Fairy Tale Slots

If you want to go back to your childhood or just love stories with a happy ending, Fairy Tale Slot Machines are the right choice for you. There is a large selection of such and it's all up to you, which fairy tale you choose. Do you like pirates? Princesses? Ghosts, great battles, or maybe a beautiful tale? Tale Slot Machines can take you to any fantasy world you want to visit. Fairy Tale Slot Machines will captivate you, and if you choose a really good one, it will make you really happy. The content of the games varies, sometimes you will save the world, other times you will be a princess, and other times your task will be to help the three piglets against the wolf or defeat some angry gods. It's just great fun. Believe us when we say that you can awaken the child inside you.

Play Fairy Tale Slot Games for free

Once upon a time, there were fairy tale slots on which everyone won and all the people who lived there became rich and lived happily ever after. Here is what a fairy tale about slot machines would sound like if they existed in the time of Hans Christian Andersen. Actually fairy tales are not real, but fortunately, slot machines exist in real life.

There are thousands of fairy tales, and the number of fairy tale slot machines may be greater. So, make the right choice - choose a fairy tale that really suits you. To make your choice easier, you can first try different Tale Slot Machines for free here. It's very easy to try different options and find a story that will make you happy - or maybe even believe it. When it comes to slots, there are some legendary fairy-tale titles that every gambler likes to try.

The Magic of Fairy tale - Themed Slot Games

Great developers regularly research this topic by releasing such titles. Fairy-themed games are usually visually stunning, eye-catching. Not to mention that there are magical items in abundance and each of them brings some bonus that can help you win.

Fairy tale-themed slots are available in all shapes and sizes. Some are based on well-known tales, which have since become major Disney-type animated films. Others are more close to their original authorial views, such as the Brothers Grimm. Some are not even real fairy tales at all, but are themed in children's poems. However, they are all grouped under the topic of the fairy tale theme.

As you can imagine, most are colorful and have child-friendly graphics and images. Many of them offer bubble features, are cheap to play, and some even come with progressive jackpots. The slot genre with a fairytale theme encompasses more variety and is more diverse than possibly any other slot theme.

Amazing Bonuses

While most slots come with wilds, scatter and free spins, it's the instant winnings and randomly triggered bonuses in the fabulous themed slots that impress slot players the most. They are where the level of diversity is most clearly visible.

For example, if you play a slot that is themed on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you can choose a dwarf or a cart to win a cash prize. In the Rapunzel slot you can climb a tower to win cash prizes. In many slots featuring fairy godfathers, the character often throws himself through the reels, turning the characters into wilds with a magic stick. The very nature of these magic slots suggests that fantastic and wonderful bonuses are practically guaranteed.

Make your choice from our selection of fairy tale games

Take some time to think about your favourite story and then scroll through our selection of games to see if there is a slot based on this story. Whether you are looking for a certain classic or a lesser known story, there is a very good chance that you can find the game you are looking for in Dbestcasino.com. We have games with interesting storylines, games with high quality video animation, games with unique soundtracks and very generous bonus prizes to check out! So, if you feel lucky, start spinning the reels of your favourite fairy tale game!

From slots set in enchanted forests to games held in luxury castles, there are many different places to choose from. And each individual place comes with a great cash prize that you can claim for yourself!

After all, people from all ages are as interested in fairy tales today as they ever were. Some of the most popular films, TV shows and games are based on fairy tales and new fairy tales appear every year. This means that new slots will also appear! So be sure to check again if you can't find a specific game you're looking for, as we may soon add a similar game to our collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fairy-tale slot machine has the best features?

Given the variety of bonus features, Jack and the Beanstalk is a slot worthy of everyone's attention. It has everything a slot fan would want. From ordered wilds to free spins complemented by 3D graphics, this fabulous slot game has it all!

What fairy-tale slot machine has the best free spins bonus?

Free spins are crucial and the Puss'N Boots slot has an interesting extra feature. Once you enter this bonus round, you have a guaranteed win from each free spin, which makes this fairy tale slot the most attractive for players!

Is there a fairy-tale slot with additional features?

Slot players like to have a lot of winning opportunities. That's why some vendors have decided to add more than traditional symbols and bonuses to their games. With that in mind, the Miss White slot can definitely be among your new favoуrites with its free spins bonus, extra bets, symbol expansion and much more!

Are there fairy-tale slots with added famous tale characters?

Fortunately for fans of fairy tales themed slot machines, there are such slots in which some of the most famous characters are added in one place for maximum excitement. One of them is the Wish Upon a Jackpot slot.

Which fairy tale slot pays the most?

Although there is no specific answer to this question, we can always look at the theoretical RTP. With that in mind, Goldilocks and the Wild Bears offers a great Return to player rate that supports its interesting features.