Wild West Slots

Wild West is one of the most popular topics for online casino games and especially for slot machine games. The Wild West was known to be one of the roughest and most difficult places on the planet. Not a day went by without a shootout or a city robbed by bandits. Of course, there was plenty of time for a good old poker game and a few sexy saloon girls, while some just enjoyed admiring the wildlife and beautiful sunsets. The Wild West as we imagine it is long gone, but we still return to it in many popular books and films that help recreate this romantic and dangerous atmosphere. This was the time when the sheriff was always right, and the cowboy was the real superhero who shot at his enemies and drank in pubs like a fish. With the advent of Wild-West themed slots, you don't have to spend 3 hours watching a film - you can just play a slot, make a few spins and immediately travel in time to become a cowboy, sheriff or headhunter. That's why there are many Wild West-themed slot games that can bring you the best of action every day!

Players love Wild-West video slots for their great graphics and gameplay. The game symbols in these games usually look similar and represent everything you can imagine when someone says "Wild West": guns, cowboys, sheriff's badges, bottles of whiskey, money and "Most Wanted" posters. Along with traditional classic games, you can also enjoy Wild West games with more advanced features and special bonus rounds, which can be quite fun considering the theme of the slot. You will find a set of slots with a full range of special features, including free spins, special wilds and bonus rounds. What could be better for a real cowboy than a glass of excellent whiskey and a good horse? Of course, a pack of dollars and that's what you can get while playing Wild West-themed slot games.

Wild West Slot Developers

The Wild West is proving to be one of those time periods that online developers just can't resist when it comes to inventing new games. Here are some of most popular slots from this type and their developers:

Most casino game software creators have tried to bring the mystical to your screen, to bring a little magic and beauty to your casino slot spins. Expect to meet countless cowboys, liquor saloon bars, sheriffs with guns and much more in the collection of Wild West-themed slots. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll want to check back regularly for the latest additions. New titles keep appearing all the time, and with new developments in graphics and gameplay. This type of slot machines will take you back to a simpler time when the risk was high, but so were the rewards if you managed to survive.

While some cowboys have chosen to bet everything they had in a poker game, including their lives, betting on these Wild West-themed games shouldn't cost much at all. There are many different line bets and combinations of lines to choose from, while minimum bets often start at just 0.01 coins per spin. Of course, this wouldn't be the Wild West without a bit of high-speed action - and there are some big maximum stakes for those who prefer to take.

Play Wild West Themed Slot Games online for Free and Real Money

If you're just a potential cowboy and don't want to spend your money, try playing the Wild West fun slots right on DbestCasino website. It does not require deposits or registration, so you can start doing it now. All games presented on this page, along with all new additions, when available, can be played without the deposit or download required right here on the site. But if you want to experience the real adventure, click on the "Play at the casino" button, switch to the online casino and play Wild West slots for real money. Best of all, we don't just offer you the games - we also offer you the best casinos! This means that when you find the perfect slot game, just a click away and you will be playing with real money in safe licensed casinos. 

What these Old West American slots give you is a little taste of what you must have felt, living like a bandit, or maybe even catching the bad guy and getting your fair rewards. With a piece of good luck you can just become the next oil tycoon, the great railroad don, or the best damn sheriff in town. Everything is in a spin. There is something in the Old West that is immediately iconic and nostalgic - even if you are not American. From a movie to a comic book, or to a TV series, they are part of every culture, so is it any wonder that Wild West is one of the most popular slot game themes? It is because every day is a gamble.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Wild West-themed slots that can be played on mobile devices?

Most Wild West slots can be played perfectly with a mobile browser (like Samsung iOS phones and tablets with Android and iPhone and iPads) as they are optimized for this.

Which symbols are typical in Wild West-themed slots?

This is a pretty sure bet that you will find cowboys, weapons and horses in Wild West style slot games. You can also find symbols for playing cards, horseshoes, pretty girls and cowboy hats. Other common symbols include the sheriff's star, wanted posters, glasses of beer and rifles.

What are the best Wild West-themed slots?

If you can guess we will direct you to our list of the first ten Wild West-themed slots. These games are our personal recommendations of the best in themed slots for the Wild West. They include amazing graphics, unique features and bonuses for play, high winnings and other sample elements that distinguish them from the package.

How can I get Free spins?

There are several ways to get free spins with online slots. The main method of getting free spins is to win them by playing games that include in-game bonuses, with free spins provided as a reward. You will also find several casinos and games offering free spins as a welcome offer for new players, so you can try and find the best option for you.

Is there a trick to win more while playing slots?

As you have already guessed there is no magic answer to always winning the slots you play. Fortunately players can take advantage of some useful tips and tricks to increase their chances of winning. On one hand, bettors must always ensure that the games they play have a free demo mode to learn the mechanics of the game before risking real money. Then make sure the slots you play have a high RTP (percentage of return to player), which increases the likelihood of seeing a return on money.