Jackpot Slots

The word Jackpot will immediately suggest the idea of a pile of money, a huge amount that can definitely change your life. Actually when you are invited to play a jackpot slot game, it is a promise of a lucrative end to your gameplay. There are two types of jackpot slots. The first type is with the best payout being the jackpot. The second type are progressive jackpot games in which the jackpot is formed by pooling the amounts bet by all players so that these jackpots can rise to mind-boggling heights.

Types of Jackpot Slot Machines

The jackpot slot is exactly what it says - a slot machine with a jackpot prize that is the biggest potential win. There are several types of jackpot slots, including:

  • Progressive Jackpots: Progressive jackpots offer millions of prizes - but they are hard to win. This type of jackpots cover extensive networks and increase each time a player bets. Each bet contributes a small percentage to the biggest prize. The basic idea behind this type of slots is that every time a player makes a bet, a percentage of the bet goes to the pool for the giant cash prize. The popularity of this type of game works in its favour, leading to many bets per day and a massive final cash prize. While this may seem exciting, the only downside is that the huge popularity of this game makes it difficult to hit the jackpot on a network that can be regional or even international.
  • Local Jackpots: Local jackpots work just like progressive jackpot slots. They have a prize pool that is formed exclusively by bets made by players at a particular casino. The game is localized - this means that the progressive value of the jackpot can only increase because of the bets in the particular casino. Although this varies from one casino to another, there will likely be up to ten games that collect jackpot slots. This is interestingly related to the luck of the game - the more games, the more money accumulated. The total amount of the jackpot can only be won by players registered in a given casino. On the other hand, even if the games in two casinos can be the same, the jackpot you can win can vary drastically from one to another. This comes from the fact that the type, kind and number of bets will invariably differ between the two casinos.
  • Network or Pooled Jackpots: Network or pooled jackpots offer the biggest prizes of all. Each bet made for a specific combined jackpot game in multiple casinos contributes to the biggest prize. Real money payouts are stunning. The method for this is simple - different players in different casinos (usually from the same jackpot slot provider) will often play for the same jackpot. Since anyone playing the same game contributes to the jackpot, the potential payout for hitting the jackpot can be significant, but at the same time it can become more difficult to hit the right combination to get the jackpot.
  • Fixed Jackpots: Fixed jackpots, also known as non-progressive jackpots, do not change. They have a feature in the slot game that is not affected by the players' bets. These are the usual slots you see in some of the best casinos. Although you can still win huge prizes by betting on these slots, the upper limit of the prize you can win has already been decided. Theoretically, even if you have to have more people placing bets, the amount of the prize will not change, as there is a limit to the total cash prize. Unlike progressive slots, no matter how much time is between jackpots, cash prizes will not change and the amount is usually fixed, for example a certain amount of money for certain slot combinations.
  • Slots with Multiple Jackpots: Playing a slot game with multiple jackpots is a profitable deal - the game gives players a chance to place bets that can allow them to win several jackpots at once. Multiple jackpot slots are just such slots with additional jackpots that are usually triggered during bonus games. However, some are triggered randomly. A popular slot with multiple jackpots is Mega Moolah from Microgaming, which has a total of four jackpots!

The Way Jackpot Slots Work

There are a number of factors that affect the way jackpots work. First, the number of reels can affect the likelihood of hitting the jackpot. The more reels, the harder it is to hit it, so to increase your chances, play classic slots that have only between 3-7 reels.

Another factor is the minimum and maximum of the coin size. If the minimum slot machine is $ 0.01 and the maximum is $ 0.10, it will pay less than a machine that has a minimum bet of $ 0.05 and a maximum of $ 0.25. Often, more reel slots have high maximum but standard minimum, such as $ 0.01 or $ 0.05. Playing the maximum number of paylines increases your chances of winning, but it is more expensive than just playing one line. Some machines offer up to 80 or more winning paylines!

You should also consider whether the slot game offers more than one jackpot, as the base jackpot is not always the biggest payout on offer. For example, the base jackpot may be worth 4,000 coins, but bonus games may include another worth 6,000.

Jackpot Slot Bonuses

Bonuses are an essential part of the jackpot world, allowing users to receive additional rewards and benefits by betting the game all the way to the exciting jackpots to create the titles that all players want to win. There is no set rule for how often bonuses are triggered or what they will be, as this varies from provider to provider. However, most of them include an element of free spins, multipliers, re-spins or spins of the "wheel of fortune".

When you play progressive slot games online, multipliers and bonuses can be offered. This kind of in-game bonus can help you increase your chances of winning or increase the amount you can potentially win. Multipliers are available in most games. The most common among them can be seen in free spins. Others may be wild multipliers, and they have the ability to seriously increase the prize to huge amounts.

Just as progressive jackpots exist, so do progressive multipliers. Getting them can mean that each time you take a specific action, the multiplier gradually increases in value. Finally, bet multipliers can be found by pressing a predetermined number of scatter symbols or by pressing more symbols than originally needed to receive the bonus.

