Asian Slots

Asian-themed slot games have always been a hit for real players. They usually feature great graphics, generous bonuses and interesting themes. Who can forget the popular Asian slot Microgaming or the new range of Playtech games, entirely inspired by Chinese stories? With slot games taking you to Asia, you will find yourselves in an extremely diverse continent, inhabited by many people with diverse cultures, intertwined histories and mythology and countless languages. Here you will find a wide variety of images representing the vast history of Asia, along with the modern, technologically advanced landscape. Martial arts, sword samurai festivals and traditional oriental symbols of luck and fortune are features common to Asian slots for free.

A Trip to the Asian World of Wonder

Traveling to Asia is difficult and expensive, but fortunately we have Asian slots that can introduce you to this world of mysteries and wonders. Asian-themed slot games devoted to China, Japan, Korea and other exotic destinations in the Far East quickly became popular with gamblers because of their beautiful interface and unusual plots. Players dive into the world of mystery and secrets that everyone would like to reveal. It is hiding plenty of treasures waiting for someone lucky to find them somewhere under the sakura.

This is a world of contrasts: Horrible dragons, fantastic pagodas, lucky carps and beautiful geishas. These can be the fight-based games with game symbols of katanas and chucks, or games full of Asian architecture elements. If you choose casino slots with animals living in Asia, you will find real animals like pandas or imaginary creatures like dragons. For players interested in Asian culture – Asian-themed slots are here to play.

General Characteristics of Asian-themed Slot Games

The common symbols in Asian slot machines represent ancient dynasties from the historical past, culture and traditions of this vast continent. The Great Wall of China, multiple temples and palaces, as well as the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, including scary dragons can be seen during the gameplay. However, symbols presenting the modern technological advancements are also present, such as skyscrapers and big business.

The Asian culture has spread throughout the world, often embraced and incorporated into Western culture, including creations such as paper, gunpowder and printing. When you play Asian free online slots, you will also see traditions that have survived over time, such as fireworks and Chinese New Year holidays, geishas walking in their wooden shoes, huge sumo wrestlers or even ninjas and mysterious pandas.

General Game Features

Online slot machines with an Asian theme usually display symbols representative of the theme on which the game is based. The idea of the developers is to make the player feel as if he is participating in an adventure in real life with images depicting the plot and the setting in which the adventure takes place. 

The bonus games also have a plot related to the theme of Asia. The rounds specific to each free slot machine with free spins or various bonus features, such as the Asian Beauty Mirror Bonus, bonus wheel or bonus round, are activated by receiving 3 or more specific symbols, such as Scatter, Wild or bonus symbols. You may be offered the opportunity to multiply your winnings further in double or risk-free games, where you must decide whether the hidden card is red or black.

The theme of Asia has many followers. Major game providers are constantly designing and developing new games and bonus features and improving the structure of the game.

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These slot games offer a truly authentic adventure! It is extremely easy to play online without any problems or worries and you do not need prior technical knowledge of how to play these games, just relax, choose a demo game and enjoy the online slot experience. 

Slot games are loved and preferred by many players around the world. With their numerous extras, fascinating themes and impressive graphics, these games take you to a separate reality with its own rules. Even if you are not attracted to it, once you start them you can hardly stop. If you have self-control, follow some basic principles and bet wisely, the experience can be positive. And if you're lucky, you can even leave with a big win. However, there is a risk of losses, so if you are willing to accept them, slots can become your favorite games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common themes found in Asian slot machines?

Chinese New Year celebration, Dragons, Good fortune, Koi Ponds, Wealth are among the common themes in Asian slot games.

What kind of sounds are Asian-themed slots inspired of?

These games favor traditional Asian music over the high-energy beats and loud sound effects. Their music and sound effects are built to create a pleasing atmosphere rather than a high-energy one.

What are the predominant colours in Asian slot machines?

Red is almost always the predominant color in any Asian slot. It represents good fortune in many countries on the continent. Gold is another common colour in these types of games.

Are Asian-themed slot games liked only by Asian people?

Asians aren't the only ones who enjoy these types of slot machines. Some Westerners also like Asian-themed games for something different.

Can Asian-themed slot machines be played for free?

Definitely, yes. Most of the games offered in out site can be played for free.