How to choose an online casino

How to choose an online casino

Online casinos are flourishing nowadays and they present a major share of the gambling business. Online casinos appear every day. Some of them stop working. Nowadays players are offered the opportunity to choose from more than 2500. To choose the casino that responds to your preferences, it is necessary that you check if the definite online casino accepts players from the country you live in. Another issue that should be checked in advance is the casino's reputation if the casino is loyal to the players. The second step is to choose a casino that offers customer support in your language. Another thing that can attract players would be the design of the casino website or the selection of games. does its best to list casinos that have most of the characteristics described above. Players are provided with the freedom to use our list of casinos so that they can find the most suitable online casino for you.

Most of the players are interested only in the bonuses they can receive and they do not pay attention to other features the casino they play at offers. What we recommend to players is that they search for loyal online casinos that are honest with their players. That’s the tips on how to choose the best casino for you offered by

1. Accept players from your Country

The first important issue you have to pay attention to is if the casino accepts players from the country you live in. Many countries do not allow online casinos to operate in their territories. In fact, not all countries prohibit every casino.

If you are from a country that is not accepted by the casino, you are allowed to register and play but if you win, you have to prove a residence from another country. Тhis should be written in their terms and conditions section.

One useful tip: If you are not sure, you are advised to ask the casino through online chat before depositing any funds to it. You can write your question in this way: “Hello, I am a player from (write the name of the country you live in). Am I allowed to register in your casino, to deposit money, to play and finally if it happens to win, to withdraw my winnings? If the answer is a positive one, make a screenshot of the conversation and save it to have a proof.

2. Good Reputation

The second thing players are advised to check is if the online casino you have selected has a loyal reputation. Players will be able to find out if the casino is a reliable one after they have won a good amount of money and the casino pays out your money easily. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cases where players have been cheated by casinos.

Some of the most usual disloyal practices are:

  • The online casino does not want to pay out the money the player has won. Some casinos regard the player’s winning as a software error. The casino tries to persuade the player to accept a compensation of 10-20 % of the money the player has won.
  • The online casino requires that the player play further in order to be able to receive the money.
  • The casino defines very low withdrawal restrictions that make it impossible to withdraw a larger amount of money.
  • Casinos delay paying out the winnings for weeks or even months. The online casino continuously requires verification of the player’s identity.
  • The casino gives justification why it does not pay out the winnings.
  • The casino offers the players manipulated games that do not have a license. These games are a copy of famous games designed by loyal game developers; basically, it is difficult to distinguish them from the original ones.
  • The online casino sees every player who converts bonus into money as a bonus abuser and it denies all the money the player deserves to receive.
  • Since these are practices that happen often, players are recommended that they check before depositing money if an online casino has a loyal reputation. com regularly checks the reputation of different casinos on our list. If we find that an online casino is not loyal to its customers, we will take it off the list.

One important tip from Players have to know that an online casino can cheat them even if nobody has complained about it so far. Some time has to pass for first players to write complaints about a casino and sometimes it turns out that you may be the first player to complain. What is more, there are cases when there are also complaints about casinos that have loyal reputation towards players.

3. Online gaming regulators

Each online casino officially operates in a given country. In order to be able to operate an online casino in a given country, the country should have loyal legislation towards online gambling. Licenses can be issued by the country which will regulate and tax the online gaming of its residents

(Romania, UK, Belgium, etc.) or by the jurisdictions that will allow casinos to perform international business ( Malta, Gibraltar, etc.).

If an online casino refuses to pay the legitimate winnings of its players, the only opportunity that players have is to write to the regulator that issued the license to the online casino. Only then will you understand how vital it was to select a casino taking into consideration the regulatory authority that issued the license. A loyal regulator will always stick to fair gambling. It has to verify and research each player’s complaint. If there is a serious violation of the rules by an online casino, it may revoke the online casino license.

However, there are some regulators where it is impossible to reach a contact form to write your complaint (Costa Rica, Panama, Seychelles).  Players have to be careful in this case.

Curaçao and Gibraltar are regulators which are known for providing the players with the chance to obtain justice. But they are also popular for being lax.

Malta, Alderney, and Isle of Man stand out as loyal license authorities. If a conflict appears with a casino whose license is issued by one of these authorities, you have to be sure that you have the chance to receive justice.

4. Withdrawal Limits

If it happens that you win a large amount of money in a small casino, this will cause serious problems to its cash flow. It is very likely that the casino will act dishonestly. The online casino may experience insolvency.