Jackpot Slot Providers

The following developers are among the industrial leaders that have created some of the best jackpot slot games available online:

  • Microgaming: This is one of the oldest names in the world of software developers that have helped gamblers win some of biggest jackpots in the history. Mega Moolah, Major Millions, Treasure Nile are just a few of the titles, successful creations by Microgaming,  that are a gold mine for jackpot slot game lovers around the world.
  • RTG: Real Time Gaming or RTG is another popular game software developer. Their famous jackpot slot games include titles like Aztec's Millions, Jackpot Piriatas, Shopping Spree etc. 
  • NetEnt: Net Entertainment or NetEnt is the name of a software game developer that is well known in online casino market with their cutting-edge gaming content. The list of their game creations is endless, including Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Cosmic Fortune, Arabian Nights and more.
  • Yggdrasil: Yggdrasil is an online provider of jackpot slots, whose name is inspired by the old Norse mythology theme. This provider is well known in the gaming space for its excellent design and gameplay and jackpot slots such as Joker Millions, Empire Fortune, Jackpot Riders, Ozwin’s jackpots and more.

How to Choose a Good Jackpot Slot

There are many factors to consider before deciding to play a particular jackpot game. Firstly, you need to consider your total jackpot budget. It's also a good idea to consider exactly what you're aiming for in terms of rewards. For example, a mega prize game may seem like a smart idea, but there is a greater risk of losing your money because there are probably more people trying to win this jackpot. Information about the jackpot slots which you can collect online can be also useful.  This may include averages, the total amount currently collected, and how often the jackpot is triggered to get a better idea of when the time is right to play your favorite jackpot slot.

Here are some quick tips you can use when choosing your next jackpot slot game:

  • Look for bonus features: As the world of online jackpot slot games grows, each game offers its players more and more features that can give them a boost in the gameplay. Bonus games, re-spins, wilds, multipliers, etc. will work to make your gaming experience even more rewarding.
  • Consider the jackpot: As you browse the game, explore also the type of jackpot it offers. Is it progressive, fixed, networked, or localized? All of these factors can change the kind of return you can get while playing the game.
  • Check the RTP and Volatility: RTP and volatility can both affect your in-game costs, so it's a smart idea to consider how close the game is to your expectations and your overall budget.

RTP helps you understand the chances of getting your money back throughout the gameplay. A High RTP means you have a better chance of making a good return on your money, while a Low RTP may show a lower chance of a return. Variance or volatility helps you understand how much risk there is in the game, which can be significant depending on your budget. High volatility indicates high risk, but also a chance for a huge reward - in contrast, Low volatility indicates low risk but smaller rewards.

How to Win the Jackpot

It is important to know that there is no magic formula for winning a jackpot. But having a jackpot strategy can help you have a better overall experience and keep the fun. Here are our best tips:

  • Create your jackpot budget and keep your limitations;
  • Make your investigations about the game and its features by playing it for free first;
  • Choose a jackpot slot game based on the themes you like and you will keep the fun.
  • It's up to you to use jackpot tracking tools available online (but know that you cannot rely on them only).
  • Follow the bonuses and promotions the best casinos offer for extra spins and increase your chances of winning.
  • Always read the fine print for details about terms and conditions set by the game. You will know exactly how to claim rewards.

The most fascinating and enticing aspect of playing jackpot slot games has always been the risk element - you won't always get the money you put back, but you can just get a prize that will be worth it in the end. Risk is part of the thrill and excitement. People are always drawn to the idea of playing with what they see as chance and luck, so it's only natural to wonder how likely it is to win huge jackpots worth millions. The jackpot will always have an element of relying on luck and chance, and that's what makes the game so challenging, unique and interesting. So while we can never know exactly what will happen in the jackpot, we can always make smart decisions that help improve our chances of becoming the big winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between progressive and non-progressive slots?

At first glance, you may not notice any difference, as most of the gameplay and aesthetics of the two slots may be similar. However, the main difference between the two types of slots can be understood when we look at the jackpot itself. When you play a non-progressive jackpot slot, the prize you receive is fixed.

Are jackpot slots fair and reliable?

Yes, they are fair because they are random, thanks to the RNG mechanism. We also recommend only casinos with progressive jackpots that are licensed and regulated by industrial authorities. Casinos with unfair games could not pass the test of these strict regulations.

How often do players win jackpots?

All online slots, including jackpot slots, use a computerized random number generator (RNG), making it difficult to say how often jackpots drop. Stubborn slot jackpot players have calculated that some jackpot slots, such as Mega Moolah, have winnings every 4-6 weeks, while the Hall of Gods jackpot drops on average every 5 months. But this is not a guarantee.

Are there any bonuses offered in jackpot slots?

Yes! In most jackpot slots you can win bonus rounds and features that help you get an extra boost to the jackpot. Bonuses are most often earned by creating additional special combinations and can lead to free spins, re-spins and multipliers.

When will I get my jackpot wins?

It all depends on the casino where you won your jackpot prize. Some casinos may organize a full transfer to your account within a few weeks, others may take a year or more. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions carefully to avoid disappointment.