Released 01.03.2015
Provider Microgaming
Theme Different
RTP 92.13%
Reels N/A
Rows N/A
Paylines 0

Crown and Anchor

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This Microgaming product is a version of Sic Bo. In it, to see what chance will have in store, your task will be to throw dice to see what luck will have bring you. The game has been popular since old times; now playing it online for fun is brought to players thanks to Microgaming. The dice are three. You must bet on any face which appears once at least. The dice are on the barrel, with crowns and anchors on them, and there are the payouts for the matches shown on the barrel. For one match, it will be 1 to 1; for two matches, it will be 2 to 1, and for three matches, that will be 3 to 1. This will remind you of Sic Bo, if you have played it. The difference here is in the reward for three matches:3 to 1, whereas in Sic Bo that is 12 to 1. Now some information about the signs on which you will place your bet. They will be six in number, shown to the left of the barrel. They will include the four suits for a deck of cards, and also an anchor plus a crown. The barrel is on the screen, and the wooden dice are ready to roll. These dies will show three signs when they have been rolled. Your win will be formed by your bet plus these signs shown after the rolling. The thrills here will come with the expectation of what luck will bring you. This is a wholly luck based game.

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You will see the Auto Play button inder the barrel, and above it you will see the displayed amounts of your bet and of your win. Over these you will see the history of your game. These will help you to keep track of the details and know how much you have won and how you have played. The placing of your bet is done when you choose the size of the coins and then place them on the different symbols on the table. Under the symbols you can see the coin sizes you can choose from. They will start from 1, and then go on with 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and finally 500. Let us now mention again the symbols; besides the card ones, comprising a club, a spade, a diamond, and a heart, you will see the anchor and the crown which have given the name of this game.

The barrel will remind you of the times when Crown and Anchor was played by English sailors, and the green table on the left is like the game mat which was used in Crown and Anchor played by those sailors in real life, on a real barrel. The dice in the game by Microgaming we have here are like the ones used in real life Crown and Anchor. Those dice, like the dice you have here in the online game, were not marked with pips, from one to six, but with the six symbols that you have here.

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