Sevens Slots presents a world of online games where all online slots are classified by theme to make it easier to find each game, as well as allow you to see at a glance other games of the same or similar genre that you would like to play. Whatever your specific interest, rest assured, we will have a comprehensive selection of games for you to enjoy. The lucky seven symbol is present in many seven-themed slot machines. The lucky 7 is featured in a big number of online slot games, inspiring players to take their chances with a spin on the reels.

The Magic of the Lucky Number 7

This is a number that keeps on appearing in history as well as in religious texts such as the bible. The number seven follows us throughout many aspects of our life. We see it in the world around us, such as:

  • The seven wonders of the world;
  • Seven days in a week;
  • Seven continents on the planet Earth;
  • Seven colours in the rainbow;
  • Seven hills of Rome;
  • Seven deadly sins.

But why is 7 a popular number in slot machines? Aside from being known as the lucky number, it is believed to have come from other casino games, and if you roll 7 in a dice game, it is classified as winning. So when casino slot machines appeared, it made sense to use the number 7 in this new betting style. It is believed that 7 is a lucky number that can bring you winnings and jackpots.

Characteristics of Seven - themed Slot Machines

The number 7 is a symbol that is classified as traditional. Most online slots that use the number 7 among their symbols often have other traditional images such as the star, bell or cherries, which are located on retro / traditional slots that have one or three paylines. These symbols can be seen in most slots with this theme, as well as the Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols. 

Free spins will start when 3 or more specific symbols such as Scatter, Wild or Bonus land on the reels and the round can often be triggered again. Slots in this theme may have special bonus features and a round, but usually do not include risky games.

Developers of 7 - themed Slot Games

The 7 symbol was brought to the gambling industry in the beginning and is still one of the most popular symbols of the game ever. It is believed that 7 is a lucky number that can bring you winnings and jackpots. There are many slot developers who use the number 7 among the symbols of their slot machines. Good examples of online slot machines that use the number 7 are Lucky 7 from Betsoft, Hot 7s developed by GamesOS, Classic Seven from Kajot, the Double Diamond by IGT, the Spectacular by Microgaming, the Minted Sevens by Saucify, or the Strike Gold by Rival. Number 7 is popular around the world, which encourages game developers to create new games and features that use theme number 7.

Lucky 7, good luck to some, but is it lucky for you?

It turns out that the number 7 is the favourite number of many people in the world. In fact, large studies often show that most people with a lucky number have chosen 7. Why? Who knows for sure, but this continues to appear again and again in the world of gambling. You can find all kinds of 7-themed slot games, starting with free slots, with the lowest possible minimum bet and ending with many lucrative games that can bring you thousands of dollars if  the lucky seven allows. 

If you want to try your luck with online casino games, the number 7 online slots allow you to play for free and without registering. Try our selection of 7-themed slots for free to see what the lucky seven can do for you. If you are new to the world of gambling, try playing these slots for fun to get the basic gambling experience and then switch to real money gambling using the Play at the Casino button. The clever variations on the Lucky 7 theme would be enough to create an unusual and useful online slot experience. And don't forget to check for updates, as many new games are added regularly to our list of slot themes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are 7-themed slots so popular?

The number 7 has been a sign of good luck through centuries. Game developers have designed amazing casino games with the lucky number 7 to meet the demand of customers who believe in numerology.

Can I play Seven-themed slots for free?

Definitely. Almost all top casinos allow you to use their games for free, although this often excludes progressive slots. You can experience the game by playing free Lucky 7-themed slots, then if you decide you're ready, move on to playing for real money.

Can I play 7-themed slots on the go?

Absolutely! The lucky number 7-themed slots can work on mobile devices. It doesn't matter how simple or complex the gameplay is. This is because developers today use HTML5 technology to create memorable and addictive games. This makes them compatible with mobile phones and tablets. You can play your favorite themed slots on iOS and Android devices, as long as you join a mobile friendly casino.

Why play Seven-themed slot games?

Along with the curiosity to see how their favorite number is integrated into the slot game format, players are also excited to see if it will bring them luck.

Which are the most popular Slot themes?

On our site - you can find slots from different themes, and we are confident to say that these are probably the most popular - holidays, adventures, movies, history and culture, etc. But there are many other topics that are also fighting for the spotlight. Such examples are sports topics, Greek gods, aliens and everything science fiction. Don't feel obligated to play games on the most popular topics. Find what makes you happy and makes your online casino experience a pleasure.