Released 01.12.2011
Provider Microgaming
Theme Different
RTP 96.87%

Bubble Bonanza

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For a fresh and bubbly gaming experience, it is worth exploring the perks and rewards that come when you play Bubble Bonanza. You will see a 6x6 chain reactor grid on which bubbles will pop out. They will appear with different geometric shapes on them, triangles, circles, squares, etc. These geometric shapes will be appealing with their bright colors. You will see a frog, with very large eyes, sitting by the chain reactor, surrounded by flowers and ready to welcome you as a player. You will experience real thrills as the bubbles with different shapes come up from the pond and create opportunities to make you happy with wins.

Your task in this Microgaming Slot is to build your direct line which must comprise minimum 3 bubbles. That will mean forming a winning combo, which will of course reward you. If you are a novice, that will be a good start in gaming for you. But even if you are a player with experience, the unusual setting in this game will attract you and retain you to play. You will be attracted and captivated by the graphics, as well as by the animations and the background sounds, which will create a cheerful and auspicious environment for providing you with fun and with wins.

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We already mentioned that your task will be to collect bubbles which rise from the pond and offer you a profusion of geometric shapes in different colors on each of them. You will have 6 bubbles coming up at the same time to fill the grid. Whenever you finish a bubble line, by matching 3 geometric shapes at least, in a line, and get a win, there will be more things appearing which will fill the empty spaces. Your payouts will come for symbols which can be arranged in a horizontal or in a vertical line, and will be awarded by symbol.

This game is a bonanza type game because it will provide you with a bonus feature. You will need to get at least 3 bonus symbols on the grid, and you will enter the bonus called Cannon bonus. Your task in the bonus round will be to fire bubbles from the cannon. The number of fired bubbles must be 8. There is no requirement about the direction in which you must fire. All the payouts will be multiplied by 10, so you can see that the game is truly rewarding when it comes to wins. The end of the game will come when you see a symbol coming up on any place in the bottom row.

The freshness of the Bubble Bonanza game comes thanks to its unusual arrangement and rules. The friendly croaking frog whose voice you will hear while you are playing will make you really feel like sitting by a pond, with frogs croaking around, and watching bubbles coming from the pond. The difference from a real natural environment will be that you will reap wins and enjoy the Cannon bonus as you play this Microgaming game.

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