There are slot machines that have a very high variance that players are able to win 5000 times their bet in only one spin. In this case if a player bets $ 50 they may win $250,000. Casinos do not prefer defining betting limits because they do not want to discourage the richest players. Some other casinos often set the highest withdrawal limit. In these cases, players can see that an online casino cannot boast of high revenues and if players have large winnings it will take them a long time to be able to withdraw the money.

What players are advised to do before playing is to check the financial capabilities of an online casino. You have to make sure that a casino can pay out even a winning of 5000 times your bet. If it happens that you win a large amount of money and the casino does not pay you off, this can have a negative impact on your mental health.

 What else you should also check is the withdrawal limit.

In order to make players’ lives easier, verifies the financial strength of an online casino. You can see the withdrawal limits of each casino on our list. We also do our best to verify a win amount which we think it will not be a problem.

5. Online Casino Games

If a player wants to play a specific game he likes, he will search for such online casinos which offer this particular game. The list of casinos prepared by will assist you in finding an online casino that offers games by the game provider you prefer.

Different players seem to have different preferences. Some of them tend to choose table games - for example: blackjack, baccarat or roulette.

If traditional roulette is not enough for a player, some casinos experiment with new types of roulette. The three most popular types are: European, American and French roulette. For example, a type of roulette with two balls and a chance to win the jackpot. It offers players more wagering options. If you want to play professionally, you should only choose real physical wheels.

Another type of games that are offered by online casinos are slot machines. The difference between casinos is based on the number of games they provide. If you prefer slot machines, check which casinos offer the greatest variety of games you can choose from. If classic slots appeal to you, like Sizzling Hot Deluxe or Book of Ra, you will be happy to find your game on a list of games.

Some players may prefer scratch cards which are not offered by most of the casinos. The list provides a list of online casinos offering scratch cards.

If a player simply does not have a game he prefers, he is able to try a lot of casino games for free at our website - We list all of the casinos that provide a given game.

6. Online Casino’s Language

Many online casinos translate their site into various languages so that communication between players and the casino is easier.

If a given site is translated in your mother tongue, you will be able to understand the terms and conditions of a casino.

7. Quick and reliable customer support

Every player would prefer quick and reliable support. Dependable customer support should offer 24/7 live chat with a polite and helpful agent.

8. Attractive and easily withdrawn bonuses

Online casinos do their best to welcome players using promotions in the form of bonuses. The loyal use of bonuses can help an avid player reduce his costs for online gambling. There are some players who rely completely on bonus abuse to obtain a long-term profit.

If you play in an online casino, you are recommended to understand the bonuses and the requirements even when your goal is not a bonus abuse. There are some bonuses which you are advised to accept. However, there are other bonuses that are connected with unfavorable conditions which are not worth it. For example, there is a deposit bonus where the wagering requirements refer to a deposit and bonus together. Where there are high wagering requirements, the bonus will restrict your bets and you will not be able to withdraw your money until you meet the wagering requirements.

To make players’ lives easier has highlighted bonuses according to the amount of benefit a player can receive.

9. The design of the online casino

The design of an online casino website is that thing that will attract players’ attention at first glance.

One can notice that rich casinos have well developed and designed websites. The design of a casino doesn’t seem an easy task because it is a competitive aspect between different casinos.

Websites that offer not so attractive designs may speak of a lower budget. Players should not estimate a casino from their first impression of their websites.

10. Players prefer playing on their mobile phones or tablets

Access to mobile games is a new aspect of quality in online casino development. will help you to select online casinos which support mobile games. We show information for every online casino on our list if it supports mobile games.

11. Deposit, withdrawal and fees

In the process of searching for an online casino, you are advised that you first consider its deposit and withdrawal requirements. What else matters is the fees for a debit card payment and how long you have to wait for withdrawal. If the money has to be transferred to a bank account, it can take about 7 days.

Some players find it a convenient option to use online wallets such as Skrill or Neteller or prepaid cards such as Paysafecard. Another not-so-popular option is to make a deposit using a mobile operator but not all casinos provide such deposit options. Players can find payment options for every online casino on our list.

A player should know that casinos usually verify players’ identity before their first withdrawal. You have to prepare a scan of your ID card, a document stating your place of residence. It is a good idea you check which documents are asked by the online casino to verify your identity.

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