PaysafeCard Online Casinos

Playing online casino games is an irresistible form of entertainment for millions all around the planet. Players gamble for fun and the desire to win. When it comes to a method of payment, they all wonder what the most convenient and secure way to make payouts from/to the casino can be. The aim of this article is to highlight the positives of using Paysafecard at online casinos. Paysafecard comes in the form of a cash voucher. It is accepted by most reputable online casinos as a form of depositing money to your casino account.

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Paysafecard is an ideal payment solution for players who are looking for a method to deposit without revealing too much from their personal information. The payment with this method is speedy, efficient and offered by multiple online casinos. It may be a rather daunting task to try something new and not familiar enough for the first time. So keep reading to see what makes Paysafecard a preferred method of payment for online casino gamblers. 


Some Historical facts

PaySafeCard is a prepaid payment method which provides improved security for online transactions. The business was started in Austria in 2000. The company head office is currently based in Vienna. This form of a prepaid payment was at first available only to Austrian gamblers but later it could be accessed from other countries in Europe and across the earth. In 2005 the company received EU funding. Since its foundation this third-party payment option has gained a lot of popularity in online casinos and e-commerce too. Today PaySafeCard operates in 43 countries with over 1 billion users.  


How does PaySafeCard work?

If you enjoy anonymity and privacy PaySafeCard payment method is the best for you. It is accepted by numerous top-rated online casinos and it has become one of the most popular payment methods used by a huge number of online casino players. There are two ways to buy a Paysafecard. The first one is to purchase it from an accredited Paysafecard retailer. It is important to ask for and receive a voucher with a 16-digital activation code. 

The second way is to visit Paysafecard website and register an online account. You can charge the voucher through your bank account or credit card. When the time to use your voucher comes, you will need to log in to your Paysafecard casino account, select “banking” and press deposit via Paysafecard. Your next step will be to enter your 16-digit code and your account will be credited with funds on your casino game or slot machine.


Advantages of using PaySafeCard payment method at online casinos

It is not only offering a good level of discretion when funding your casino account, but there is also a great number of benefits to using PaySafeCard payment solution.

  • Security: When you buy a voucher with cash from a shop there will be no questions asked. You don't need to register an account and supply your sensitive data and financial details. To recharge your casino account, you will need to enter the voucher code only. 
  • Speedy Deposit: With your loaded voucher, your funds can be spent immediately. You make the deposit and are able to start playing your favourite casino game with no delay.
  • Efficient service: Peace of mind is an amazing bonus when dealing with finances via PaySafeCard payment method. When you have questions you will have access to the customer support department 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.
  • Special features: There is the option to register an online “My Paysaftercard” account for extra bonus features. The membership in “MyPLUS” loyalty program gives you the chance to accumulate reward points for the amounts you spend. Another bonus is the PaySafeCard Mastercard. You can get after applying for it and allows you to spend accumulated voucher funds at land-based retailers that accept PaySafeCard Mastercard.


Disadvantages of PaySafeCard payment option

  • Allowed only for depositing: PaySafeCard can only be used to make deposits. This payment option is not allowed to withdraw funds. This means that when you have the happy chance to win you will have to choose another banking method for your withdrawals. 
  • Available in pre-selected amounts: When you buy PaySafeCards it will be only in fixed amounts which differ from currency to currency. High rollers may rather disappointed as they usually prefer super high limits.
  • Not permitted for US gamblers: Actually PaySafeCards are available in the USA and can be bought from local providers. Unfortunately, the product cannot be used for gambling withing the states.


Limits - PaySafeCards come on the market in pre-selected amounts. This means they prevent unlimited spending. The chance of dangerous spending is limited when using this way for depositing. From one hand, PaySafeCard payment method to make deposits can be a good tool to prevent vulnerable gambling. From the other hand, it may not be accepted well by heavy spending high rollers.

Fees - The users of PaysafeCards services are lucky with the affordable costs. For the first year customers won't pay any fees for their spending. After 12 months there will be s small fee as administration costs.

Availability - The PaySafecards are mainly distributed on the European market. There are several countries in Asia and America, including the USA, Canada, Mexico and Turkey where the vouchers are also available. The cards can be found charged in one of 5 currencies: Euro, Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Swiss Frank and Swedish Krone.


Summary – Why choose PaySafeCards?

PaySafeCard is the perfect option to deposit at online casinos for players who are looking for safety and speed and don't mind withdrawing with different banking method. The product is ideal for clients who prefer not having a record of their online casino spending. The vouchers with pre-selected amounts are the best way to make deposits and keep track of your spending. The quality of your gameplay is guaranteed if you choose a PaySafeCard casino from the list on this page.  Paysafecard is a well known payment solution among online casino gamblers, especially those in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a Paysafecard for online casino payments?

They are extremely popular for online casino payments, as you do not need to enter any personal information at all. Your bank or someone looking at your bank account doesn't need to know where the money is going and the casino doesn't need to know anything about your bank account.

Can it be used from all countries?

Paysafecard is available in more than 40 countries and is accepted in most online casinos as a way to deposit funds.

Are my personal details safe with Paysafecard payment method?

Definitely! You pay in cash from a store and then use the 16-digit pin to make your payment. You should never provide any information about yourself, so it really is one of the safest methods to pay online.

Are there any fees involved?

The online Paysafecard casinos we recommend will never charge deposits with this payment method.

How will my winnings be paid?

If you use one of the Paysafecard online casinos, which we recommend, they will give you the opportunity to decide where your winnings can be paid out. If you have a valid bank account or even an electronic wallet, your funds can be transferred quickly and easily when you need them.