Treasure Slots

Finding treasures has been a dream of every man since ancient times. Treasure exists in the form of gold, silver or money. People are looking for chests full of jewelry on the seabed, in caves and underground. A modern way to find treasure nowadays is to play a good gambling game that offers solid prizes and plenty of opportunities to win. The thrill of finding a whole jackpot full of gold, treasures, diamonds is huge and loved by many in the iGaming scene. For the customers of DbestCasino we have compiled a list of such excellent online slot games that lead to the promise of fun and treasure win. These treasure themed slot games come with rewarding features and amazing design to satisfy any taste and expectations for high quality entertainment. A number of online video slots on that theme provide an environment of treasure hunting where players can enjoy the adventure to uncover riches, money, diamonds, jewelry, and all kind of treasure. You are also invited to try your luck!

Meet the Challenge, Enjoy the Adventure

The treasure-themed games are full of surprises and unexpected discoveries. The reels will show you the traps set by the ancients to protect their treasures, but if you manage to get around them, you will find and preserve the most valuable items. Get ready to meet the thrill of an explorer, follow the treasure maps and travel the world's most mystical destinations. Enter the pyramids to seek the treasures of the Egyptian pharaohs. Search for long-forgotten temples in South America to find Mayan and Aztec's treasure. Go underground to look for diamonds in the mines of Africa. Cruise the seven seas in search of the lost pirate treasure. Whatever your pleasure play the fantastic treasure-themed slot games for free before going for gold.

General Game Features

The symbols we find in the treasure-themed slot machines are always related to the treasure hunt story. This theme will fill the drums full of symbols related to the atmosphere of the adventures which we are ready to dive in. The symbols and images we see depend to a large extent on the specific story we are in. The adventure allows us to play treasure hunting action, face different difficulties and overcome challenges. The characters can have their special skills and strength in various settings and situations to get the treasure. We can play bonus games: based on special side lines related to the main theme of the gaming machine in question. All bonus or free spins are triggered by 3 or more Scatter, Wild or Bonus symbols. They can often be extended and / or multiply winnings. 

The operator has the practice to activate an additional bonus called Hot Cash, it is another treasure, because while it is active, customers can randomly receive additional cash prizes, but they are not announced, if we pay a little attention to the section with jackpots, we can see that it is available and is constantly increasing in value.

Main Game Developers

There are many developers who have worked to create treasure-themed slot machines. would like to list here just some of the most popular and fun games to play with this topic:

Of course, these are just a few of the producers and titles we can pay attention to, because in reality, the number of proposals is really impressive. Themed treasure slots have numerous fans in countries around the world. They create a demand that gambling developers are constantly trying to meet with new and exciting games, adding new bonuses, new challenges, variations of popular games, their structure and gameplay.

Play Treasure Themed Slot Games for Free or Real Cash

Treasure Hunt is an ideal theme for online slots and that is why there are hundreds of games with this concept. Treasures are a really interesting topic and we will not only find a whole series in the slot machines section, but we will also quickly move into a slightly different atmosphere, which will not only put us at the center of an adventure. 

Play for free with no deposit, no registration and no downloads of any kind. There are also various real money options available, so why not spend some time playing these games of chance. The online treasure hunt slot machine game is a great way to enjoy your free time by betting, spinning reels and enjoying the thrill of winning, perhaps, just maybe, huge sums of money. However, the brand reminds all adventurers that the basis of this type of game should be mainly fun and responsible play. If you follow this, you can easily pursue all the treasures offered on the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why play treasure-themed slot machines?

Themed treasure slots are a way for players to explore and exploit all habitats, including endless underwater and other for long-hidden priceless treasures as a reward.

Can I play treasure slot games online?

Yes, you can! Each of the treasure slot games presented on this page can be played online. Choose from popular titles and you can try for free online. Or play for real money at top online casinos.

What are the typical symbols presented in treasure slots?

As for the symbols of most treasure themed online slots, many of them share very common symbols. The main icons you will see include the treasure, maps and compass. Golden and silver coins are also quite a popular choice, as are barrels, shovels used to dig up the treasure, money and jewelry.

How many slot themes are there?

It can be said that there are as many themes as slots. However, most can be categorized by general characteristics. Slots often combine several themes such as treasure and pirates, adventure and holidays, etc. Depending on the leading elements of the game, it will have one main category. But don't be surprised if you find your favourite slots that have several subtopics. However, there are dozens if not hundreds of slot topics to explore.

Why are the themed slots so popular?

Since slots are already a hit with online players, it's no wonder that they also liked themed slots. The main attraction of such games is that players are offered innovative and exciting features in an extraordinary environment. Sensing the market for such slots, game software developers took a step forward and designed games with a wide range of themes.