Released 01.09.2009
Provider Microgaming
Theme Different
Reels N/A
Rows N/A
Paylines 0

Electro Bingo

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Bingo is a favorite game. You do not need to plot much strategy there, and you do not need any complicated skills. Yet it is packed with excitement as you wait for your luck to reveal what you will win. On the Electro Bingo screen, you will see flashing lights, so they will grab your attention and invite you to play. This can be compared not just to playing Bingo as you know it, but also to having some party flooded with electric lights and flashing to up the mood and soar the party spirit. That is why the game will appeal to you as an invitation to great fun together with Bingo playing. You will see four cards which are filled with numbers. There are 15 numbers on each of the cards. The luck in Bingo can come with the numbers drawn at random. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the numbers drawn to match those on your card. Then that will mean you will be a winner, and the prize is really thrilling to the fullest, with an opportunity to win 20,000 times your bet. To form your winning combo, you are allowed to buy some more balls, up to 10. That will help you to fill in the combination and emerge as the winner. The game will develop fast, and that will appeal to all players who are into fast paced gaming. You will not be limited to using just one card, you can use all the four cards if you are in the spirit for having a Bingo “spree”.

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You can see the sphere with the balls in the center. It is transparent. There are balls inside and you feel like in a real casino where Bingo is played. There are a lot of balls on the screen, under the sphere. You can now activate a card by clicking on it, and another clicking on it will deactivate it. You must place your bet, and that is the signal for the game to start. You will see 30 balls on the screen. If any ball's number matches a number on your card, you will see it highlighted. Let us mention also that the prize will depend on what pattern will be formed on the card. The patterns that will be formed are 14 different ones, when the 30 balls are drawn out of a stock of 60. You must always remember that you can use the opportunity of buying 10 additional balls, when you need some more balls to have your winning combo completed. So the rules here are more lavish for players compared to ordinary Bingo we know. And the experience of playing this Bingo game Microgaming has developed for single player gaming is an outstanding one. You will have an offer of an extra ball for buying if you are just one ball away from the winning combination. The cost of the extra ball will not be fixed, it will be a random one.

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