Space Slots

Are you ready to meet the challenge and travel to other planets, to visit or invade new stars?  Start your space exploration adventure by playing space slots and video casino table games outside the casino. Go to space galaxies, avoid monstrous meteors, try to cross a new planet to reach your ship, and even go to blazing orange suns and communicate with aliens.

Space-themed slot games are one of the oldest themed machines in the industry. Many decades after the release of the first space-themed game, this type of game remains popular. Today, space-themed games are some of the most exciting and can be found at the best slot sites the planet has ever seen. This type of video games promote the gaming industry and attract young people around the world to play them.

What's so special with Space-themed Slots?

Space-themed slot games are very popular these days, as every gambler wants to imagine travelling through endless space, meeting aliens and taking some of their treasures. And you don't need a spaceship or a spacesuit - just your computer or smartphone with an internet connection. Of course, playing space slots will never take you to the zero-gravity zone, but it can give you that incredibly exciting feeling of winning and losing as you spin the reels and it's amazing. Even more amazing is what the space-themed slots look like.

General Space Game Features

Get on board of a virtual rocket in one of these space-based slots and begin your journey into the unknown. By the time you get back to reality, you may simply be much richer in both money and experience. While the amazing features of these games offer you a lot of looting, their theme, symbols and background stories give you a chance to learn much about the universe in which you live.

Most of the space-themed slot machines will take you to the dark world of outer space, where you will see stars, planets, comets and asteroids instead of the classic symbols of the game. Whether you want to land on the moon, travel through astral rings, enjoy breathtaking space views, fight alien invaders or even take part in an intergalactic space war - you can do it all thanks to a set of space themed Slot games which come with plenty of prizes and bonus games!

Gamers love space-based slot games. No special inclinations are required to play these slots. They are created in accordance with the typical rules for slots. There are many game developers who have made amazing space-themed slots. Most of these casino games have earned a good reputation in the market.

Play Space - themed Slots Games for Free / Real Money

It's a fact that legal online casinos can give you an amazing experience, especially through their themed slot games - such as sci-fi and space games. What makes these slots so popular is the fact that unlike other games - you can win prizes with real money on them. Use the ideal circumstances and get on board with the most unusual space slot titles. You can also take advantage of progressive slots and win great jackpot prizes that can make you a millionaire overnight.

If you are new to the legal online gambling casino, but want to find an adventure - you can always try free video slot games. Such an option is given to you by the best online casinos in the form of no deposit casino bonuses. These casino bonuses allow you to try the games for free and if you like, you can continue to play them for real money.

The team is pleased to introduce you to the entire universe of online space-themed video slots collected on this page. First of all, we have free slots to play for fun, so you can get to know the games up close before you make a real bet. And when you're ready, we can redirect you to one of the casinos to make a space trip with the best video slots in the world with a space theme and get your winnings with real money. So, if you want to bounce into space while spinning the drums, we have a few places where you can do it and earn solid money along the way.

Enjoy the Best Space Slots

While scientists are trying to clarify the mysteries of space, we can have fun playing online space-themed casino games that appear one after another in the collections of casino software developers.

Apolo Rising from IGT is a very popular space style slot machine game that has many fans among gamblers. The first thing you see when you open the slot is the unusual layout of the reels and  astronauts as symbols of the game. The game has Rising Respins symbols that can literally take you to the moon with the winnings you can get from it. This means that one of the reels can randomly become a wild symbol, resembling a rocket, which will bring you many winning combinations and free spins.

The Big Bang from NetEnt doesn't have many advanced features, but it comes with its futuristic graphics and beautiful space-themed game symbols. Here you will see the coloured planets and supernovae spinning on the reels, giving you winning combinations along with a multiplier that can bring you up to x32 of your winnings. Sounds pretty fun to play, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why space-themed slots are so popular?

Since the advent of online video games and slots, space has remained probably the most popular topic. We will never have enough of the universe and the adventures that we can have in galaxies far from here.

What are the most popular space-themed slots?

Every player who likes slot games and has tried a lot must have tried at least one space-themed slot in his time. Outer Space Invaders, Crystal Sun, Starmada Exiles, Queen of Mars .... these are just some of the popular titles that are currently being played around the world.

Why to play space-themed slots?

Do you dream of space travel? Just select any game from the list of slots and make your dream come true. Take a space trip and experience real adventures with spaceships, aliens, UFOs, black holes and unfriendly planets. It's so easy to combine the fun with space-themed slots and the excitement of hitting huge cash prizes during bonus rounds and free rotations.

Shall I play themed slots for free?

Play your favorite video slots in "Fun Mode" first. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of the game before betting, and take the know-how from the inside out before you start playing for real money.

What can learn from Space themed slots?

Going into space seemed just a fantasy about 100 years ago, and now it's almost a regular thing. These space-themed slots will tell you more about space travel and the history of the science behind it.