History Slots

History themed online slots are usually based on past civilizations, characters and eras that have had a huge impact on human history. In addition to the fun that these types of free slots offer, they are also filled with educational curiosities that sharpen your brain as you play. History themed online slot machines provide an opportunity to see how the history unfolds before your eyes. Under this category of games you will find great inventions, wars, tales of feudal kings and queens and much more. Mostly you will find games based on European, American and African (ancient Egypt) history. Asian history themed slot games also come with some of the most captivating storylines. If you want to take a trip back in time and don't know where to start, keep reading to learn more about the best historical mobile slots you can test.

The symbols and graphical interface you should expect

The developers of these games set themselves the task of vividly unfolding the tales on which the titles are based, through avant-garde visual effects that often pop up from the screen. You can't imagine how immersive the graphics in these slots usually are. Such graphics allow you to dive deeper into the game's history, to teleport you into the heartbreaking adventures of the past. 

As for the symbols used in the history themed slots, it will depend on the title you play. Whatever story is told, the symbols will also capture the essence of your adventure as you spin the reels. Most of the symbols found in these games are related to the historical characters of the game in question, the obstacles that our character faces in each adventure, and the various objects you encounter along the way.

For example, for ancient Egyptian storylines, the title will feature in-game icons such as pyramids, gods, pharaohs, mummies, scarabs, sacred scrolls, brave explorers, and many rewarding piles of gold and treasures. Titles based on the era of the American history, on the other side, there will be bandits, weapons, horseshoes, sacks of booty and cowboy hats. For themed slot games that follow Asian history, the Great Wall, pagodas, ancient scrolls, emperors and chariots and mausoleums occupy a central place in the game. 

In this case, and given the incredible number of potential artifacts, trinkets and treasures you can find, these games have unique symbols, although of course the classic Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols will be used just like most other online slot machines from this type. 

The history online slots also come with remarkable music scores that add a touch of authenticity to the whole experience.

Top features that turn time travel into an explosion

Whether you're playing on a mobile device or preferring to enjoy the game from your computer screen, you often come across very juicy bonus features in history slots. In most cases, these bonus features are used to add to the wow factor of the storyline as you continue to discover ancient treasures. Slot developers often toss free spins, wilds, scatter, multipliers and bonus games, usually associated with the game's most prominent symbols.

Most rounds with free spins are activated when 3 specific symbols, such as, Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols hit the reels. Once you get access to these rounds, you can get extra free spins and maybe even the much sought after bonuses that multiply any winnings. With this type of themed risk game you may be likely to double your potential winnings, to do this you need to choose the right color of the hidden card, will it be red or black? 

Where to play themed history slots

If you want to get these slots for a few quick spins, you can play for free right here on our platform, without having to register for an account or download any software. Using the demo slot is the best way you can test the various features of the game without risking your money. From there, if you feel ready to deal with the heat of real money in history slot machines, you can join the top rated online casinos.

Top History Themed Slots Providers

Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Endorphina and BetSoft are not the only developers of historic  casino content in their portfolio. Due to the fame of the historical theme, many online casino software providers have created exciting slot titles. You can find many more titles based on similar themes from software vendors such as Pragmatic Play, which is known for its popular John Hunter high-voltage series. Thus, if you long for a chance to rub with old monarchs, gods and go on adventures with explorers of legends, you have many choices. Start with our recommendations for playing slots for history and see how things will turn out for you!

Whichever path to fate you choose, on whatever schedule you may find yourself on, playing slot games for free at online casinos certainly serves as exciting entertainment and who knows, with luck, the chance to win as well. Go back to the days of the Roman Empire and witness the Colosseum in all its glory, become a great gladiator, look for ancient treasures, Aztec gold and much, much more. Travel another time, wear a cowboy hat and load your pistol ready for analysis in the wild, wild West. These online games are not some boring, gloomy history lesson, but rather a chance to experience the action through live interaction with you as the main character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why to play history themed slot games?

You will find a wide range of themed history slots online, themed around the ancient worlds, imperialism and even the Renaissance, each with exquisite features. With these slot games you will be able to immerse yourself completely in the time period and maybe even learn something new from the historical time period.

What are the top history themed online slots to play?

For the best experience in the history of online slots, here are some of the most played titles from some of the best providers. They include: The Throne of Egypt by Microgaming, NetEnt’s Hall of Gods history slot, Avalon by Microgaming, Aztec Power by Greentube, Gladiator by Playtech and more.

What makes the theme of history attractive for creating casino games?

History themed slot machines offer a potentially endless source of adventure and storylines to create better and better games.

Are there bonuses offered at history themed slots?

Yes, there are different bonuses like free spins and pay outs. The bonuses in themed history slots can be very unique too, sometimes based on real history or discoveries.

Can I find history themed games to play for free?

Most themed story games come with a version that allows you to play online for free. You also have the opportunity to bet real money at any time with a casino without a deposit.