Released 01.07.2015
Provider Microgaming
Theme Different
RTP 95.27%
Reels N/A
Rows N/A
Paylines N/A

Bunny Boiler Gold

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Whenever you need fun on the screen, without bothering for reels in the game, Bunny Boiler Gold is at your disposal. It is of the scratchcard type, and you will have a period of leisurely playing there. As for wins, it is enough to mention the appealing jackpot which can rise to 5,000 times the amount of your bet. Now imagine yourself as a rabbit, on its way along tunnels and having to hop on and progress. You will progress by rolling the dice. Your stake amount and your rolls will be shown at the bottom, left. You can also select Turbo mode, and watch how your win progresses – its amount is shown on the right. You will be occupied and at the same time amused by the development of the game, as the little rabbit hops here and there. Microgaming has brought out a very rewarding scratchcard game. The trail has 35 spaces. You will start from the space over ground, but then will go down a burrow, and have to overcome obstacles and go on, to make progress. That must be achieved with only 6 rolls of your dice. The trail is filled with delicious carrots, the jackpot shines with its golden color in the middle.

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As you progress, you will have symbols which will have their important effect on the development of your game. The piles of gold coins will bring you wins; keep in mind you must reach minimum the second pile, in order to return your stake. The targets symbols, in red and green, also come with perks. Whenever you land on a target of either color, it will transport you to the second target of that same color. Well, there is a symbol you would not like to land on, skull and bones, because that will meen that you will have to end the game; yet if you are given a second chance, you will be lucky to go on despite the inauspicious symbol. As a rabbit, you are bound to be happy to see a carrot; but when you see a golden carrot, which will randomly come out, you will get to the end of the game trail, where the golden jackpot lies. You also have another way of reaching the end of the trail, but it is slower, by rolling the dice. On reaching the trail end, you will see a screen with a spinning wheel. It will show off different prizes in its segments. With luck, when the wheel stops, you will get a hefty prize in your sector. There will be 10 amounts shown on the jackpot wheel. These will include20, 25, 30, 80, 100, 160, 200, 400, 1,000, and 2,000. Let us also mention the payouts on the trail, for 16, 23, 26, 30, 32, and 35 moves.

The excitement you will derive from that simple but emotions filled game is worth experiencing. The bunny will get rewards for each small success, and when it lands on the space where the lucrative jackpot lies, the emotions are bound to soar.

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