Neteller Online Casinos

The constant advances in technology involves the extreme growing of the digital world including the iGaming industry sector. The need for modern digital payment methods is constantly increasing. The solution was specifically designed to provide consumers with fast, simple, and secure tools to transfer money online via electronic wallet (e-wallet). Electronic Wallets work as a middle man between your banking accounts and online payees or vendors. Neteller is one of the top e-wallet options for online casinos. For this reason we have made the selection of the best Neteller casinos for you.

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With the increase in innovation on the gaming devices, there has been an incredible increase in innovation on the payment solutions, too. When it comes to using any payment method at casino sites, you need to know the pros and cons involved. Simplicity, speed and safety are the factors that are valued. With the most informed decision possible you can choose the payment method that suits your needs. In the page below you can read about some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of using Neteller at online casinos.


A bit of Neteller history

Neteller was founded in Canada in 1999 by Optimal Payments Plc (now Paysafe Group Limited). Neteller was specifically designed as a payment solution on the digital platform. It allows the transfer of funds in a safe and efficient environment. The creation has been so successful that it is now very well accepted in the gambling sphere. 

At the beginning many of the Neteller gambling users were American residents. With the Federal Wire Act introduced in the US gambling online was strongly restricted. This forced Neteller out of the States and made the company to look for better diversification of their interests. 

In 2004 the company relocated to the Isle of Man, where their headquarters remain to this day. As it approached the European market, the operator multiplied its business. Neteller won the “Best Payment System Award” from the IGB Affiliate Awards in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2019 and 2014. Paysafe Group acquired Skrill Group and now both Neteller and Skrill dominate the e-wallet market at the best gambling sites. Today they can be admitted as the world's most popular e-wallet solutions for online gambling industry.


How can I sign up to Neteller?

Using the services of this e-wallet leader is an easy job. The very first step is to visit the official Neteller website and then go to “Sign up”. You will have to fill in a registration form. In order to take advantage of the entire Neteller experience, your identity will have to be confirmed.


Advantages of using Neteller payment method

The benefits from choosing Neteller as your banking method are quite a lot and can be a5rranged in the following categories:

  • Safety: When you sign up with Neteller, you also disclose your personal information. We would like to assure you that Neteller stores your details on their server and keeps them locked and safe by multi-encryption. To authorize payouts and withdrawals by Neteller you will need to enter only your username and password on the casino site. The casinos will dispose with none of your sensitive personal information.
  • Rapidity: E-wallets can be admitted to be the quickest methods of payment. The provided by online casinos transactions to and from the wallet are more or less instant, which makes gambling an irresistible entertainment. 
  • Easy topping up: There are different ways to top up the wallet and transfer the funds. They include Bank transfer, Credit card, Debit card and Paysaftercard. 
  • Special features: As a leader in the financial market, Neteller offers amazing extras to reward its users. The more you spend, the more rewards you will get. Regular and heavy spenders will gain the right to become Bronze VIP members. This guarantees better rewards and reduced fees. With the Diamond VIP status the fees and limits become the lowest, payouts – the quickest. Customers are also offered a special Net + Pre-paid Mastercard. This card gives you the chance to spend your casino winnings at any land-based retailer.


Disadvantages of using Neteller payment method

There are only few negatives from using Neteller at online casinos. Similar to the problem experienced by Skrill customers, with Neteller there are also restrictions towards Bonus Offers. There are several online casinos supporting Neteller that will not permit access to their bonus and promotional packages if you make use of this payment method for depositing and withdrawals.


Limits - As soon as your registration with Neteller has been completed, you can make your first deposit and start playing your favourite casino games. Only initially, you will have some low spending limits. Once your identity has been proven (this takes one or two business days), you will gain higher limits for your spending.

Fees - When making use of the Neteller services, small costs will be involved. In general the fees with this e-wallet are much more affordable compared to other third-party payment providers. Transactions for deposits will have fees of between 1% to 5%. The average withdrawals fees start at 1.9% plus a fee of 3.99% for currency conversion. There will be some added fees for bank transfers and bank drafts too.

Availability - Neteller reputation is popular all around the world. Their services are available in 180 countries in all continents. 17 different currencies can be used with this payment method. Hundreds of online casinos support payments and withdrawals in Neteller brand in 15 languages.


Summary – Why choose an online casino offering Neteller?

Speed and efficiency are the first things that come to mind when we choose Neteller as a payment method. Players who would like fast deposits and withdrawals can rely on a Neteller Casino from our list with reputable online casinos accepting this amazing e-wallet platform. Players will enjoy the great quality service offered by Neteller. They will also know that their funds are secured with the security tools and protocols Neteller uses to secure customers' accounts and protect any personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payout times with Neteller?

Withdrawals from your online casino account to your Neteller account are immediate - the funds must appear within hours of the withdrawal. It usually takes between three and five business days to withdraw money from your Neteller account at your bank.

Is Neteller accepted by all casinos?

Not all sites support Neteller, but most reputable sites offer it as an option for deposits and withdrawals. If you don't want to waste your time looking for a great casino that allows you to pay this way, just take a look at our specially selected list of Neteller casinos.

Are there any fees charged with Neteller?

Casinos will never charge for making deposits or withdrawing payments with Neteller, so you don't have to worry about additional fees coming out of your winnings. However, Neteller charges a pre-agreed fee for some transactions, but they will always be very clear to you.

Is my personal data safe with Neteller?

Yes. Using Neteller keeps your data safe in a way that entering your credit card details wherever you play is simply not possible. It creates a buffer between your bank account and the site you play with, so there is no way for them to make unauthorized transactions or transfers on your behalf.

How can I withdraw my winning?

While using an online casino with Neteller withdrawals, you can pay out your winnings directly into your Neteller account. From there, you can spend them through Neteller or withdraw them to your bank account. Otherwise, you may need to consider another payment option to download.