Animal Slots

Nature with its splendor and diversity is an integral part of our lives. The topic of animals has been present in our thinking and imagination since we were children. Pets and wildlife are favourite characters in children comics, fairy tales and films. The subject of animals continues to be part of our lives as adults. Software operators skillfully use the theme of animals to create great animal-themed slot games for fun and entertainment for millions of fans of iGaming all around the globe. When vendors want to come up with a new game, there are some must-have themes that work flawlessly. One such theme is without a doubt the Animals theme for slot machines. Let's be honest, who doesn't love animals? They are good, friendly and beautiful. Some of them can eat us whole - and yet, these are animals that players with more confidence can be likened to.

Preferred Theme by Developers and Players

Slot machines with animal themes are one of the most popular and sought after slot machines. Whether you save animals or run away from them, their popularity is unshakable. And the supply is really big. Especially at the beginning of the internet age, slot machines with animal themes were scattered everywhere and you could hardly find a developer who did not offer at least one such game.

Even if you prefer only one particular species of animal, you will still have a huge choice. You can play slot machines with safari, jungle, or snow-capped mountains. You can try to fight bears, wolves, tigers or lions. If you do not perceive yourself as a fighter, you can relax with peaceful and mythical animals, like unicorns. Some of the slot machines with animals will take you to the sea, where creatures living on the bottom of the ocean will help you win (for example, slot Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe).

Modern slot machines with animals offer a large number of great bonus games and special game mechanics that will increase your winnings. If you are a true animal lover, you have a large selection available.

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It doesn't matter if you are a dog or a cat character. Try any slot machine with animals for free and see what you like. This will help you make the right choice and find the best slot machine to win a nice fat amount of money.

At our site you can find fantastic slots to play for free. You won't meet any fuss as you won't be required to make any downloading nor registration. If you choose to play some of the amazing animal style video slots for fun from our list you won't be asked to make any deposit. But if you feel that this is the right time to try your luck, you can play the animal-themed slot games for real money in one of top-rated online casinos. 

Animal lovers can spend hours playing lovely animal slots just for fun. But why not start earning money on your love to cute, cuddly and sometime ferocious animals? The list of farm animal slots, wild animal slots, slots with pets is endless. In these types of games you will enjoy the company of animals from the African savannah to the jungle in India. There are amazing games with lovely cats, dogs and goldfish.  

General game features

Very often from the title of the slot machine you can guess the type of the animal used as a main character. All other items such as graphics, bonus symbols and sounds correspond to the special characteristics of the natural environment in which the particular animal lives. All these elements make you feel like you are part of the same habitat. The feeling is unique as you become completely immersed in the game. This type of games often add a great deal of excitement with activated elements of risk as, for instance, the possibility of doubling your prize winnings.  

Animal-themed slots for free will distract and cheer you after a hard day. If you are in mood to spend money on gambling you have the real chance to get some wins while playing, as many animal-themed slot games come with very attractive bonus rounds. Some of these games are pretty nice to provide good experience, especially to the newcomers of the gambling world.

The topic of animals is attractive for multiple casino game players all around the world. That's why game developers are constantly creating new games with thematic bonuses and game play options. Full of exotics, these animal-themed machines offer you much fun when you play them for free and good chance to win when you decide to play them for real money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there many different types of animal-themed slot games?

Yes there are. You will find animal themed slots that feature many different animals. There are slots based on animals from the jungle, from the farm, from the forest or the river.

Why are animal themed slots so popular?

Because people love animals!

Are there many animal themed slots available for mobile devices?

If you have an Android or iOS based mobile device then you will find that many animal themed slots games are available.

Do animal themed slots have good bonuses?

Some animal themed slots have good bonuses and others do not have any bonuses at all. It's better to check this before playing.

Can I play animal-themed slot games for free?

Yes, you can play most of the games first for free and then start betting.