Different Slots

The topics presented in the online slot machines have been the subject of discussion among players almost since the early days of slot machines. The first slot machines are fruit-themed. Although this was more than a century and a half ago, the Fruit Slot Machine still remains one of the most popular categories. Casino game makers quickly realized that a well-chosen topic could attract a large number of new players, and after a while an impressive number of topics appeared. The online environment has opened up a whole new dimension to slot machine themes. In fact, the latest barriers that would limit the variety of themes that appear in slot machines have disappeared in the online world. The huge proliferation of slot machines has led to topics that are hard to imagine in the past. Highlights include music slot machines and slot machines with film licenses.

The variety of themes in the slot games is great. Along with classic slot machines, other very popular themes for slot machines are adventure as well as retro slots. And perhaps, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of online slot machines with symbols representing gems and luxury items. Who can resist not turning the drums, on which there are so many jewels and stones to be seen.

Slots deserving their own category

However, there are companies that manage to bring a little ingenuity and originality to the world of gambling. This allows players to try fantastic fairytale scenes, wander and meet different animals, or experience an interesting story in the slot machines illuminated by the sun.

And if the player gets bored and wants to try something more creative, you'll be happy to hear that alternative games are becoming more popular - games that bring a breath of fresh air even in a fairly conservative environment such as slot machines and spinning reels.

Here we will pay due attention to slots that are really outside the realm of mass games, those that oppose the usual categorization and are so ingeniously different that each of them deserves its own category. They include some already popular and innovatively different slots, all designed and developed by world-renowned software vendors.

Slots Classification under Different Themes 

Slot researchers categorize slots according to many key factors associated with each game, including: the time and place in which they are played, the characters found in the game, and more. All this is done to make it easier to find both the most popular games in a certain category and those that suit the specific taste and mood of gamers. 

So, the games with Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt, are classified into games that are a bit risky, which can leave players feeling a little hot, themed as Erotic and games with Chinese symbols and orientalism are themed to Asia. 

Sometimes it's a little more complicated than that, and researchers are working hard to allow users to find the games they're looking for by ranking them in their natural categories. In fact, some games are so innovatively different that as amazing as they are, they simply refuse to fit into any easily identifiable form or classification. So, we called this category, dedicated to the wonders with which these games were created with love - Innovatively different.

Plot and Storyline of Different Online Slots

Usually, online slots with classic themes such as TV and movies, Super Heroes and the like aim to develop an existing plot, story or storyline within an established genre with well-known characters. In turn, innovatively themed slots have been created to recreate something original with new characters, settings and bonuses, to provide us with the same thrill and excitement we would expect from online games, but also to surprise us with something different in terms of of graphics, style and gameplay, albeit within the overall format of online slots.

Bonus Rounds in innovatively Different Slots

Bonus rounds in innovatively different online slots can share all the usual features that are usually expected from such games as a double or none round. For example, as with most Igrosoft games, there is a bonus round on two levels: the first must be completed before you are able to move on to the risky game. As in Gnome, the bonus game starts with five wagons that the gnome must choose randomly to find treasures that can be turned into prizes while hoping to avoid the mud spray that will complete the round, collect all the prizes and move on to double or nothing where you can risk everything to double your winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best innovatively different online slots?

Researchers divided into separate factions, each group with some very clear ideas about which is the best game or even which is the best of the best and even the best. After several discussions, we reached a preliminary agreement listing the most popular games in this category, listening to both beginners and experienced players. Among the most popular in this category we can include: Sassy Bingo by Wagermill, Immortal Romance from Microgaming, Chain Reactors Trails by OpenBet, Aloha Cluster Pays by NetEnt and more.

How many slot themes are there?

You could say there are as many themes as there are slots. Still, most can be categorized by a common characteristic. Often times, slots combine several themes like horror and adventure, romance and holidays, and so on. Depending on the leading elements of the game, it will have one main category. But don’t be surprised if you find innovatively different slots you will like to explore.

Where can I find innovatively different slot games to play?

First of all, you have to be of legal gambling age. Then, you should find a safe casino with an excellent reputation. You can easily start your hunt from our top casino recommendations. You can easily find slot games from any theme.

Can I play themed slot games on the go?

You can play your favourite themed slots on iOS and Android devices, as long as you join a mobile-friendly casino. That’s because developers today use HTML5 technology to create memorable and engaging games. This makes them compatible with mobile phones and tablets.

How to choose the best theme?

Don’t worry about the theme. Think about choosing the best slots site first. You can do your own research or check out our trusted recommendations. Online casinos feature tons of themed slots in their libraries. As long as you make sure you’ve joined a secure gambling site, you won’t have trouble with finding the themes that give you the most pleasure when playing.