More mind boggling Wins, by a polish guy, on Energy Casino!

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More mind boggling wins, by a Polish guy, on Energy Casino!

Energy Casino is in the news again, with big wins, this time by Michał from Oborniki, Poland. This Polish guy is sure lucky, and what is strange is that recently there have been quite a few players with that name on Energy Casino, and they have all won big. If your name is Michał, hurry to play there, and if you do not have an account on this casino, open it, it won't take long, and play to grab your luck! Perhaps fortune and fate have decided to reward all punters named Michał, it would be a huge loss if you do not grab the chance and rise up to the occasion.

Well, it was a whole streak for that lucky Michał, so just listen to what happened to him. It happened in two days, Michał was clearly a Slot gaming aficionado, so he played a number of Slots on Energy Casino, and it was a string of wins for him! His wins came in Euros, but we are sure you will be happy with wins no matter what currency you will use to play on Energy Casino. You will certainly be curious to learn which Slots he chose to play, so read on.

First, it was Break Da Bank Again, and he scored a win of €17,445. Next, he chose Fruit Shop, and wrapped up with wins of €30,238 and €14,886! Then he switched to an animal theme, When Pigs Fly, and luck continued to stride by him, so he was rewarded with a win of €10,804. That was the first day of playing and winning. But there was more on the next day.

The next day was lucky again, so this pet of luck went on, with Fisticuffs, grabbing €16,078, and continued with Dazzle Me, where he landed a win of €25,214.

Just add these up, and you will feel the urge to head to Energy Casino yourself, and play Slots, luck must `have made its home there!