Released 20.09.2006
Type Classic Slots
Provider Playtech
Theme Different
RTP 96.68%
Reels 3
Rows 1
Paylines 1

8-Ball Slots

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There are plenty of balls in this Playtech slot, which yields wins when you are awarded winning combinations. You will see 2 types of balls there: there are striped balls and solid ones. You can see the paytable on the screen, and there the number 8 is the highest one. This ball with the number 8 is not solid, and it is not striped, either. Select your wager, click on Bet One, or on Bet Max. With Bet One, you will wager 1 coin, and with Bet max, you will wager 2 coins. If you select Bet Max, the reels will go spinning automatically. Another way to wager is by clicking on the column of your choice in the paytable. In the left column, you will see the options for 1 coin wagered, and in the right column the options for 2 coins wagered are shown. The reels will come up with a winning combination after stopping, and you can see your win amount in the paytable above them.

With 8-Ball Slots, you go straight into the gaming experience, so this simple approach will be perfect on days when you want just to practice in a leisurely manner. It is easy to see how the game goes and what wins are available with the combinations that the game can yield. The top jackpot there, as you can see, is 2,000 coins. This game will remind you of the classic game of billiards. You can play it with fun, enjoying the gaming with balls, striped and solid, with numbers on them, and enjoy the wins that the payline will come up with. The animations that accompany your gaming are rewarding, too.

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The perks you will get with this game include wins for combinations of 3 symbols. These combinations comprise solid balls, striped balls, balls with numbers, all glittering on the paytable. The pool balls, with numbers which comprise 1 to 15, have a lot in store for you. You can expect all the winning combinations to come up on the single payline, as you get combinations of 3 symbols. The number 8 will glitter on the top left side, to remind you that it is the most important one, the key to the highest payout. Behind it you will also see differently colored balls, and this diversity of colors will provide yet another reason to enjoy yourself while playing 8-Ball Slots.

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