything in it is designed to be comfortable for phones and the much smaller screens they have compared to monitors and laptops.

When we talk about a casino application, we are most often talking about applications of the two most popular operating systems. These are the Android applications and iOS applications that are most used by users. Mobile applications require download and installation to be accessible. Subsequently, entering the games is quite easy and fast.

It is important to specify that both types of mobile services, in most cases, provide the same options for players.



Every online casino strives to offer the maximum variety of slot offers. To this end, casinos partner with a variety of developers, whose games they integrate into their sites. When it comes to slot games over the phone, the options are also plentiful. Some of the online slots that are available in the full site versions of casinos may not be available through their mobile services. This is due to the technology itself in some games, which is not supported by mobile devices and thus these slots become unusable on phones. However, most slots are available through any device.

One of the advantages of mobile slot games is that they are available in full screen. In this way the emotion of the game itself is significantly improved and you will be able to have fun with the various offers at any time. Another plus is the free game option. It is available both through desktop casinos and through mobile versions and applications. In this way, bettors have the opportunity to try a specific offer for free, and then decide whether it is worth betting with real money.


Reasons to play at mobile casinos:

Mobile casinos have appeared on the iGaming stage and have become a popular form of entertainment. Here are some very important reasons to play at mobile casinos. We would like to share some recommendations too.


*First Reason: Convenience is the Key

You are either at work, on the bus, in the train, you can play your favourite mobile casino game using your phone or tablet. You won't be bored during the long traffic jam as mobile casinos bring the fun to you!
Through HTML5 there won't be necessary to download a mobile casino app. You have the access to play directly from your mobile browser.

Top advice: Sign up and start playing at Leo Vegas Casino. Today will be welcomed by an attractive bonus package of up to £1600 in cash and 120 free spins.


*Second Reason: Interesting Casino Games

At the beginning not many casino games were available to be played on mobile devices. But that’s no longer the case! A big number of software providers create casino games fully compatible for mobile devices. Almost every online casino can be used on a mobile device without losing any fun. Players have complete access to the best new releases. 

Top recommendation: Play your favourite casino games on the go. It is nice, fun and exciting. Nowadays there are thousands of mobile casino games to choose from including gambling games. For mobile gamblers, there are hundreds of slots, live casino games and traditional card games to choose from such as blackjack, baccarat and poker. 


*Third Reason: Special offers and Bonus Rounds 

Many mobile casinos provide exciting offers for their new and regular customers. There are special rewards and bonus packages on a daily / monthly / weekend schedule. Actually, multiple big winner stories can be connected with players enjoying their mobile casino slot games. Take advantage to the fantastic offers. Try not to miss any. And your lucky day to win in style will come soon.  

Top suggestion: Experience some of the top online casinos at on your mobile devices. Open your own account and enjoy a generous welcome package and free spins too. 



If you will use the services of a specific online casino only through its desktop version, you may not need its mobile offers. However, if you have to bet on the go or want to play only through the mobile version and application, it is good to get acquainted with some things. The features listed below will help you choose a good mobile casino. 

  • Stable application or mobile version - This factor is extremely important, because in case of problems with the mobile services of a particular casino, you will not get maximum satisfaction from your game. It is important that its mobile application or mobile site version works well and without problems.
  • More games - When choosing a casino, you will most likely look at its services through the desktop version, but our advice is to take a look at its mobile offers which include some of your favorite games.
  • Bonuses - Be sure to check if all the bonus offers of a particular online casino are available through its mobile services. Normally, there should be no differences, and even some casinos give extra free spins and bonuses for using their mobile casino.
  • Payment options - When choosing a mobile casino, it is good to pay attention to the deposit and withdrawal methods that are supported. This is because there may be differences between the full and mobile payment options accepted. If you plan to use only the mobile services of a brand, be sure that the payment options you use are supported there.
  • Quality support - An additional factor in choosing a mobile casino is the level of customer service. Usually, all the options available for contacting the casino staff in the full version of the site should be available through its mobile service. However, check this out and make sure it is.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play all the casino games on my phone?

Most casino slots and live games are accessible via mobile devices, but there are still a small number that are not available. This is due to the technology with which they are created.

Should I use a mobile casino app or a mobile version?

It is a matter of personal choice and preference. However, some online casinos only have mobile versions of their sites, but others also have applications. When this is the case, mobile casino applications are more recommended.

Are casino games available for free over the phone?

Yes, online casinos provide their slots with free demos both through their full sites and through the mobile services they have. So they can try completely free.

Are mobile casinos safe?

Quite often gamblers wonder if mobile casinos are safe to use. Our opinion is that they are reliable and secure enough, at least as much as their desktop equivalents. As long as you do not allow access to your account by people who would abuse it, you should have no problems.

I do not have a registration in an online casino. Can I do it directly from its mobile version?

Yes, you can register through the mobile version of the online casino you want to play at.