Aztec Slots

The ancient world of the Aztecs has long attracted adventurers with its mystery and enigmatic nature. The Aztecs were one of the many nomadic tribes roaming northern and central Mexico. According to legend, they had to settle where they saw an eagle perched on a cactus holding a snake in its claws (this symbol is now embedded in the coat of arms of Mexico). Aztec city-states originated on the vast plateau where the capital of Mexico is located today. The Aztec Empire was the strongest in Central America and known for its wealth and customs. In less than a century, the Aztecs established their dominion over a vast area stretching north to central Mexico, east to the Gulf of Mexico, south to present-day Guatemala, and west to the Pacific coast. The capital, Tenochtitlan, was one of the largest cities in the world at the time. Aztec civilization has a rich mythology and cultural heritage.

Aztec Gold

More than 500 years have passed, but the Aztec gold legend is still as alive as it once was and has lost nothing of its luster. Aztec gold has always been one of the most sought after treasures in the world and to this day excites the imagination of adventurers around the globe. The treasure has inspired many books, movies, games, even puzzles and casino slots over the years.

Among them is Aztec Gold, a casino slot machine where anyone can try their luck. Aztec Gold is a classic 5-reel slot from the developer CT Gaming. The slot, which allows the player to play with 21 paylines, may not pour the golden treasure of the Aztecs into your pocket, but it definitely gives good and regular profits to users who try their hand at it.

The game has five reels with three symbols each. The winning lines are 21. Aztec Gold can bring you money not only from them, but also offers players various bonuses, extras and scatter winnings. After each spin, you have the opportunity to double your money. You press the Double button and you have to choose one of the four cards, and if it is higher than the first one, you win.

The game has a progressive jackpot and free spins that make it even more fun and exciting - almost as much as the search for the real Aztec treasure.

Book of the Aztecs

Ancient Mexican civilization is filled with mysticism, which is skillfully applied in online slot machines. Composed of various images and elements, these slots win the sympathy of players. There are a number of bonuses, free spins and substitute wilds that increase the chances of a positive outcome. Adding high returns and the option to rotate bets, video slots prove to be a suitable means of entertainment.

The Book of Aztecs is an Amatic slot game that offers 5 reels and 10 paylines. The theme of the game is pyramids, and the winning symbols are related to the life of the Aztecs. The most interesting is the scatter symbol in the game "The Book of the Aztecs", which brings 10 free spins and big prizes. 

Aztec Treasures

You can have a trip in time and challenge ancient tribes with the Aztec Treasure slot machine, an extraordinary product of PlayPearls developers. In this mystical game you can compete to win real cash prizes and experience tribal life through the centuries. The Aztecs have a very mystical reputation and in this game you will be travelling to see just what life was like. On the reels you’ll find a huge array of symbols which were important to the Aztecs, from a sacred temple, an idol, a ceremonial hat, a model of the sun and curious artefacts. The music in the background gives you the feeling as if you really have been transported to another dimension with hypnotic tribal drums and soothing woodwind instruments seductively beckoning you to play.

There is nothing quite as intriguing as discovering the secrets of this old civilization the Aztecs have while you are betting on the game. Developers have created captivating games using the culture, mystery, rituals and colorful motifs, the Aztec theme offers. 

Aztec-inspired online slots often include amazing bonus features. These include bonus games, multi-level free spins rounds, tumbling reels, nudge symbols and more. Following the culture of the  Aztec society, you’ll find that many Aztec slots show stunning artwork inspired by their Gods and believes. The background and symbols of the Aztec slots often include the feathered serpent, the Aztec sun stone or the calendar stone and many other motifs related to the Aztec culture.

Aztec slots can have the same theme but they all differ. No slot is the same as they differ in their graphics, reel configuration and mechanics, bonus features, payouts, and key stats. The highest quality Aztec slots come from the best and most creative game developers in the industry, including Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Play’n GO and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why play Aztec Slot Machine Games?

Players enjoy spinning Aztec slots at online casinos because they are fun and entertaining.

What are the common symbols players can meet at Aztec-themed slot games?

Many slot players enjoy a thrilling, mystique-filled game field packed with features depicting ancestral warriors, artefacts or runic symbols of the Aztec empire.

Which Aztec-themed slot has the best return?

Aztec Gold is the slot with the best return to the player, which means that in the long run this game would bring you the best and lasting profits.

Can I play Aztec-themed slots for free?

You can try all popular slot games with pyramids, Aztec-inspired and buried treasures on our site for free before you start playing for real money.

Which is the best Aztec-themed slot game?

The rich selection of Aztec-themed slots makes choosing the best very difficult. According to the rating of our customers, the game that comes first is Aztec Gold.