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The first step to starting a real money online casino is to get a license. Obtaining a gambling license is one of the most important steps towards entering the online casino scene in order to gain the trust of your players and avoid problems with international law.  When you decide that online casino gambling is your form of leisure, you need to consider the good practices for where you live. And when you have to travel to continue playing your favorite games, you must also comply with the jurisdictions of the respective countries in order to comply with local laws. On our website you will find information about the most famous gambling regulators issuing licenses and performing regulatory procedures for operating casinos worldwide. Players who want to play slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and any other amazing casino game available to online players must first make sure that the casino of their choice has all the licenses required for legal betting.

What is a gambling license?

Every business on the Internet needs some form of trust. In the field of sports betting and online casino games, everything is arranged in a very good way, because the authenticity of online operators is certified by a license. Without such a license, these sites simply cannot exist.

The gambling license is issued by the relevant regulatory authorities upon submission of an application by the online operator. In order to obtain a license, applicants must meet certain conditions, including disclosure of their financial condition. In this way, they prove that they have the necessary funds to pay all the winnings to their players.

Licensing requirements

A special regulatory body called the Gambling Control Board is responsible for issuing a certificate to any organization that offers different types of gambling, as well as activities that include betting, such as roulette, poker, slots, cash games and lotteries. Gambling license requirements may vary by jurisdiction. The main requirements that may be imposed on organizations wishing to gamble in a country or other jurisdiction include compliance with certain standards of character, honesty and integrity, disclosure of detailed financial and organizational information about the gambling establishment or online casino.

The issuance of a license by the regulator is based on basic requirements and standards. They are widely described in the control act, which gives powers to the state regulator of gambling to determine and legalize the activity of the operator.

Gambling Jurisdiction 

The legal issue of online gambling has been resolved in many different ways in different countries. In some countries, all bookmakers can work freely without a license, while in others online gambling is completely prohibited.

There is currently no single international directive on online gambling, and each country decides individually how to regulate this business.

Each country has a special Commission or Authority which has been granted with the right to make decisions about allowed games that can be played in the area. The Commission determines what can be advertized and what must be banned from advertising. They decide about the rate taxation that will be applied to operator revenues and player winnings. Decisions are taken whether or not operators and players who do not meet these decisions will be prosecuted.

What are the rights of licensed online casinos?

If we look at the existing online casinos, they offer really many extras for players. For example, if we look at the top operators, we will see that there are Slot casino bonuses, slots with big jackpots and extra rounds, live games, special offers for the first deposit and a bunch of other things. All this is legal in areas where the sites are licensed. 

Responsible gambling

Gambling authorities exist to protect players from fraud and to intervene, where necessary, to help vulnerable players. They also provide many services to the casinos themselves. Authorities (or commissions) regulate casinos on the basis of their own codes of good practice. A license from such a body means that the casino must adhere to a set of standards. Regulators can and do revoke licenses for a variety of reasons, including non-payment to players.

From a player's point of view, the idea of checking a casino's gambling license may seem boring, but not all online casinos play fair. Fraudulent casinos abound and, of course, their specialty makes it easier for players to lose money and make it difficult or impossible to withdraw. Customer service will not respond. It is better to check the credentials of the casino before depositing funds in someone's account.

The measures that operators must take to comply with the principles of responsible gambling include:

  • Prevention of minors and advertising in a way that is not aimed at such
  • Support systems for players with problematic gambling
  • Tools for self-limiting gambling problems (imposing a limit on deposits and bets)
  • Protection of players' personal information and secure transactions
  • Ensuring the fairness of the games.

Compliance with these measures is not just a matter of corporate responsibility - it is monitored by gambling regulators around the world.

In addition to the internal measures of online betting sites, there are external organizations that will give you free help and / or support in your potential battle against problem gambling, which we hope you will never fight.

GambleAware, GamStop and Gamcare are some of the organizations you can seek information and help with.
For responsibility in casino gaming Remember that casino games are just a game.

It is good to remind yourself often that casino games are not your profession, but your entertainment. Do not bet more money than you would invest to buy an electronic game, and do not invest unnecessary emotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I play in a casino without a license?

There is no law stating that a casino player is prohibited from playing in a casino without a license. But you are risking your money. An unlicensed casino is like an unregistered company.

How do you know which casino is licensed?

Information on the license of online casinos is at the bottom of the main page. It is described in more detail in the history of the casino or its review.

Why is it nice to play only in legal casinos?

Because your data is protected, and in case of an irregularity on the part of the casino, you can contact the gambling commission.

How do I trust an online gambling site is safe?

The concerns of most players who intend to play at an online casino usually begin with safety and security worries. A lot of personal information is supplied by any player when signing up at a new gambling site. To be confident you have joined the right site site, stick to our recommended tips to make a wise choice where to play. They are all guaranteed to protect the player in every way.

Can I register at several different online casinos at the same time?

Yes, you can. There is no problem to have an account in any online casino that accepts players from the territory of your country. What you can't do is try to register multiple accounts in the same online casino. So, we recommend that you register only one account in an online casino so that you can enjoy online betting in the future.