Roulette Online

Roulette is a favorite choice among online casino Table Games. It is a game where chance can be rewarding, with big wins for you. You can be especially lucky if you bet on a single number, or on a specific color. But it is always entertaining to engage in playing roulette online free. Just prepare to find out what chance has prepared for you. When the wheel starts spinning, prepare for an unexpected result. It is that feeling of unexpected outcome which attracts punters and makes them aficionados of roulette gaming.

Furthermore, modern Roulette games come with additional features, which will award extra bonuses and of course more thrills. By playing such games, developed by prime software companies like Playtech, you will combine the roulette experience with that of Slots bonus rounds.

The Bets in Roulette

The essence of this game is to bet on a slot on the wheel, or on a color, and hope for it to become winning. There are other betting options as well. You can bet on any of the 36 numbers, plus the zero in European roulette, or the two zeros in the American roulette.

When you bet on a color, then you will win if the ball stops on any number which has the color chosen by you. You can bet on groups of numbers then. For example, you can select the first 12 numbers, or the first 18, etc. There are also other options for choice, betting on an odd number, on an even number, or on a row.

Another group of bets is that of inside and outside ones. They are related to the two rings on the wheel. You can choose one of these rings, and a category on it, to bet on. When you choose the inside bet, on the inner ring, you can bet on a single, double, etc., up to a bet on six numbers. If you choose the outer ring, you can bet on a dozen row, on a dozen group bet, on a color, on odd or even, and on low or high numbers.

In the European version of Roulette, you will also have the “en prison”option, with which you will get a safety net. If the ball stops on zero, you will get another chance, and you can make another bet, or get half of the bet amount.

Below you can learn about the major types of Roulette Games:

Classic Roulette

For playing Classic Roulette, you must get credits. During the game you can get more credits, too. When you exit the game, the amounts you have will be saved and transferred to your balance. You can cash out amounts while you are in the game.

That is the way you can bet: choose a chip value, and a number on which you want to place your bet on, then click on the number. When you wager, your amount must be at least equal to the minimum amount, and not larger than the maximum limit for the table. After placing you wager, you must click on the Spin button. You must strive to anticipate where the ball will finally land on the wheel. Consult the paytable: there you can see the displayed bets and paybacks.

You can place your wagers by left clicking the mouse on the spot selected. With one click you place one chip on the spot. The top chip in the stack will show the total amount for the bet. You can remove a wager by pressing on the keyboard and simultaneously left clicking. You can also remove all your wagers by using the Clear Bets button.

European Roulette

In European Roulette, the wheel has the numbers 0 to 36 displayed. The winning odds in this type are 1 to 37. In European Roulette, compared to American Roulette, the winning odds are higher, but the stakes are very reduced. In it, the house edge is 2.7%. So when you play the European variant, your losses will be smaller if you happen to lose. The number placements on the wheel are assigned at random.

Another peculiarity of this type of Roulette is that there are many formalities. Firstly, when you play online free roulette of European type, you can pay the croupier so that the ball will start from your chosen spot on the wheel. Another peculiarity is the “la partage” rule. According to it, after a spin of 0, you can leave your bet on the same spot where you first placed it before the 0 spin: this is called leaving your bet “in prison”. This is done so that you can try to recover the loss.

American Roulette

In this type, the wheel design is different from the design of the European variant. There is a 00 pocket, besides the other spots. So the house advantage is higher if you compare it to the European variant: it is 5.27%, and the larger number of spots contributes for that. The winning odds are 1 to 38.

Another peculiarity here is that the numbers are placed in a logical order, opposite each other, for example you find 9 opposite 10, etc.

The rules in American roulette are the same as for the European variant. But in general European roulette is more beneficial in wins, so it is vastly preferred. It is up to you to try the American variant, too, as a type of free Roulette games online.

French Roulette

Many people believe that French Roulette is the original, the first version of that game. It is widely popular not only in France, but in the United Kingdom too. The house edge is the same as for European Roulette: 2.7%. The boxes for the pockets on the wheel are all red colored. The words and numbers on the table are in French.

In this variant, you will have different winning chances. This is due to the “la partage” rule.In the French variant the players who use the even money bet all stand great winning chances. If the ball lands in the 0 pocket, the players who have made bets will get half of their amounts. In such case the house edge drops to 1.35%.

Thanks to the higher chances of winnings for you and, too, for increasing your stake, it is better, if you are a new gamer, to try French roulette, before you try the other variants.

Mini Roulette

You will find Mini Roulette has a lot in common with American and French Roulette variants. The difference is in the number of spaces on the table, and in the odds. This game is a smaller version of the classic variant, with fewer numbers. The winning chance is 1 to 13. When the ball lands on 0, you will get 50% payback.

Besides the higher odds, this type enables you to play roulette online for free if you want to practice your skills, and do some casual gaming while you are playing other games on an online casino, or watching a sportsbook.

Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro is a Playtech variant. In it, the wheel, the table, the wagers, the way of playing are familiar from other Roulette variants. The Pro, or Professional, series features crisp graphics and sound effects. That makes you sense a lifelike casino ambience around you, so the realistic feeling makes it greater fun to play, as you feel a professional.

Multi Wheel Roulette

In this variant, you must guess where the ball will land on one, or on more of the wheels that spin during the game. The limits for the wagers apply per wheel. You can put chips into different areas simultaneously, in order to bet. The default is that all the roulette wheels are active. But you can deactivate some of them, up to five wheels. To deactivate a wheel, click on its image.

After a spin, for each wheel you will see the win amount. You can also watch the buck markers on the table which correspond to the active wheels. For each marker, there is a different color, the same color as the one of the respective wheel’s background. If for two wheels the same number is spun, you will see one marker, and the color will switch from one to the other periodically.

Live Roulette

In this variant, you can play Roulette on the Live Casino, serviced by live dealers. As you play, you can chat with the dealers. The excitement of playing will be enhanced by the presence of live dealers, so you will feel special and enjoy the live experience. When you hear the real casino sounds and communicate with the live dealers, it will be a very real experience. You can even benefit from special bonuses extended for making your first deposit by online casinos.

The house edge and the roulette strategy

When you take house edge into account, you can have a more winning strategy. The low house edge will enable you to win more easily. Once again let us remind you that European roulette comes with a low house edge. That is due to the fewer holes on the wheel compared to American roulette. With the extra zero, you will stand more chances of losing.